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The Evil Smile

Iruka felt very proud of himself, he had made it to lunch with out cackling. The joy of forming a prank and the excitement of maybe pulling it off were all he could focus on. So here he was alone in his class room with his students at lunch and the evil laugh could now be set free. He practically cackled with the forgotten joy his pranks brought him.

Once the evil laugh had been relished from its capture the evil smile made it on to his face once more. Ah the evil smile which made students fear a test and old teachers remember a once infamous prankster that could bring mischief at a drop of a hat. The smile that had made it's self known once again though out the day.

"Maybe I should get revenge on all of my old teachers." Iruka mused to himself, "Nah, I still have to work with them."

"And here I thought you were a strait laced kind of guy." A voice commented from the door. Iruka turned to find none other then Kakashi.

"Ah, how long have you been there?"

"Long enough to hear your evil laugh." Kakashi replied as he walked over to Iuka's desk.

Iruka smiled sheepishly. (I really need to pay attention to my surroundings more.) Kakashi smiled at the now slightly blushing teacher.

"Iruka?" He asked in a childlike voice.

"Yes… Kakashi?" Iruka asked warily.

"Did you really put ramen in the water heaters?"

Iruka blinked with a nervous laugh escaping. "Why do you ask?"

"Cause I want to know."

"Um… ye..yes. I did." Iruka replied more the a little embarrassed. He looked at Kakashi and wondered if he had the misfortune of being caught in the prank. As Iruka recalled the prank had gone horribly wrong at the last minute. He put to many ramen packets in the heaters causing them to explode and cover half of the village in noodles. (I'm lucky no one got hurt. Oh god what if I had got Kakashi covered in noodles?! … Actually.. That's kind of funny know that I think about it.)

Iruka's thoughts were interrupted by Kakashi's laughter. " That was the funniest thing ever! I'd been with Gai and all of a sudden noodles came flying out of nowhere and land on his head interrupting his boring speech on the dangers of cooking. The timing couldn't have been more perfect."

Iruka stated laughing with Kakashi. He could picture it perfectly, noodles dripping off Gai's bowl shaped hair. His bright smile changing to a look of confusion as the noodles slide down his face getting caught in his fuzzy eyebrows.

"Why was he lecturing on cooking?" Iruka managed to ask.

"Oh, we were coming back from a mission that day, and through out the mission when ever I cooked the food got burnt. Gai had thought if I knew the dangers of cooking I would go take a cooking class or something." Kakashi answered with another laugh, "What he didn't know was I burnt it on purposes. I hate cooking on missions so I figured I could get out of it for good. Worked too."

" I know what you mean. Do remember when price of stall ramen was rising?" After getting a nod from Kakashi Iruka continued, "Well that's also when I pulled my ramen prank. I wanted to prove I was too young to have to cook for myself to often. I guess it worked, stall ramen went back to normal price, but I wasn't allowed to buy instant ramen for … three years."

"Is that why?" Kakashi asked laughing harder.

"Yup, kind of lame huh?"

"No, It's funny as hell. But like I said people wouldn't expect it from you." Kakashi then added after a pause, " At lest now anyway."

"Yeah, I realized pulling pranks wasn't going to help me teach." Iruka sighed, " My first year teaching the enterer class thought it was okay to pull pranks because their teacher had pulled pranks."

Kakashi cringed at the thought, "And you're still a teacher?"

"Well after the first year it got better, and slowly every one seemed to forget I had once been the top prankster. I started acting serious all the time and then Naruto became old enough to pull pranks, taking my place as village prankster." Iruka smiled at the memory, "What about you? How are you holding up with your first students?"

"Okay I guess." Kakashi replied, " Naruto's a hand full, but you already know that. It helps that I've lead ANUB teams, though there are major differences."

Iruka chuckled, " You know this is one of the few conversations we've had without fighting?"

"That's a very good way to ruin, Iruka." Kakashi commented with a happy smile.

" Sorry." Iruka sighed lowering his head. (Way to go Dumb ass. Just stick your foot in your mouth while you're at it.) He hear Kakashi let out a soft sigh.

"You don't need to beat yourself up over it."

"I wasn't." Iruka deigned.

"If you say so. Look I actually came to tell you something." Kakashi stated seriously.

"Tell me what?" Iruka asked unsure.

"Naruto got attacked by his demon. It wasn't serious and he was fine right after, he may have had a nightmare, but you know Naruto, skilled at hiding emotional pain. Anyway I thought you should know. You're his guardian after all."

"Thank you, Kakashi."

"No problem. Just keep a close eye on him." Kakashi them gave Iruka a pursing look, " Are you really going to pull a prank on Kurogane?"

"Of course, I can't let him escape without the revenge I've planed for so long." The evil smile appeared again.

"What did he do?"

"You mean besides lecturing me constantly?" Iruka asked, "He put me through his own brand of hell. He said I needed extra training."

"Extra training?" Kakashi asked intrigued.

"Apparently He thought I was another village genius." Iruka rolled his eyes at the thought.

"If you're a genius why not be a jounin?"

"Because I'm not." Iruka smiled.

"Maybe you're a lazy genius, like Shikamaru." Kakashi commented his eye smiling again.

"If I was I wouldn't be a teacher, or work in the assignment room or spend as much time with Naruto." Iruka pointed out, "He's 'so bothersome' after all."

Kakashi laughed, "What is your new prank anyway?"

"Ah, I can't tell you, unless you wanna help?" Iruka asked with his evil smile, " I can't talk about it now though, the students are going to return from lunch soon."

"Sounds like fun, I'm in." Kakashi paused, " He put me though hell as well, so after school right?"

"Yes," Iruka smiled then opened his mouth to say more only to have Kakashi's gloved hand placed over it.

"I'll be on time." He said before poofing out, leaving Iruka only to blink in confusion.

(He'll be on time? Okay sure I was going to tell him to be on time and maybe crake a joke on what time school let out. But he himself said he be on time. Isn't that not normal for Kakashi? He's late for every thing! Him on time is like him without his mask. It just never happens. Okay, no more thoughts of Kakashi … Damn now I'll be thinking about it all day. Well He really show up on time?)

And so Iruka's thoughts shifted from actually teaching his class to the masked man named Kakashi and his time keeping problems. At lest that was until Naruto Barged into his class room five minutes before the bell.

"IRUKA - SENSEI!" Naruto shouted loudly, "What's this plan all about!"

Iruka let his head fall to his desk, (ow…) and with his eye twitching slightly commented, "Naruto your early."

"Naruto, brother what are you doing here?!" Konohamaru yelled down.

"Class dismissed. And no homework!" Iruka yelled before Naruto could answer, "Leave before I change my mind!"

The class flooded out and ten minutes later Kakashi returned.

"Your late." Iruka commented with a half smile.

"Ah, but not as late as I could be." Kakashi smiled.

"Why is he here?" Naruto complained slightly.

"We'll need the help to really pull this off properly, that's why." Iruka had to suppress an evil cackle as he explained.

"Then is three people really going to be enough?" Kakashi asked.

"Oh It should be. If not we'll ask Sasuke to help." The evil cackle escaped at the end of his comment as Naruto looked ready to kill him. "I must go get the supplies."

"Iruka wait-" Kakashi started to say, but Iruka poofed away, "Do you know what he actually has planed?"

"No, he's acting weird. Do you think this is the real Iruka sensei?"

"Yes he's really Iruka." Kakashi answered with a chuckle. He was about to comment more when he noticed Naruto's shadow behaving oddly. It was stretching and swirling, something shadows don't do. Kakashi's visible eye widened slightly. (What the hell? Is that a type of ninjitsu?)

"I don't think that's really Iruka he seems to … evil. You heard his comment on having Sasuke help. The Iruka I know would never think to as that bastard." Naruto continued apparently not noticing his shadows odd behavior. If Kakashi hadn't been so focused on it he would have commented that that actually was just like Iruka.

"And Iruka doesn't cackle."

"Ah, Naruto…" Kakashi started to say as a few boxes came out of Naruto's shadow. This Naruto noticed and promptly got freaked out.

"AH! What the HELL!?" He shouted and tried to move away only to find he couldn't move his legs. "Kakashi! Help!"

Laughter filled the room as Iruka came out of the shadow, "Oh that was so funny you should see you face, Naruto."

"IRUKA- SENSEI!" Naruto shouted at the top of his lunges, "It's not funny. I'm telling you Kakashi he's a fake!"

"Oh relax, it didn't hurt you." Iruka laughed, "I'm not a fake, For instance I know that you have ted-" Iruka was cut off by Naruto tackling him to the ground.

"I believe you." Naruto said in a rush. "Now tell us about this prank."

"You have to swear to secrecy, no one most know my master plan." Iruka then added as though as an after thought, "And get off me."

"Okay fine just tell us already!" Naruto shouted as he got off Iruka.

And so Iruka told them his master plan. His evil smile appearing once again and a barely suppressed laugh escaped more then once during his telling. Even as he spoke his brain added ways to use Naruto's maybe not so useless ninjitsus and Kakashi's own variety of skills. (Oh this could go wrong in so many ways, but that is half the fun.) Iuka thought with another evil smile.

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