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Sakura was waiting for Kakashi, Sasuke and Naruto to show up for their early morning training. Now she didn't really expect her sensei to show up on time, but she did wonder about were her teammates were. For one thing Sasuke was usually there before her. She sighed to her self at the thought of Sasuke. She was coming to the painful conclusion that Sasuke would never like her the way she wished he would. What bothered her was the fact she didn't mind as much as she normally would have. Part of it was that they had all become friends some how. She didn't even find Naruto nearly as annoying as she used to. Another sigh escaped her. She felt bad about how she had treated Naruto when they first were put on this team. She knew she was in fact the weak link, instead of Naruto as she first believed. She knew she was over emotional. She wanted to change her self. She wanted to be stronger, so she began to train by herself more, but even then she didn't think it was enough. So she began to bottle up even more of her self. She also tried to block out her inner thoughts too. Even then she didn't believe it was enough.
"I'm worthless." She whispered softly to her self.
"Sakura-chan!" Naruto called happily. He smiled to her but observed that she seemed down. He had noticed that she had been acting odd lately. For one thing she didn't make fun of him anymore, also she didn't hang over Sasuke all the time. She was even becoming more quite. It was really creepy.
"Hi. Naruto." Sakura replied while looking at the ground.
"Nani,? Are sad because Sasuke isn't here yet?" Naruto asked a little concerned. (I wonder what could be wrong with her?) Naruto thought to him self.
"No, it's not that." she sighed. (See even Naruto knows something is wrong) her inner self chided her. (Stop acting like a crybaby and just act normally. This bottling up this isn't helping you become stronger) (No I'm fine this way.) She thought to her inner self.
"Did I hear my name?" Sasuke asked walking up and earning a glare from Naruto. (Great what did I do to the Baka this time?) Sasuke thought as he rolled his eyes his "rival".
"You're late!" Naruto said with a little happy jump for joy.
"So, our sensei is never on time anyway." He replied with his dead monotone voice, "Baka."
"I'm not a baka!" Naruto yelled and was about to attack Sasuke when a hand grabbed his shoulder.
"Not now Naruto, it's too early for fighting. Anyway sensei will be here shortly." Sakura said letting Naruto go and sat back down. She bent her head down and went back to her mussing. She didn't even notice both Sasuke and Naruto giving her odd looks. Naruto walked over to Sasuke, looked back at Sakura to make sure she wasn't looking and whispered in Sasuke's ear.
"Do you think she's acting weird, too or is it just me?" Naruto asked very softly. A nod was his reply so he continued. "When I got here she was depressed about something. Also have you noticed she doesn't yell at me or cling to you anymore?" Another nod from Sasuke. "Any idea as to what could be wrong?" This time Sasuke shuck his head no, "Should we ask her?" He got a shrug this time, "Your no Help."
Sasuke shrugged again (I never said I was. But he's right Sakura is acting odd. Is this a new approach to get me to like her... No Sakura wouldn't be that desperate. She wouldn't change her self this much just to get me to date her.) He took a closer look at the girl. She had light bags under her eyes and the eyes themselves seemed . . . Different. They had a look to them he couldn't quite place. He found him self starting to worry about her. Just then Kakashi showed up.
"Sorry I'm late. I ran into these ninja girls that wanted me to show them some ninjitsu." He said as he held up a hand as though to delay the accusations and put this book away.
"LIAR!" Naruto yelled at him. Then he looked at Sakura with a funny look on his face.
Sakura feeling eyes on her looked up and realized what was wrong. She hadn't yelled liar with Naruto like she normally did. (Think of something to say, or they might catch you.) Inner Sakura teased. "Sensei do you really expect us to believe in these stories of yours? You are such a liar." (There happy?) Sakura asked her inner self.
"You don't know they're lies you only assume so." Kakashi said with his eye smiling at them. He got glares form both boys, but Sakura went back to staring at the ground. "Anyway training is going to be fun. You remember how to walk on trees right? Well today we walk on water."
Each student flashed a smile. Sakura's smile was the only one that was slightly off but it was a smile all the same.
"It works the same way you walk on trees, but you have an added factor of small waves and getting wet if you fall." Kakashi said when the reached a pond "Lets review by having you guys walk across the pond and back. After that we'll have sparing."
Kakashi had to try very hard not to laugh at his students. Sasuke had almost fallen in the water, but this was due to Naruto rather then his own ability to do the task. Naruto had tripped on a ripple and to stop himself from falling he had grabbed Sasuke. Sakura on the other hand had done it perfectly and was already back on his side of the pond. She didn't seem too happy about it though.
"Sakura, can I ask you something?" Kakashi asked her.
"Yes... what is it?" She replied waiting.
"Are you alright?"
"I'm fine thank you. Was that all?"
"I suppose so," Kakashi said as Naruto came running up with Sasuke following close behind with a some what murderous look on his face. "Alright Sakura you and Sasuke go first."
"Okay." Was Sakura's response while Sasuke looked shocked, not that anyone but Kakashi noticed. Sakura had already went out on the pond to wait for Sasuke.
(What is he thinking? I might hurt Sakura. Oh, well it's not my fault if she does she's the one going along with this.) He thought as he went to attack her. Sakura used the art of substitution then attacked from his left. He blocked then tried to hit her with a kunai knife. She blocked and made to punch him. He caught the punch and kicked her legs out from under her. She fell, but quickly moved her chakra to her back to keep from falling into the water then rolled to the right to avoid Sasuke's kick.
Sasuke allowed himself to give a slight smile. "You've been training?"
Sakura just gave a slight nod then went back to attacking him. (Okay now that is strange. She normally lets her guard down to relish in a complement.) Sasuke thought as he blocked the attack. (Could she actually have learned not to do that?)
"Wow, Sakura has gotten a lot stronger." Naruto commented from the side lines.
"Yes, maybe she got tired of being left behind." Kakashi replied.
"Nani, Sakura hasn't been left behind." Naruto said with confusion.
"I meant in power Naruto."
"Yeah, but she isn't behind in that either. She's smarter then me and Sasuke. She has better chakra control. She can see through illusions better then both of us, well except when Sasuke is using the Sharingan, of course." Naruto commented. "She's not behind."
Kakashi gave Naruto a smile. "Maybe she didn't think so." A look of great concentration appeared on Naruto's face as he turned the thought in his head. After a while he nodded.
"Then I will tell her, how amazingly strong she has become." He finally said
Kakashi frowned and looked at Sakura as she dodged one of Sasuke's punches. "She might not believe you, Naruto."
Before Naruto could reply Sakura was thrown into the water by Sasuke. The force of the blow was strong enough to make her lose conscience and fall into the water. After a minute of her not coming back to the surface Sasuke dived down after her. He found her near the bottom still out. He pulled her back to shore. (Great I could have killed her.) he thought annoyed at himself for using to much force.
"Is she alright?" Naruto asked as he and Kakashi rushed forward.
"She isn't breathing." Kakashi said the quickly performed CPR. Sakura coughed then looked around her. Naruto looked about ready to kill Sasuke, Kakashi looked relived and Sasuke was dripping wet and looking as cold as ever at her. She looked at the ground. (I'm so weak. Why am I on this team? They're all so much stronger then I am. For that matter why am I still alive? Shouldn't I have been killed by now? Why do they keep saving me? I'm weak!) Sakura thought. A pain began to from in her chest, but she refused to cry.
"Sakura-chan your alive." Naruto cried happily and hugged her. "You shouldn't scare us like that. And you, Sasuke!" Naruto turned on the other boy, "I'm going to kill you for almost killing Sakura!"
"I didn't do it on purpose baka." Sasuke glared. "I didn't realize I threw her that hard." (Why did I throw her that hard? I know she's weaker then I am. I didn't need to use that much force on her. What was I thinking?) He looked at Sakura. She was staring at the ground in defeat. He noticed the hurt look appearing on her face. The way she was digging her nails into her legs. The unfeeling stare of her eyes. "Sakura, I'm sorry." he said.
(I'm weak!) The thought went around her head over and over. She didn't even notice she was digging into her leg and she almost didn't notice Sasuke's apology. "Your sorry?" Sakura asked completely taken a back. "Why? It's my fault. You don't need to be sorry."
Naruto and Kakashi exchanged looks. "I think that's enough training today. We can finish tomorrow." Kakashi said before leaving in a puff of smoke.
"Sakura, you and Sasuke should change before you catch both colds." Naruto said as he offered her a hand up. Sakura nodded then sneezed


Sasuke had already started walking away. After he went home and changed he decided to go out to eat. (Maybe I should go to that ramen shop that Naruto is always talking bout, What's it's name ... it doesn't matter, Maybe I'll see Naruto there. Wow, who'd ever think I'd want to face that idiot on purpose? We could talk about Sakura's odd behavior. Another thing no one would expect of me.) He thought as he closed the door. (Why do I care anyway?) It didn't take long to find Naruto. He was on his third bowl of ramen already. Sasuke reached out and taped Naruto on the shoulder. He felt him tens up then relax when he saw it was Sasuke.
"Sasuke, what do want?" Naruto asked.
"I wanted to talk to you about Sakura."
"Nani? You actually want to talk? You must be pretty worried." Naruto teased with his usual big smile. He didn't plane on letting Sasuke live this down.
"Oh, shut-up. You're the one that brought it up to begin with." He said with a glare then as an after thought hit Naruto on the back of the head for good measure.
"Hey! It's not my fault you suddenly decide to care!" Naruto yelled, but he was still smiling, "So do you want to ask her or just spy on her?"
"If we ask her she'll just lie to us." Sasuke said, "But if we spy on her it shows we have little faith in her as our teammate. . . So I don't know"
"I think it would be easier to spy on her." Naruto commented. "She'll get mad if we just ask her."
"Isn't she going to get mad if we spy on her?" Sasuke asked. Naruto's logic confused him some times.
"Yeah, but it'll be more fun to spy on her." Naruto smiled.
"You've been a prankster for too long." Sasuke replied.
"And you've been an old man trapped in a teenage body for too long." They both exchanged smiles. "Though you know I still hate you."
"Of course. To have it any other way would be creepier then Sakura's behavior."
"Agreed. So, truce?"

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