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Warnings: Will be swearing, probably ooc-ness, and shonen-ai-ness.  Kuwabara bashing as well.

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Summary for this Chapter:  Koenma sends the Rekai tentai on an average mission, for everyone but Hiei.

"We need to get her quickly." Koenma pressed a button to reveal a large TV screen. The four tentai turned around too look at the screen. "Her name is Taka. She is a powerful demon, who has dabbled in the arts of witchcraft." On the screen was shown a faint silhouette of a tall women standing in the woods.

"Is that the best picture you have pacifier breath?"

The four turned back to face Koenma. He glared at Yusuke but continued to give his description. "We know that she has purple eyes, and is very tall."

"Oh gee, that's not vague at all. It'll take us forever to find her." Yusuke mumbled and crossed his arms over his chest.

"She carries a bow with her." Koenma took out a paper from his desk drawer. "Not many demons use bows, so we asked around and found the location where she would most likely be." Pushing another button, the screen switched to a map. "I think, you Kurama, would be most familiar with this region."

Kurama looked to the screen and nodded. "I have been through there quite a few times."

"Okay, so fox boy will lead us around and we'll get her. No problem."

Koenma sighed at looked at Yusuke. "Sure Yusuke, just don't get hurt to badly."

"No problem Koenma. I'll make sure Urameshi doesn't get hurt."

"Okay sure Kuwa, you sure your going survive that long?"

Koenma sweat dropped as they begun fighting.

Kurama smiled and nodded to Koenma. "Come on, lets go Hiei."

"Hn." He shoved his hands and began to walk out the door with Kurama. "What about those two bakas?"

Kurama shrugged. "They'll catch up eventually."

"I think this is the right portal." Kurama looked down at the directions Koenma gave.

"Hn, lets just get this over with."

"Oi!" Kuwabara ran forward and stopped next to Kurama panting. "Wait up…"

"I see you decided to finally join us." Kurama looked down a little ways to see Yusuke casually strolling up to them with his hands in his pockets.

"Hurry your ass up detective!" Hiei growled impatiently and glared at Yusuke.

"Yea Yea, I'm coming." He semi-jogged the rest of the way to the portal.

Hiei rolled his eyes. "Lets go already."

"Aren't we being a little pushy shrimp?"

"I would rather not spend anymore time with you two bakas then I have to."

"Then why don't you stay here shorty? We can handle her by ourselves."

Hiei looked at him and smirked. "Sure fool, sure." He stepped into the portal followed by Kurama.

"Why that little?!"

"Ah, just shut it Kuwa, if anything you should stay behind." Yusuke stuck his tongue out at Kuwabara and stepped into the portal.

Kuwabara's face turned red and he began to steam. "I HATE THOSE GUYS!" He stepped into the portal. When he walked out he was about to yell but tripped instead.

He looked up to see Yusuke laughing while Hiei smirked. Kurama stood shaking his head.

"Told you he would trip over a stick."

Kuwabara stood up and glared at both Yusuke and Hiei.

"Come on, let's go." Kurama walked ahead followed by Hiei, Yusuke, and lastly Kuwabara.

Two Hours or so Later

"I'm tired." Kuwabara stopped and plopped himself down on the ground. "Can't we rest?"

"Will you shut up? I've had enough of your mindless complaining!"

Kurama stopped and looked back to Kuwabara. "Okay, you can rest Kuwabara and the rest of us will go on ahead."

Yusuke smirked and walked past Kuwabara. "Yea Kuwa, you just take a little break."

Kuwabara looked up too see the three walking off. He looked around himself and quickly stood up. "Hey wait you guys."

"Thought so…"

"Shut up Urameshi."


"Don't tell me to shush!"

"No you fool! Be quiet!" Hiei glared at Kuwabara then turned his gaze to Kurama. Yusuke and Kuwabara both looked to Kurama to see him alert.

"What is it foxy boy?"

Kurama looked around the surrounding area. "I guess…it's nothing."

"Man, got me all worked up for nothing."

"Heh, sorry Yusuke, thought I felt something."

Yusuke shrugged and continued walking with Kuwabara following. Kurama stayed and looked around the forest more. Hiei looked at him. "Come on fox."

"Yea…I'm coming. I just thought something felt kind of out of place."

Hiei smirked. "Losing your touch are we fox?"

Kurama looked at Hiei and gave a light laugh. "Ha, I guess so."

"Then lets conti…"

"AH!" Kurama fell to the ground clutching the back of his leg.

"Kurama! Detective, fool, get back here now!" Hiei ran to Kurama's side to see what was wrong. "What's the matter?"

"Just my leg." Kurama turned around a little and removed his hand to look at the wound. Across the back of his lower leg was a clean cut.

"Ouch man." Yusuke and Kuwabara stood around Kurama.

"Hn, made by an arrow."

Kurama ripped off a piece of his shirt and quickly tied it around his leg. "Guess I'm not losing my touch eh Hiei?" He smiled at Hiei but winced when he tried to stand on it.

"Baka, can you walk?" Hiei stood next to Kurama as he took a step forward.

"Ah, kind of…" Kurama leaned on his good leg. "Sorry guys, I'm going to be a big slowdown."

"No problem at all." Kuwabara slapped Kurama on the back causing him to stumble forward almost falling but Hiei caught him and set him upright.

"Heh, thanks Hiei."


"Stupid!" Yusuke hit Kuwabara on the back of the head. "You don't hit someone on the back when they have a back or leg injury!"

"Ow!" Kuwabara rubbed the back of his head and looked at Kurama. "Sorry man."

"Tis okay, just, try not to do it again anytime soon. Okay?"

"Ha ha, yea." He shoved his hands in his pockets and looked around some. "Do we continue looking for her, or head back?"

"We keep looking." Everyone turned their gaze to Kurama.

"You sure about that man?" Yusuke placed his hand on Kurama's shoulder. "Koenma will understand if we can't do this mission tonight."

Kurama looked at Yusuke and smiled. "No, I'll be fine. I'm sure of it. So lets go?"

Yusuke placed his hands behind his head and walked forward. "Okay, lets go." He began to walk forward, but not five steps did he take when he suddenly hoisted into the air.

"What is this crap?!" The other three looked up at Yusuke in shock. He began to struggle against the invisible force that bound him together.

Kuwabara looked at Yusuke and around him. "I see it!"

"See what?!" Yusuke wriggled about more.

"It's some sort of thick string."

"Well then cut it off!"

Kuwabara nodded and summoned his spirit sword. He raised it up to cut away the string when suddenly his spirit sword dissipated and he screamed.

"What the hell happened?!"

Kuwabara clutched at his arm where blood seeped through his fingers.

"Hn, another arrow wound." Hiei looked around the surrounding forest. "Where can she be."

"Kuwabara, can you use your other hand to summon your spirit sword."

Kuwabara nodded and ripped his sleeve off from where the arrow split it and tied it across his wound. He extended his other hand and summoned his spirit sword only to have it quickly dissipate. "What the hell?"

"I think not my simple minded friend." Yusuke looked up while the others turned around too see whom the voice belonged too.

On the path stood a woman about Shizuru's height, if not taller. She was leaning on her very large longbow smirking. Her hair went down to her waist and was a deep blue in colour.  She wore a simplistic light blue robe cute off around her knees. Her eyes, just as Koenma said, were purple, but not just any purple. Her eyes seemed to swirl different shades of purple mostly the darker shades creating a pool like depth to them.

"What have you done to me?" Kuwabara narrowed his eyes at her.

She stood straight up and reached into a robe pocket. "I shot you with an arrow…"

"Yea I think I know that part!"

"My, aren't we the rude on to cut off a lady while she's talking." She looked at him and smiled. "Like I was saying, a shot you with an arrow dipped in a potion."


"No you baka! She said potion!"

"Yes, a potion to temporarily ward off you use of your ki." She looked to Kurama. "That goes the same for you." She looked up to Yusuke who was struggling against the string. "Don't think you can break out of that string too easily there, I'm not a fool to tie you up with regular string."

"What, is it laced with that potion too?!"

She smiled up at him. "Why, aren't we the smart one?" Yusuke glared at her.

"Hn, I don't have any wards, or nor do I need any to attack you." He removed his katana from the sheath.

"Ah, but you do need a katana."


She didn't reply but instead stood there and beckoned him to come forward with a nod of her head. He smirked and ran towards her. She back stepped and opened her hand to next to her face and blew out a white powder.

Hiei stopped and began coughing and trying to get the powder away from him with his arm. When the powder cleared he narrowed his eyes and looked at her. "Hn, you cheap tricks won't work on me."

She held her hand to her chest. "Cheap? It took me quite awhile to make that powder mind you."

"Hn." Hiei brought his katana up when he realized, his katana wasn't there anymore. "What the hell did you do to my katana?"

"Ah, I see you realized it's gone."

He growled and glared at her. "I can still attack you with my fists."

"Ooo, a brutal one."

He narrowed his eyes and ran towards her. He stopped within two inches of her as her body began to form into a mist. He looked up to see her face give a quick wink before blowing away.

"What?" All of them began looking around the forest.

"Phew, that one took awhile to make too."

All four heads turned to a tree a little ways off. There she stood on a branch leaning against the trunk fanning herself with her hand. "And I still couldn't get the right shade of blue for the hair." She stopped fanning herself and turned herself fully towards them. "But, we all make mistakes neh?" She jumped off the branch and disappeared.

Hiei quickly took off after her.

Kurama tried to chase after him but instead fell down and clutched his leg. "Don't go Hiei! She's too powerful."

Hiei ignored the kitsune's comment and continued running. He stopped when he got to a lake and found her kneeled by it apparently washing the ends of her hair.

"I'm glad you could follow me Hiei."

"Hn, how do you know who I am?"

She stood up and flung her hair around as she turned splashing some on Hiei. "Oh, I know about each of you. I've actually been following you a few minutes after you left the portal. And your right, Kuwabara does complain a lot." She wrung out the ends of her hair. "I'm surprised you didn't kill him with your black dragon already. Like you did to that Zeru fellow."

"Hn, that fool isn't worth it."

She laughed and stepped forward towards Hiei. "Am I?"

Hiei smirked. "Koenma didn't say that he wanted you alive." He went to move his arm but found that he couldn't "What?!"

She smiled and continued to walk towards Hiei.

He tried to move his leg but found that he couldn't. He growled as she stood in front of him.  Bending down so she was eye level with Hiei she stroked his cheek. "Don't even try your ki either."

He narrowed his eyes at her. "Don't be too angry, I'm doing this for your own good."

She brought her face closer to his and kissed up on the lips, biting his bottom lip to draw a faint amount of blood. Hiei growled loudly but could not move. She pulled away and stood up straight.

"How the hell was that for my own good?"

She patted his head. "I like you Hiei, and trust me, this is for your own good. Though I can't say I didn't enjoy it." He turned around and walked away from him leaving him to glare daggers at her back. She looked over her shoulder. "Oh, and tell Koenma-same he's after the wrong beautiful lady." She winked at him and literally disappeared with the wind.

After she left Hiei stumbled forward onto one knee and quickly wiped his mouth with his sleeve. He spat out a small amount of blood and growled. "That baka." He stood up and made his way back to the others.

When he arrived the three of them were waiting for him, Yusuke not suspended anymore.

"What happened Hiei? Are you alright?" Kurama looked Hiei up and down. "She didn't shoot you with an arrow as well?"

"Hn, no. She splashed some water on me warding my ki and my ability to move. Then she ran off."

"That's all?"

"She also said we are chasing the wrong woman."

Kurama looked thoughtful. "That could be possible, she didn't seem that bad of a person."

"What are you talking about foxy boy? She shot you in the leg, tied me up, and shot Kuwabara in the arm."

"Yes I know that Yusuke, but none of us are dead or mortally wounded. She could have easily shot any of us in the back but instead she chose to ward us."

Yusuke looked at Kurama then suddenly walked off. "That pacifier breath better have some explaining to do!"

Kuwabara soon followed after holding his arm. Kurama started to limp after those two and Hiei stood by his side incase he fell.

"Coming to the Nigenkai Hiei?"

"Hn, Mukuro's palace is to far from here, and I think any demon would love the chance to attack me while I'm have no katana and warded."

"Hm, that's funny. Our wards are gone." Kurama looked at Hiei. "So all she did was freeze you Hiei?"


Kurama looked at Hiei uncertainly for a bit but decided not to say anything, continuing the long walk back to the portal.

"You sure you don't want to head over to Genkai's temple with us?"

"Yea, sweet Yukina-chan could heal your leg real quick."

Kurama stood at his front gate. "No, I'm pretty late as it is, mother would be worried if she got home and I wasn't there." Kurama pushed open his gate. "I'll be perfectly alright."

"Okay whatever you say foxy boy. What bout you Hiei?" Yusuke looked around but couldn't find Hiei. "Guess he went there already."

Kuwabara shrugged and waved to Kurama as both him and Yusuke walked off. Kurama waved back and unlocked his door and entered the quiet house. Limping up the stairs into his room, he first unlocked and opened his window in case Hiei wanted or needed to come by. After that Kurama walked to the bathroom to shower and cleanse his wound more.

Hiei sat on a branch in a park's tree. Leaning back against the trunk he looked up at the sky with his arms crossed. How was that for my own good? And what the hell happened to my katana? Why couldn't I tell Kurama that she kissed me? Letting out a grunt of exasperation he closed his eyes to drift off to sleep.


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