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A while ago someone was puzzled as to why Sano would have an apartment and Kenshin doesn't… well, for one it's the way I want it… two… Sano has a house (a boat house or something) in the Manga (I'm pretty sure) and Kenshin's a wanderer… make sense?

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Chapter 4- Meeting Misao

Kenshin let the warm water from the shower head massage his face… That had to be the worst nightmare ever. Normally it was just bits and pieces of his past, but last night it was everything that ever truly hurt him. And what was that last part… the white room? Andwhat aboutKaoru? Where does she come into all of it?

He washed and turned off the water.He dried his hair with the towel and looked in the mirror... well… what he could see in the foggy mirror. His blurred figure was staring right back at him. With the towel he wiped the fog off and he glanced at his left cheek… the scars; the two scars that looked like one. He frowned and turned away.

> > > > >

"So, Kenshin… what're you doing to do today?" Sanosuke asked with a crooked smile.

Kenshin yawned and looked at his friend. "I dunno… maybe some laundry… Do you have any detergent?" he asked as he searched the refrigerator for breakfast.

"Nah… I ran out last week…"

Kenshin thought a moment. "What about Kaoru? Should I ask her?"

Sano shrugged and hopped on the counter. "You can try."

Kenshin closed the refrigerator door and moved to the cabinet. "I will later, then."

"Kenshin, the cereal is in the next cabinet." Sano directed as he hopped off the counter.

"Yeah, thanks." Kenshin opened the next cabinet and pulled out Trix. (I DON'T OWN THAT EITHER! DON'T SUE!) "Trix, Sano? Will you ever grow up?"

"What? I like the taste… what do you eat? Prunes and Flakes? You're acting to old for your age… Lighten up…"

Kenshin grabbed the sprayer (I have no clue what it's called… it's that little water gun thingy that's next to the faucet.) from the sink and turned the water on. He aimed it right at Sano.

"Gah! Kenshin! Stop it!" Sanosuke said as the cold water hit him. (Reminds me of Ranma ½… )

"I'm too old, huh?" Kenshin asked with a sly smile.

"No!" Sanosuke surrendered, "No, I was just messing with you… please, Kenshin, it's getting colder!"

Kenshin finally turned the water off and grinned. With an innocent face and a fake worried tonehe said, "Sano, you really shouldn't play in the cold water, you might get sick."

Sano mumbled something which Kenshinwas sure was vulgarand headed for the bathroom to dry off.

Kenshin kept his victory smile.

> > > > >

Kenshin knocked on the door of Kaoru's apartment. Maybe she'll have laundry detergent, he thought.

The door opened and met a stranger. He blinked confusedly and smiled. "Hello… I was looking for Miss Kaoru," he said to the young woman while looking over her shoulder.

The girl rose on her tip-toes to catch his eye and smiled. "Hello, I'm Misao. Well, Kaoru's in the shower so why don't you come in?"

"No, it's okay, I'll just come back later…" he said as he backed up.

"Nonsense!" she exclaimed as she grabbed his arm and pulled him inside.

Kenshin stumbled in behind her and looked around the room.

"Sit," she ordered pointing to the couch, quickly grabbing his attention.

Kenshin followed his orders and sat.

"I'll tell her you're here, hold on." She skipped out of the living room and Kenshin heard her open the door. "Kaoru," Misao called, "That hot red head is here."

Kenshin smiled nervously.

"Kenshin?" he heard Kaoru ask.

"If that's the cute red head you told me about, then yeah."

That's how Kaoru described him to Misao? Kenshin blushed a bit.

"I'll be out in a few minutes."

"I'll keep him company, then," Misao said happily.

"Oh God, Misao… Don't scare him away…" He heard the hopelessness in her voice. Should I be worried?

He heard a flushing toilet and a shrill cry from whom he assumed to be Kaoru.


He then heard a fit of giggling and a slamming door. Misao appeared with an innocent look on her face. "She'll be out in a few minutes."

"Uh- okay… that's cool..." Kenshin turned away nervously. Suddenly the couch dipped with new weight and she hugged his neck. He turned a deep shade of red.

"I won't bite. Really, Kenshin," Misao said as she giggled at Kenshin's nervousness.

He peeled her arms off, much to her dislike, and slid away from her.

Misao laughed suddenly pinning him down. She was too close for comfort. She leaned her face closer to his and grinned slyly. In they're current position Kenshin was lying (as flat as he could) on the couch with on leg draping of the edge and Misao was practically lying on top of him, but her hands held her in a hovering position over him. "You know, Kenshin, I have to agree with Kaoru… You are handsome," she said in an awfully seductive voice.

Kenshin gulped deeply, scared of what she'd do next.

"And do you know what else?"

Kenshin shook his head slowly; nervously.

Misao leapt off of him suddenly. "You're not my type," she said quickly with a giggle. "I have Aoshi… sorry to disappoint you, Kenshin…" She winked and giggled again.

Kenshin sat upright glad to be out of that 'position.' Aoshi's name sparked a long, thought to be lost, memory in his brain. (A/N: I don't know why, but that seems impossible to me… A memory thought to be lost… but if you lose it in your memory wouldn't that mean you forgot it and now you can't remember it? And if you thought it was lost then you would still have it because you're thinking of it? OW! My brain hurts… damn thoughts! How can I be confused if I'm the one who worte it?) "Aoshi?"

Misao nodded and said, "But I bet you're more interested in Kaoru than me, huh?" with a clever wink.

Kenshin's now serious face blushed a bit, but he pursued the topic of Aoshi. "Aoshi Shinomori?"

The young woman blinked in surprise and her giggly mood suddenly vanished. "Yes… do you know him?"

Kenshin looked at his feet and smiled at the memory (the one thought to be lost!) of him and Aoshi in they're younger years as agents… "Yeah… old friend," he said as he looked back at her.

Misao sat cross-legged on the carpet a few feet in front of the couch where Kenshin sat. She gazed up at him, much like a child wanting an interesting story would. "Tell me how you know him, please!" she begged in that child-like voice. He leaned forward and placed his elbows on his knees, letting his wrists hang.

"I don't know if he would want me to, Miss Misao."

Misao pinned him back against the couch this time. "Tell me," she ordered dangerously. A mood that Kenshin thought that the happy girl he saw seconds before couldn't fathom.

Kenshin gulped.

"What the hell are you doing to Kenshin, Misao?" an angry voice asked.

Misao jumped off of Kenshin and pouted, pointing to him. "He knows something about Aoshi and he won't tell me," she whined.

Kaoru smiled. Kenshin had an innocent look plastered on his face… though that was until he saw what Kaoru had on… or the lack there of. She was clothed in only a towel and she had a playful smirk on her face because of Misao's pout.

And to think, all Kenshin wanted was some laundry soap.

He gulped nervously and a red color tinted his face. Misao noticed this from the corner of her and smirked. The water dripped from Kaoru's wet hair onto her bare shoulder. Then some dripped from her bangs and onto her creamy face. Kenshin's eyes roamed (A/N: come on, Kenshin's a guy, and Kaoru's in just a towel… not even Aoshi's eyes wouldn't roam!) until they met Kaoru's. She had a playful look in herblueeyes; the kind that asked, 'Do you like what you see?' (Ha! A Megumi-izm!)

Kenshin gazed into her eyes (no longer roaming) until Misao coughed. He and Kaoru both blinked out of startle-ment (Hell, I know it's not a word but I've got no other way to explain it. It's just like 'ain't' ain't reallya word. )

Misao lifted her eyebrows at Kaoru. She nodded towards the towel and coughed, "Clothes," pretending to inconspicuous.

Kaorugasped in realizationand ran for her room, leaving a smiling Kenshin and a giggling Misao. Kenshin looked at Misao still with that 'look' on his face. Misao gave him a knowing smirk. He blinked innocently, suddenly out of his stupor and asked, "What?"

She shrugged happily and returned to the topic that Kenshin wasstill trying to avoid. "Tell me about Aoshi, Kenshin!"

> > > > > > > > > >

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1.) We meet Aoshi, Megumi, and Yahiko

2.) You'll find out if Kenshin gets his Laundry soap

3.) You'll find out how Kenshin knows Aoshi, but Kenshin won't be telling you.

Preview (title is supposed to be fun, not serious)

Next chapter: Forced

Sano grimaced at the sight. Poor Kenshin. He shrugged the regret off and closed the door.

"Come on, kid, get off," Kenshin groaned. The boy reluctantly climbed off Kenshin's back. Kenshin lifted himself up with his palms and then placed his knee on the ground. He stood slowly and unstably. "I'll need help…" he said to himself.

Yahiko frowned at the red head. "I'm eleven years old… next time you call me kid I'll kick your shins," he warned.

"Okay, okay, I'm sorry, Yahiko. How about we go visit the neighbor?"

Yahiko rolled his eyes and shrugged his indifference.

Three knocks and an answer. "Miss Kaoru, help me," Kenshin pleaded as he nodded towards Yahiko.

Yahiko frowned. "You're bringing me to her house? I have to hang out with Ugly?"

Kaoru's fists clenched but she fought down the anger. "You got stuck with the boy?" she asked knowingly with an apologetic smile.

Misao scraped the peeling green paint off of the metal bench with her fingernail. Aoshi was going to meet her here at this café… he was going to tell her everything…


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