This is based on mostly Misao and Aoshi. But! A fun little thing with Kaoru, Kenshin, Yahiko, and Megumi, and some of Sanosuke is thrown in. It'll be back and forth a whole lot until the whole explanation. So have fun and don't get too confused!

I love writing the romantic kinda scenes so much! That I added one in the end. I could help it… t-hehehe!


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Chapter 5: Forced

"I can't! Not today! Oh come on, Kimi! Please… Wait? How'd you know? Well, that doesn't matter! I can't ask him…" Sano sighed in defeat, "You're going to use that against me? Fine, I'll take Yahiko… Yeah… but you have to bring him over! I'm not picking him up!" Sanosuke hung up with a heavy click. He mumbled something vulgar under his breath and turned to Kenshin.

Kenshin knew what was coming… He closed his eyes, played with the neckline of his black t-shirtand counted down. 3…2…1…

"Hey, Kenshin?"

Bingo… "Yeah?"

"Are you doing anything important today?"

Kenshin sighed heavily. "I can take him, Sanosuke… but you know… you owe me…"

"Oh, thank you so much! You're a life saver!"

"I can't believe you already have a son, Sano…"

"He's not my son, Kenshin… He's a friend of mine's son… and I really owe her too."

"Whatever." Kenshin looked down at the light bruise on his arm. It was circle-shaped like a bite mark. In fact… it was a bite mark. Yesterday, Misao had been angry with him and clamped down on his arm with what felt like razor sharp teeth. When Kenshin yelped in surprise Kaoru appeared angrily, fully dressed now, and pulled Misao off of him. She then apologized profusely as she pushed a confused Kenshin out the door. He heard a cry of fear from Misao and thanked the Lord that he wasn't in there. He then retreated to his apartment for safety.

Kenshin sighed. "Why do I surround myself with these people?"


"Hey, Kenshin, meet Yahiko…"

A young brown haired boy with big brown eyes glared at Kenshin.

Kenshin forced a smile; he knew this would be painful. "Hey, Yahiko."



"Aoshi! You called!"

"Yes, well, you did leave me a message…"


Aoshi set his keys on the table and noticed the little red light on his answering machine blinking. He knew who it was. He smirked.

Beep. "Aoshi? Hey! Guess who! It's Misao! The reason I called was because I met a friend of yours., Kenshin Himura… sound familiar? He was reluctant to tell me how he knew you… his exact words were 'I don't know if he would want me too, Miss Misao.' I almost forced it out of him, but… Kaoru interfered. Will you tell me, Aoshi? I would really like to know more about your past… because, well… I'd like to get to know you more… and I hope you trust me enough that…" Beep.

The answering machine had clicked off because of it's built in timer. Aoshi frowned at it. He'd never admit it to anyone but he wanted to hear that last part.

End Flashback

"Was it long?"

Aoshi smirked, unseen to Misao. That message was annoying and long… and rather odd.

"So," Misao said seriously, not waiting for him to answer that question, "Will you tell me?"

"Meet me outside your favorite café…" He said simply.

"You know where-?"

"Of course," he said softly.

Misao's heart leapt in her chest, but she calmed herself down. "Will you tell me about …?"

"Yes…" Click.

Click. Misao squealed happily and dreamily mumbled, "He spoke a whole sentence to me."


Sano grimaced at the sight. Poor Kenshin. He shrugged his regret off, checked his business suitand closed the door.

"Come on, kid, get off," Kenshin groaned. The boy reluctantly climbed off Kenshin's back. Kenshin lifted himself up with his palms and then placed his knee on the ground. He stood slowly and unstably. "I'll need help…" he said to himself.

Yahiko frowned at the red head. "I'm seven years old… next time you call me kid, I'll kick your shins," he warned. (I know, Yahiko should be like 17, but he's not.)

"Okay, okay, I'm sorry, Yahiko. How about we go visit the neighbor?"

Yahiko rolled his eyes and shrugged his indifference.

Three knocks and seconds later Kaoru appeared in aredsleeveless t-shirt and jeanshorts with her hair placedloosely in a clip. "Miss Kaoru, help me," Kenshin pleaded as he nodded towards Yahiko.

Yahiko frowned. "You're bringing me to her house? I have to hang out with Ugly?"

Kaoru's fists clenched but she fought down the anger. "You got stuck with the boy?" she asked knowingly with an apologetic smile.


Misao scraped the peeling green paint off of the metal bench with her fingernail. Aoshi was going to meet her here at this café… he was going to tell her everything…

The early morning fog prevented her from seeing very far.


"Yahiko! Sit down…" Kaoru said with a heavy sigh. The boy refused and continued to jump on the bed. Kaoru sighed again. "As much as I hate to admit it… I need to call her."

Kenshin looked up from his sprawled out position on the floor. "Who?" he asked in a daze.

Kaoru got an evil look in her eyes. "Megumi Takani…"

Yahiko stopped and gasped. "No! Not her!" (Muwahahahaha!)


A tall, dark figure emerged from the fog walking slowly in Misao's direction. She lifted her head quickly. "Aoshi…"

A small smile was visible on his face. He offered his hand to help her up. "Let's take a walk Misao."


"Hello, Yahiko," a tall, black haired woman said sweetly, too sweetly.

Yahiko shrank back in fear. "H-hello, M-Megumi."

Megumi glanced at Kenshin. "Ooo… who is this?" She walked up and put her arms seductively around his shoulders. "He-llo…"

Kenshin gulped deeply. Will this never end? First Misao… and now... "Miss Megumi." He nodded his greeting.

"Please, call me just Megumi… but… I'm afraid I do not know your name, sir."

"His name is Kenshin. He's Sano's roommate," Kaoru said with a frown. She grabbed Megumi's shoulder and practically pried her off of poor Kenshin. "I called you to help us with Yahiko. Not to seduce Kenshin," then she added, "Not that you could."

Kenshinblushedto his roots.

"So he's homosexual?" Megumi asked with a smirk.

"No!" Kenshin and Kaoru shouted at once. Both glanced at each other and turned away with red embarrassment.

"Sir Ken is your new lover then? What about Enishi?" Megumi askedstill holdingher smirk.

Kaoru turned her head quickly. "Don't," she ordered quietly. Kenshin saw her reaction and noted it.

Megumi covered her mouth with mock surprise. "Don't tell me you're two timing him!"

Kenshin stepped forward. Kaoru looked as if she were about to cry and Megumi kept pushing it. "Though I don't know of this Enishi fellow," he started firmly, "Miss Kaoru and I are not involved with each other… Please… don't say such harsh things." (Aww! Peace maker Kenshin!)

"So that meansyouare available for me?"

Kenshin sighed harshly. Shejust would notget it!"Just because Miss Kaoru and I are not involved doesn't mean I am open game. I am not available."

"So, you have a girlfriend?"

"No!" Kenshin said defensively, "I just don't want a relationship!"

"So, you like Kaoru, but you just don't want to be tied down? Mmm Feisty!"

"Megumi," Kaoru said sternly, eyebrow twitching, "Why don't you just shut up?"


After a few minutes of walking Aoshi finally sighed and turned his head to face Misao. "I suppose we've walked enough. I should tell you." The fog still had not lifted and it set a depressing mood.

Misao was afraid of what would be told to her, but then, she was also ecstatic for the fact that Aoshi was going to tell her of his past.

"When I was younger," he began, sitting on a park bench and motioning for Misao to do the same, "I was trained as an assassin for the government. I was sent to kill terrorists that were for sure plotting attacks against America. Kenshin… he and I, we… we were friends in this… We trained together and did one or two assignments together. For years he was the only one I could call a friend… and that all ended very quickly. A woman named Tomoe stepped into his life and he completely changed. He moved to Japan and they lived happily until someone kidnapped Tomoe. A big battle happened and Tomoe somehow got in the way… she was killed.

"Kenshin retired young and I never saw him again…" Aoshi finished serenely.

Misao stared at him.

Aoshi scratched his head uncomfortably. "Listen… if this information makes you think less of me then… I'm sorry…"

Suddenly Misao grinned. "Aoshi!" she squealed, "You opened up to me!" She wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him.

Did she hear a word I said? He chuckled lightly and glanced at the happy woman unknowingly giving him the death grip. "Misao…" he choked, "You're suffocating me…"

Misao immediately let go of him and blushed. "S-sorry…"

Aoshi stood and returned to his icy expression, though; a small smile could be seen in his eyes. "Let's go home."

Misao nodded and walked beside him.

Aoshi glanced several times at the young woman who walked next to him. An idea popped into his mind and he agreed with it. Slowly, he placed his arm across the back of her shoulders. Misao stiffened and then relaxed. She gazed up at him. Even though he kept his icy expression, he looked down at her and winked; a small very, very quick wink.

Misao's heart fluttered like it never had before.


Kenshin lay on Kaoru's couch. Kimi had finally picked Yahiko up at 9:00 and it gave Kenshin, Kaoru, and Megumi a chance to relax. Of course, with Megumi, Yahiko was a lot easier to handle, but he was still tiring, and they all were worn out.

Kaoru walked over to the couch and pushed Kenshin's feet off. "Megumi took the bed," she sighed, "We share the couch."

Kenshin only nodded and continued to doze lightly. Suddenly he felt something soft and warm brush against his arm. He lifted his head and saw that Kaoru was using his shoulderas a pillow. Not that he didn't like it, but he knew she would be most comfortable on a real bed with real pillows.

Even though he was extremely worn out, Kenshin stood and picked up the already unconscious woman. He carried her to his apartment and kicked his bedroom door open. Gently he laid Kaoru on his bed and covered her with the navy sheet. Too tired to go into Sano's room, Kenshin slipped off his shirt and only unbuttoned his jeans for comfort. He took an extra pillow from the bed and crashed on the floor. "Good night, Kaoru," he mumbled tiredly.


Sanosuke grinned at the sight of Kenshin sleeping on the floor and Kaoru in his normalplace on the bed.

His grin grew wider as he schemed a scheme. A fine scheme-like scheme if he did say so himself. (O.o)

Gently and quietly he lifted Kaoru off the bed, took a step backwards over Kenshin's sound form, and placed her beside him. The way Kenshin had been sleeping, on his back with one arm out, made the perfecthead restfor Kaoru and she unconsciously snuggled into his warmth.

Sano took the comforter off of Kenshin's bed and placed it over them for good measure. Finally, he stood in the doorway and admired his handiwork.

"Matchmaker Sanosuke in his element…"

Sano blinked bewilderedly and turned to meet his unexpected guest. "Megumi? What are you doing here?"

Megumi smiled and hugged his waist. "Kaoru called me to help with the handful."

Sano looked at her accusingly, suddenly, already knowing the answer to the question he was about to ask her. "You didn't mess with Kenshin and Kaoru did you?"

She gave him and innocent pout. "Why, lil' ole me?"

He raised one eyebrow, waiting.

She rolled her eyes and laughed softly. "Of course I did! And you should have seen Kaoru… she was all red and embarrassed, and then Kenshin stood up for her. It was really cute."

Sanosuke sighed and rubbed his hand over his face. "You're evil."

Megumi smiled and hugged him tighter. "He's good for her… you picked the right one."

Sano looked down at the two sleeping bodies. "Yeah," he agreed, "I think so too… She's going tosave his soul."

The doctor sighed. "Our little angel…"

They stayed there another moment or two in a comfortable silence until Sano spoke up, "Come on… I'll take you home."


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