Title: Drive Me Insane

Author: NT aka Aku-chan

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Chapter Three: Aroused By Breakfast and Nurses


10:00 AM.

Morning decided to arrive, groping the little phoenix- wait... groping? Kai moaned, his mind slowly wondering whether he was dreaming or not. Scarlet eyes slowly opened, sleep-glazed and wanting to hide back under the covers and sleep.

That's when he started to question some things. 'Why did it get so... hot? Where's my blanket? And what the hell is touching me?!?!'

Blood-kissed eyes sprang open, searching around for the source, as he looked to see his blanket slipping off the side of his bed. 'One question down.'

Then trailing over to his stomach, he almost had a heart attack at the sight. A certain redhead was currently licking his chest while his hands were rubbing against what can easily be seen through the silky boxers a lovely erect member.

"Gah!!" Kai tried to jump away, but Tala's had pinned down the lower half of his body. "Tala!!" Kai cried out, trying to get the wolf's attention, which was successful.

Crystal lust-glazed eyes glanced upward to meet the other's, a smirk playing out on his lips. "Yes?"

"What are you doing?!"

"What does it look like?"

"I'm not a lollipop you know!!"

"But you have such a yummy flavor," Tala grinned, "And I haven't even begun to suck, my little lollipop."

Kai sweatdropped, wondering how he got into this mess. 'Oh yeah, that's right. I hit Tala on the head with a baseball bat and gave him amnesia. So now I might as well have a 'I'm easy' sign on me...'

The phoenix sighed, cursing his luck only to lose all coherent thoughts when the wolf finally founded his 'treasure'.

"There's the lollipop!" Tala exclaimed, his eyes twinkling with lust, as he licked his dry lips.

"Gah! Stop!! BAD TALA! BAD!!" Kai tried to scramble away, finding Tala suddenly straddling his hips, his hands roaming over his body. "Down boy! Down!!! Don't!! Stop!!"

"Don't stop? As you wish love." Then the wolf attacked the phoenix's neck, finding his weak point, as Kai moaned from the contact, the gentle tongue probing at the sensitive skin.

"KAI!!!!" An angry shout called, slamming the door open and then... all time stopped – or else the mind is too dirty to make any actual movement.

"H-hey R-rei..." Kai managed to say, as he finally pushed the wolf completely off of him, and pulled his boxers back up, hiding his head from revealing the blush.

Rei stood frozen and slowly turned around. "I'll just..." And he walked out.

Then it went silent, as Rei left and Kai sort of just... sat there. Then his eyes met the ones of a blinking wolf, and they just sort of... stared. Now would be the slow motion of five seconds later, as Tala pounced on Kai, only to land on a pillow, as Kai was already to the door.

"Awwww, my breakfast got away." Tala pouted, then walked after his love.

Downstairs, a certain neko-jin was wearing an apron while cooking up breakfast for his team, trying to get the images of his captain and the wolf together out of his mind because getting aroused right now was not a good thing.

'Wait, aroused?!?! I AM NOT AROUSED!!! NO FUCKING WAY!!!' Rei screamed in his head, all the while trying to cook pancakes. He had set the table, pancakes, fruits – which he blushed as when he put the bananas down – cereal, bacon, and eggs and bacon – which almost led to a nosebleed at how he had set them down.

'Breakfast should not arouse me either!!!!' Rei groaned, as he untied the apron and ran to the bathroom for a quick – and cold – shower. Max and Takao had managed to get downstairs, after being sleep-deprived due to nightmares of evil crossdressers and pink gum. But once Takao had spotted the breakfast, his adrenaline kicked in and he attacked the kitchen table. Poor kitchen table...

Max took a different route and went straight to the cupboards and spotted a big bag of marshmallows. You can guess where he went with that... nothing perverted!!! Kai walked in the kitchen next, stopped as he saw the two, and headed out to the living room, mumbling something about insane teammates and horny wolves. The chief entered next, and ran out screaming about not wanting to get his laptop dirty, but we all know his laptop is already dirty in another way. (Aku: He could seriously be a closet perv... ) Tala doesn't even make it into the kitchen, as he spotted his little sex toy sitting on the living room couch deliciously. A pounce and a yelp later, the front door slams open with a scream of 'GET THE HELL AWAY FROM ME!!' and one of 'MY BREAKFAST WON'T GET AWAY THIS TIME!! HEHEHE!!'. Yes, Tala did giggle, he has amnesia, don't blame him. (Aku: or me!)

Then Rei finally stepped out of the shower, his hormones calmed, as he stepped into the kitchen, only to want to be back in the cold shower. Takao was munching on a banana, covered in maple syrup, wearing only boxers, while Max was sitting on the counter, wearing only a giant t-shirt that read 'Blondes Don't Need Brains if They Got This Body', and covered in sticky white stuff... –ahem– the marshmallows that is.

"I am not gay. I am not gay. I am not gay." Rei chanted, as a little bunny with "Denial" painted on it followed the neko-jin.

"Wonder what was with him." Takao asked, as he finished eating his banana.

"Don't know. That was really cute bunny though." Max commented, as he licked off the marshmallow stuck on his hands. Sucking on a finger, he slowly pulled the digit in and out of his mouth, sucking harder as it still remained sticky. Satisfied, the blonde continued with the rest of his fingers, using the same process on them as the first.

Licking his lips, Takao watched with more interest than beyblading could ever bring, as the oblivious blonde boy was arousing him to no end. With a throb coming from below, the bluenette leapt at his teammate, successfully pinning the blond to the floor.

"ACK! What are you doing, Takao?!" Max yelped, blushing as he felt something hard rub against him.

"I just want to help clean you up." He whispered seductively, his mouth attacking the blonde's neck, licking at the sticky sweetness. The blonde moaned, then yelped when he felt the mouth head lower.

"But I'm not sticky down there!!" Max blushed, moaning loudly as he felt himself being swallowed into the dragon's hot cavern.

Grinning, Takao licked the side and tip of the blonde. "You will be." And they had a nice breakfast.

Meanwhile, a certain wolf was trying to hunt for his own breakfast. "Kai, I'm getting hungry! Make this easier for me, and come to me." Tala grinned at his own little pun, licking his lips at the images that ran through his mind.

'Here's my chance!' Kai sneaked passed the daydreaming, horny wolf, into the house, as he locked the door behind him. Hearing moaning coming from the kitchen, the phoenix made sure not to head there. Instead, he went up the stairs, only hearing a certain neko-jin muttering 'I'm not gay' over and over again.

Opening the door, Kai raised an eyebrow at the tiger huddled in the corner. "Rei?"

"I AM NOT GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Finally noticing the now partially deaf Kai, Rei smiled sheepishly. "Oh... sorry 'bout that Kai."

"It's okay." Kai sighed, as he sat on the tiger's bed, as Rei bit his lower lip, wanting nothing more than to jump his captain who was missing his shirt somehow.

"Uhh, Kai... where's your shirt?"

"Huh? Oh, I lost it when I was running away from Tala."

When Rei rose an eyebrow, Kai sighed and shook his head, muttering a 'don't ask'. "O-kay... would you like some new clothes? Your pants are a bit..." Rei pointed down at the blue baggy pants that hung in shreds on the phoenix's body, letting anyone know that Kai wore silky black boxers.

"That's a good idea." Kai sat up, peeling off the remains of his pants, throwing away the pieces in the trash, not caring since he had about 10 more pairs of the same pants. So now Kai stood in Rei's bedroom, dressed in only black boxers and a white scarf, face paint smeared a bit and hair mussed in a way where his entire appearance looked like he had just been fucked. Hard.

To the point where Rei was really turned on.

"Rei, got any extra clothes I could borrow? I would go to my room, but for some reason, I expect Tala to get back in the house somehow and jump me, so that makes me have to stay in your room, almost naked, and in a situation where we could easily have sex, which should not at all seemed planned by a yaoi fangirl."

Sweatdropping, the tiger nodded as he went into his closet for something suitable for Kai, while also hiding his hard-on. Scanning through his clothes, his eyes rested on something pink. Pink?? Why was there something pink in his closet??? (Aku: Don't worry, it's not the pink gum aka Mariah)

Reaching for the material, he pulled out a pink Halloween costume. A pink nurse outfit. A pink fluffy nurse outfit. Rei shuddered at the memories of when he was blackmailed by Lei into wearing it for Halloween one year. Why had he kept it? Let's just say... Lei made it worth it.

About to push it back in, his lips turned upward into a grin. Maybe, just maybe...

"Kai." Turning to his name, Kai was about to ask 'what?' when he saw what Rei held in his arms. It was pink. It was fluffy. It was meant for a GIRL.

"Hell no." Kai ground out, as he backed up into a corner, as the tiger moved closer, smirk on his lips and pink dress in his hand.

Leaning against his captain, Rei whispered in a low growl into his ear, "Wear it or I'll tell everyone what happened between you and Michael after the World Championship."

"You wouldn't." Kai challenged the tiger, afraid of the answer.

"I would." Rei grinned, holding the dress closer to his captain.

"Shit." Kai clenched his hands into fists, as he remembered the time when he and Michael had gotten drunk and someone ended up in his hotel room, in the hot tub. Rei had gone back to his room, the one he shared with Kai, and ended up walking in on the two.

"So? What's it gonna be, Kai?"

Ten minutes later, Kai was in the bathroom, as Rei stood impatiently on the other side of the door.

"Are you done in there, Kai?"

"I hate you."

"It can't be that bad."

"I hate you."

"I bet you look good in it."

"I hate you."

Rei rolled his eyes, while holding a digital camera in his hand. "Just come out of there."

The door slowly opened, as a pouting, blushing Kai walked out, dressed in a pink, fluffy, short nurse dress with a matching pink hat that had a red plus sign on it. Two white gloves adored his hands, as his cheeks were bare of the usual blue triangles. Rei had even made Kai wear the white shoes, and a hint of pink lip-gloss on his lips. Snapping a quick picture, Rei smiled at his captain at how cute he looked.

"Kawaiii!!" He couldn't help himself. The way Kai was dressed and how he pouted and sulked just made him look absolutely... delicious.

Kai glared at the other, but with his lips in a pout, it didn't seem very intimidating. In fact, it only made him seem more appetizing...

"Uhh, Rei, what are you doing?" Very appetizing...

"Rei?" Now there was panic in his voice, as his teammate was soon stalking towards him like an actual tiger to its prey, which set off alarms in Kai's mind. "Rei...?"

"Very delicious you must be..." Rei growled out in a deep voice, his sun-kissed eyes hazed with lust. Pouncing on the phoenix – earning a yelp, Rei licked the pale neck, letting out another growl. "And I really want a taste of you."

"R-Rei..." Kai stuttered, not used to all the contact he's been receiving lately. First Tala, now Rei. What the hell did he do to piss of the gods so much???

"You'll be screaming that name soon." Rei whispered, as he began biting at the phoenix's next, who yelped and moaned in response, his body responding in a good way from the tiger's fangs. The tan hands slowly moved beneath the dress, rubbing against the now erect member, eliciting a louder moan from the phoenix. He claimed the pink lips, as tongues soon clashed lustfully, each trying to dominate the other. Kai won the tongue battle, but Rei let it slide by. After all, he would win the war of dominance.

A door broke from their hinges, as pounding was heard heading up the steps. Two sets of eyes stared at the door, one set sun-kissed and the other bloodstained, as the door that separated Rei's bedroom and the hallway slammed off their hinges and flew out the window somehow. A furious wolf stood glaring at the tiger, his eyes hungry for his blood at the moment.

"Get. Off. Of. My. Koi." Tala growled out, as Rei got in his own battle stance.

"Come and get him then." Tala and Rei were about to attack one another, when whimpers and moans were heard from the bed. The two let their glare on each other break, as they both turned to look at the bed.

All time stopped, the broken doors forgotten, and the blood lust also disappearing from their minds. The only thing moving seemed to be the blood heading south, and the pale hand. There on the bed, wearing the pink nurse outfit was the phoenix, who was currently stroking himself, moaning as he touched his own body. He was aroused from the previous activities and no fight was about to distract him from his own need. If they weren't going to please him, he'd please himself.

His hand moved faster, as his breathing became labor, his heart racing. He bit down on his lower lip, trying to stop the screams, but quickly, he lost all coherent thoughts and all control over himself, as he let himself go, the white fluid spreading all over the sheets.

The two spectators were left with nosebleeds and their own problems down south. Now the only question left was...

Who was getting the phoenix? Or could they share?

And the grandfather clock went off downstairs.

11:00 AM.


To Be Continued...


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