Warning: Character death. Please, for the love of God, don't stab me. My brain decided that today was an idea day, although whether or not all the ideas were good is still in question.

No real pairing, to be honest, but this could be taken as Zoro/Luffy.

Though deadly in battle, Zoro had never actually been a demon. Not until now.
by Alena
May 30th, 2004


The roar of the crowd was deafening, blocking out the small, sickening thud Luffy's head made as it hit the ground, severed by the guillotine.

The captain's crew, having arrived all of two minutes too late to save him, stared in absolute horror and disbelief as Luffy's decapitated body was thrown from the execution block to the ground, landing a few feet from his head.

The crowd, consisting of the entire town's small population and its smaller marine force, screamed in bloody exultation, unaware of the massacre that was about to take place.

"Zoro?" Nami asked in a quiet, trembling voice. She was grief-stricken, tears running freely down her face, but she was also afraid. Absolutely terrified of the look in Zoro's eyes. He wasn't wearing his bandana, but she wished that he was.

It would have helped to hide that dreadful look in the swordsman's eyes. The rage. The hatred. The soul-rending grief.

The madness.

As if in a dream, she watched as a terrible, vicious smile split Zoro's face as his hands closed around his swords. The smile did not vanish even as Wadou was placed in his mouth.

The crowd was screaming again, but not from triumph.

The Straw-Hat crew watched, helpless – and almost unwilling – to stop their shipmate as Zoro finally became the demon he had been named.

And people began to die.

And when it was finally over, when he'd hunted down and killed the last of the fleeing townsfolk, when his crewmates were staring as he knelt in the middle of the town square that was flowing with the blood of three-hundred and eighty-six people, both spectators and marines and their severed limbs and heads strewn all around him, the demonic beast Roronoa Zoro clasped his captain's decapitated body to him, and cried.

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