Scene: Smash Mansion- hallway

Link's chasing Popo and Nana down the hallway.

Link: Popo! Nana! Get back here with my hat!

Link trips on the rug and falls flat on his face. Zelda, Peach, Popo, and Nana laugh.

Director: CUT!!

Scene: Michelle's House- outside

Michelle: Everyone. Inside. NOW!

Michelle goes to the front door and tries to open it, but it won't open.

Michelle: Crap!

Director: CUT! What now!?

Michelle: I locked myself out!

Everyone starts laughing

Scene: Michelle's House- inside

Michelle: Why didn't you guys tell me you were coming!?

Peach: I thought you'd be happy to see us!

Michelle: I am, but that's not the point!

Samus: Then what is?

Michelle: I…can't remember my lines!

Director: CUT!!

Scene: Auditorium- backstage

Everyone was getting ready for the performance. While getting ready, Samus slips and knocks over all the stage equpitment.

Director: CUT!

Samus: Sorry! Slippery spot!

Falco: And so the great champ falls.

Samus: Go fork yourself, Blue Boy.

Scene: Apartment- living room

Take one

Michelle has just slapped Falco across the face and is glaring at him

Michelle: You've been nothing but a pain in the ass lately, Falco! And I, for one, and sick of the way you've been treating us like we're your servants, or agents, or whatever the hell you're thinking in that thick head of yours! And I really, REALLY, hate being called a doll! Next time you call me that, I'm going to send you to a world of hurt! Do you understand me!?

Falco starts laughing, which causes Michelle to laugh

Director: CUT! Falco, keep a straight face!

Take two

Michelle: Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth!?

Falco bursts into laughter

Falco: Rush Hour!

Michelle: Good job. You get a gold star.

Director: Knock it off! Get the scene done!

Take three:

Michelle: Do you—

Falco starts laughing hysterically

Michelle: What!?

Falco: Your fly's open.

Michelle quickly zips it up, then punches Falco in the gut

Michelle: And you were looking down there why!?

Director: CUUUUUT!!!

Scene: Michelle's car

Take one

Fox: Isn't the library on campus?

Michelle: I'm getting myself a Slurpee to calm myself down before I go in. Do you want one?

Fox: Why, sure

Fox grins and wiggles his eyebrows. Michelle slaps him

Michelle: Pervert!

Director: CUT!! Knock it off, Fox!!

Take two

Michelle: Do you want one?

Fox: What's a Slurpee?

Michelle: Delicious and nutritious; tastes just like chicken.

Fox bursts into laughter

Director: CUUUUUUUT!!

Scene: Student Center

Falco gets on stage once he's called up. He goes up to the microphone and starts speaking into it. However, the microphone doesn't work. He gets angry, grabs the stand, then smashes it onto the stage, storming off.

Director: Falco! Stop destroying the set! That's Link's job!

Link: I heard that, you sh—

Director: Shut up!

Scene: Fox's hospital room

Falco pulls Fox into a hug to console him. He then blinks once he finds out that Fox wasn't crying, but laughing.

Falco: Dude, what's your problem!?

Fox: Your feathers tickle, man!

Both start laughing

Director: CUT! And get a freaking room!

Fox and Falco glare at the director, then chase him across the set.