Summary: Ok so fourth season(I think it was fourth, it was the whole one where Jasmine comes and Cordy sleeps with Conner (major ick here)) and the last season never happened. Conner did come back from evil hell dimension but he never pulled the sinkage with Angel, he's all good now. Spike is going to be in this story just because I said so. So anyway, Angel saves the world from Wolfram and Heart (Pesky lawyers) and the Fang Gang (Angel, Cordie, Fred, Gunn, Wes, Lorne, and Conner) all live at the Hyperion. During the huge apocalypse fight (where no one dies, its mainly just a hoard of evil demons sent after Angel get their ass kicked), Angel is staked but he goes to where the powers are and they say that his destiny has not been filled (yadah yadah yadah) and that he has one final task to do before he is finally done. And boom, he's back to life holding a basket containing a music box. Once that music box is opened, a little girl appeared (Melody or Melly) and his new task is to take care of the child- who just happens to be 1/8th all the good guys (Angel, Cordie, Gunn, Wes, Conner, Spike, Lorne, and Fred). Three months after they get the child, she starts to show signs of powers, gifts from each of her "parents," So Angel and crew are now raising a four year old who happens to be more powerful then all of them and is wanted by an elite group called the Black Hand. (A/n Black hand is not a play off of Black Thorn, its actually a group of assassins in world war 1, yeah I paid attention in history,)

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"Daddy, tell me the happy story again," The raven haired man smiled down at his five year old daughter and crawled into bed next to her. It was an amusing sight to see the almost-three hundred-year-old vampire in the pink princess canopy bed surrounded by an array of stuffed animals. The little girl snuggled up next to him as he leaned back on her lace edged pillow.

          "Well, it all started out a long time ago when a brave knight was turned into a very bad man by an evil lady. The evil lady and the knight went around and hurt a lot of people until a witch turned the knight good again. The knight spent many years being sad about all the people he hurt and then met up with a man whose name was like a whistle. The man told the knight that the world needed him and that if he didn't help them the world would be even sadder then he was. So the knight went with the man and met a girl with hair the color of the sun and eyes as green as emeralds; she was a warrior princess. The princess and the knight fell in love and kissed, but the kiss turned the knight bad again because he wasn't allowed to be completely happy because of all the people he hurt. So the knight turned bad and hurt more people, then the princess fought the knight and he turned good again because of the red-haired witch. Then the knight went and vacationed in a very hot place then came back and helped the princess save the world. Then the knight left. He came to the city of angels and met up with a seer and an actress. They started a place to help save people. The seer passed on his powers to the actress and new people joined them in their quest. The one who watches, the new seer, the warrior, the damsel with a certain fondness for physics, the green one, the destroyer, and the knight helped save the world many times, trying to make it so the knight was permanently good. Then one day the knight was given a gift. He was given a little basket, which held what would soon be the most precious thing to him. Do you know what that thing was, my baby?"

          "It was his song,"

          "That's right, Melly-girl, it was his special song. It was the song that saved him," Angel kissed his daughters dark head as she sighed and began to drift off into sleep.


          "Yes, baby?"

          "Am I your special song?"

          "Yes, baby, you are more then you will ever know,"

"Angel, is she asleep or is our little Melody just pretending like last night?" Cordelia Chase asked from the couch in the lobby of the Hyperion. She sat there, her dark brown hair pulled back from her youthful face folding the fang gang's laundry, which varied from Gunn's tough street wear, to Lorne's bright suits, to Melody's dresses. 

"She's fast asleep and tucked up under that pink comforter you had to buy her," Cordie shot Angel an innocent look before continuing folding.

"I'm worried about her, Angel," Cordy stated stacking Fred's light blue shirt on top of Gunn's jeans.

"Why is that?" Angel asked, plopping down next to the brunette seer.

"She's been here three months now, the powers sent her because she's supposed to play a role in your destiny. She's four, Angel, what good could she do, she thinks all of this is a story,"

          "There must be something powerful about her, Cordy. It wouldn't have taken so much to save her if she were your average toddler," Angel picked up one of his daughter's dresses, fingering the soft material.

          "What could be so special about her? She's just a baby, what could a baby do?" Cordy's eyes clouded with worry as she remembered the small child who was curled up in bed upstairs.

"Guys, we have a problem," Gunn announced entering the lobby, Fred in tow.

          "What?" Angel asked as Gunn sat down. 'Time to go to work' Angel thought, letting out an unneeded breath.

          "What of the child," A voice asked. The room was dark, the only light coming from a few sporadically placed candles. The voice was clearly male and came from the large chair that had its back facing the vampire who knelt on the ground despite the fact that the voice couldn't see him.             

"Angel still has her, Master, but we are looking to retrieve the Holy One," The vampire's voice shook as he stared at the blood stained ground.

"Angel should have never gotten her in the first place," The voice boomed, causing the vampire to cower.

"I'm sorry, Master, but we couldn't grab her fast enough,"

 "I expect to have the Holy One before the Anniversary," The voice stated.

 "If I don't have her, there will be more then just wood in that undead heart of yours,"

"Yes, Master," The vampire scurried past a man in long black robes with an emblem on the back.

"Master," He greeted, filling a goblet with a strange black colored substance. He talked to the voice as if it were more a friend then something to fear.

"Do you know why this child is so important to me, Lash?" The voice asked, his back still facing the robed figure.

"No sir,"

"She is the essence of many great beings. Long ago, before even the first of them was born, she was destined to be created. Part of the eight people, who if not stopped, will destroy me and all the other evil in the world. This Holy One, she is the very reason for their existence. She must be destroyed before they can destroy us,"

"Yes, Master," Lash replied, bowing slightly before walking out of the room

"I am sorry, Angel, but it is time for you to finally pay for all the pain you put us threw," The voice whispered. "It's time for you to feel what we felt, its time for your heart to break, and along with it that precious soul and all that goes with it."

          "Ok, vamp nest. We can do that," Cordy said, handing out weapons. "The big strong men will go fight the big baddies and me and Fred will stay here and watch mov…I mean watch over the baby and the hotel," Cordie winked at Fred, who grinned back.

          "Lock up as soon as we walk out the door," Angel ordered, twirling his axe. Gunn nodded and kissed Fred lightly. Wesley waved goodbye, a sword in hand and Conner smiled slightly as the four men left the hotel to battle the evils of Los Angeles.

          "Anyway, what movie ya wanna watch?" Cordy asked, latching the door behind the men.

          "Casablanca is on channel fourteen," Fred offered.

          "Wonderful," They both walked upstairs and into Cordelia's room, which was across from Melody's so they could hear her if she cried.

          "What do you think those big guys wanted with Melly," Fred asked as she sat upon Cordelia's bed.

          "She's supposed to be some great power. I can't imagine any power in that little body of hers,"

          "She still having those nightmares," Fred questioned, aware that the four year old had run into Angel's room many times in the middle of the night claiming that the bad men were coming to take her away.

          "Yeah, but I don't know, Fred, I'm starting to believe that their not just dreams. Maybe our little girl is seeing the truth,"

          "Who would want to hurt a sweetheart like her?"

          "Same people who want to hurt the rest of us. The bad guys,"

          "Do you ever think maybe it's not all worth it? Maybe it's not worth all the loss and the worrying,"

          "Yes and no,"

          "How exactly is it that I ask a one answer question and you manage to give me a two answer response?"

          "Let's just say it's a gift. Shh, it's starting," The two leaned back to get lost in the world of Casablanca, and were interrupted by a high-pitched scream.

          Cordelia bolted out of her room, Fred tagging close behind, and strait into Melody's room to find two vampires trying to break in threw the child's window.  Rushing forward the two realized a magical wall was covering Melody's door way. They couldn't get threw.

          "Bad men, go away. We don't want you here," The child stated in a surprisingly calm voice.

          "Come play with us, Holy One," The vampire number one cooed.

          "No thank you. Daddy said not to go anywhere with strangers," Melody beamed at her manner skill and cast a look at Cordy, hoping for praise.

          "Come with us, Child, the master wants to meet you,"

          "The master?" Melly asked, leaning against her bed frame and holding her dragon stuffed animal to her chest.

          "Yes, Holy One, your father,"

          "My daddy isn't a master. He's a knight. He fights bad guys like you, so go away," She then stuck her pink tongue out at the 6'4'' vampire.

          "Melody, don't go with them," Cordelia screamed, unaware that the child couldn't hear her.

          "Come with us," The vampire number two urged, glaring threw the door way at Cordy and Fred.

          "I don't wanna. Go away," Melly stated again.

          "You're coming with us," Vampire number one advanced on Melody as Vampire number two smirked at the two, now yelling, women.

          "Nu uh," Melly shook her head, sending her dark brown curls flying.

          "Yes you are," The vampire went to grab Melly but was thrown into the wall instead. Melly laughed a child's laugh as the vampire got back up.

          "How'd you do that?"

          "I dunno," Melly laughed as the vampire collapsed into dust, thanks to a tall figure who climbed in threw the window. The second vampire met the same fate, this time by the hand of the child, who after following the tall man's example, jumped and landed the stake right in the heart.

          "Not bad, little bit," The man complimented, kneeling down next to the four year old, who was clad in a pink nightgown. Cordy rushed in and picked Melly up, hugging her tightly.

          "Oh god, Melly, how did you make the bad man fly into the wall?"

          "I just wanted him to get hurt really really bad and it happened," The child stated as Cordelia put her down. Melly sat on the man's knee, kissing his cheek nosily.

          "My Spikie saved me,"

          "Your Spikie?" Cordie asked, now looking at the tall vampire.

          "Yea, her Spikie," Spike verified, hugging the small child and grinning at Fred who was cowering in the doorframe.

          "My Spikie," The child clapped, planting another noisy kiss on Spike's cheek.

          "How are my three favorite girls do…Spike? What the heck are you doing here?" Angel asked, his calm voice turning deadly. He was expecting to come home to his little girl asleep and a nice cup of 0, not his daughter in the arms, happily in the arms, of his enemy.

          "Why if it isn't everyone's favorite wanker. Heck, Angel? Now come on, that's just sad,"

          "Daddy is a wanker," Melly repeated clapping her hands gleefully. Spike beamed at the small child.

          "I am not a wanker," Angel yelled, knowing that this was going to be a very long night.  

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