Title: Drive Me Insane

Author: NT aka Aku-chan

Warning(s): SEXUAL IMPLICATIONS! In fact, HORNINESS!!! Also... maybe language... and... oddness... oh, OOC too.

Disclaimer: If I did own it, there'd be wild sex, lots of cross dressing and plenty of erotic scenes of Kai ;;;; So I do not own it, sadly.

(Applies to all future chapters, so don't make me repeat myself!!!)

Prologue: Morning Pain

It was kind of fast... the pain went and then blanked out, speeding away faster than the speed of light, and that's pretty damn fast. When it hit, that's when the pain started to fade quickly, another sensation filling the spot.

But Kai was pleased with his work no matter how quickly it had happen, as Tala lay on the ground, his eyes shut from it all. The wolf's expression was questionable, whether it was happy, sad or maybe just surprised. After all, Kai did surprise him with his little stunt. It would surprise anyone, course... Kai was also the one they always pictured doing it. And he was always imagined as the rough one.

When he first showed up, Tala was sweating, seeing that look on Kai that never appeared before. And Tala could barely react with the phoenix's speed, getting so close to the other, and just... well, doing it. It's kind of weird to call it 'doing it', but I guess it shall be call that, not wanting to go beyond to a level where mental images would start to occur in full color and animation.

Tala was not awake, as Kai watched over the wolf, concern glazing his crimson eyes. He didn't realize it would do that to the other, getting such a reaction from a hardheaded wolf. He wondered if his childhood friend was okay, knowing that he would probably wake up in pain.

To Be Continued...

Aku: I know, it's short, but it's only a prologue ;;; The first chapter will be posted tomorrow most likely seeing how it's already finished, but only if I get some reviews!

Tala: Beggar.

Aku: And damn proud!

Tala -.-;;;