Title: Driving Towards Destiny
Author: Witchytara25
Summary: The Bride's thoughts as she drives towards the showdown with Bill.
Spoilers: I don't think there's any, but probably a little bit from both movies.
Disclaimer: I don't claim to own the idea for Kill Bill Vol. 1&2, nor the original screenplay for it. Those credits belong to Quinten Tarantino, Uma Thurman and whoever else wants to claim them. I'm just trying to tell a story here.
A/N: Okay, I am the first to admit, I am obessessed with Tarantino movies. My favorite out of all of his is Pulp Fiction, but I must admit that Kill Bill ranks right up there. However, after seeing the first one again for the 20th time (like I said, I'm obessive) and the second one for the fourth time, this poem came to mind. I must admit though, I am also a huge Uma Thurman fan, so that is partially how I got into Tarantino movies. So, this poem is basically my thoughts of what was going through The Bride's mind when she was driving towards the showdown with Bill. So, r/r and if you feel like flaming, go ahead, flames make me laugh hysterically and I share them with my girlfriend.
Dedication: To my girlfriend, who puts up with my Uma Thruman and Quinten Tarantino obession without ever quite understanding why. I love you.

Driving to her destination
The only thing left on her mind
Is revenge
Revenge for the last four years of her life.

Oh, they've tried everything to kill her
(But she keeps coming back)
And the more she keeps fighting
The more pissed off she's becoming
And the more she wants
The sweet taste of revenge
Against the one who's fault
This bloody rampage of killing
Started this chain of events.

She thinks back to where she has been
To where she is now
To trained assassin
(Killing for fun)
To vindictive bitch
(Ready to take her revenge)
Ready to right the wrongs of her past
Ready to get revenge for the massacre on her wedding day.

The thought of her wedding day
Brings the first tear that she has shed in a long time
A tear as cold as ice
(As she feels inside, made of ice and stone)
Slides down her face
As she realizes all that she has lost
And what could've been.

Brushing the tear aside impatiently
She tightens her grip on the wheel
Her mind going back to the task at hand
Her only goal right now is revenge
Revenge on the man who has caused all this pain and misery.

As she drives down the winding dirt road
She thinks back to the bloody revenge she has done
And a slight smile plays across her lips
(As she thinks back to the four previous years)
And she knows that soon
Her revenge will be complete

The thrill of the kill is something that she has always enjoyed
The bloody satisfaction of taking something back
They tried so hard to take away from her
(They thought they could kill her, they were wrong)
Her roaring rampage of revenge almost complete
Her last kill almost within arms reach.

One more, the last one
The only kill that matters now
The rest, they were weak and she was strong
She defeated them, for she was the stronger one in the end
But this will be her crowning achievement
For she will kill the one who tried to take everything away
To take something that wasn't his

Walking toward the man who tried to destroy her life
(But instead only intensified her thirst for the kill)
She knows that this will be her last kill
She knows that only one will walk away
She knows that only one will walk away