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This is my first attempt at a tragedy, so please bare with me.

Chapter 1: We're Baaaack!

Things were going great for Michelle. She made it into her first choice college, got into the honors college, and she made lots of new friends. Winter break would draw to a close in a week. As she played Super Smash Bros. Melee with her older brother, William, thoughts and memories started rushing through her mind. She snapped back to reality after her brother, who played as Bowser, knocked Michelle, as Link, off the screen.
"Boo yah! I win," cried out William in victory.
"You got lucky, Will," snapped Michelle. "That's the only time you beat me."
"Yeah, yeah. Anyway, Lindsay and I are going to see a movie. Later." And with those words, he put his controller down and left. Michelle stared at Link on the screen clapping and sighed. Navi flew out from her hiding spot and landed on Michelle's shoulder.
"What's the matter, Michelle," asked the little fairy.
"I still miss you greatly, Link," sighed Michelle. "Wherever you are, I hope you're happy."

"Popo! Nana! Get back here with my hat," shouted an angry Link, who was chasing the Ice Climbers down the hallway. Zelda and Peach poked their heads out of Zelda's door and giggled at the scene. Things were going great at the mansion, too. The last tournament ended with no problems. The winner this year was Samus, and she made sure nobody forgot it. She defeated Roy, last year's champion, in the final round. Speaking of Samus, as she walked down the hall, she saw the scene and casually tripped the Ice Climbers, causing Popo to drop Link's hat. Samus picked it up and gave it to a panting Link.
"Thanks, Samus," exclaimed Link in-between breaths.
"No problem. Once again, the Champion strikes," boasted Samus. Before Link could say anything witty in response, he heard Mario's voice over the PA system.
"Attention every-a-one," boomed Mario. "Please-a report to the-a meeting-a room. I-a repeat. Please-a report to the-a meeting-a room." Everyone shrugged and did as they were told, wondering what was going on. He didn't sound urgent or distressed, so maybe it was a good meeting for once. All the Smashers sat down as Mario stood up to explain. "Since the-a tournament went-a so-a well, the-a boss is-a giving us some-a vacation time." Everyone cheered at the word "vacation." Mario continued. "Why-a don't-a we go-a visit Michelle in-a her world?" "That sounds great," cried out Fox. It had been a long time since he's seen his friend. Link's face brightened up. Finally, he'd see Michelle again after all these months. Everyone was saying random comments about how they were happy to go see her again. Princess Peach then stood up and addressed the rest of the Smashers. "Then it's settled. We'll all leave first thing in the morning to go see Michelle."

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