Alexis Manning pushed back a short strand of brown hair and returned to typing on a small laptop computer. Off to the side, she shifted her weight on the cold metal folding chair and looked through the darkness at the slide projector. The slide presently showed the Museum of Science and Industry's ship exhibit. Richard Hamilton II, Alexis's boss, was speaking to a large crowd of Chicago's finest about the future plans for the overhaul of the exhibit.
Alexis has been an intern at the Chicago museum for two years- both years working as Hamilton's secretary. The internship is unpaid and does not count as a credit toward her degree. The solitary reward is the 75% possibility that the museum will hire her after the internship is completed. As a result, the twenty-two year old University of Illinois- Chicago student still resides in the dorms.
"Ladies and gentlemen, the following slides are of artist Jeff Pulson's rendition of what the new exhibit will look like...this of course depends on all of you and your generous donations..." Hamilton continued on in the darkness as Alexis stifled a yawn, flexed her tired fingers and continued to work on her article about the exhibit.

A long three hours later, Alexis stood in Hamilton's office, patiently waiting for him to finish glad-handing potential benefactors.
"Oh.'re still here." Hamilton said, apparently surprised to see her. He went to his desk and began gathering papers and putting them into a leather briefcase.
"Yes, I am," Alexis said smiling falsely, "You told me you wanted the article on the exhibit after your presentation."
"What? Oh yes. Uh, well I have an important dinner I must attend and I simply cannot look at the article at the moment." Hamilton finished packing his briefcase and reached for his coat and hat.
"Mr. Hamilton, you told me you needed the article after the presentation so it could be emailed to the Tribune for the Sunday edition."

A look of confusion crossed her boss' face; it was quickly replaced by anger.
"Alexis! I needed to email it two hours ago! Why didn't you remind me?!" Exasperated, Hamilton strode to the office door, "Now this is on your butt! The renovation board is not going to like this. You either bite the bullet or somehow get that article to the Tribune! Good night!" he shouted, slamming the door behind him.
"I guess its time to call in another favor to Lisa." Alexis sighed, locked up the office and headed back to her dorm room across town.

"Lisa, yeah hi it's me. I need a huge favor." Alexis said, talking into her cell phone as she crossed Michigan Ave. It was getting late and she didn't like walking around Chicago at night.
"Seriously? I love you Lisa! I'll be at school in a few minutes; I'll email the article to you then. Thanks a million!" Smiling, Alexis hung up the phone just as she came in sight of the college. Ah, home sweet home. Alexis thought dismally as she hurried to the computer lab. I have to remember to treat Lisa to lunch...someday...when I have time and money to do so with.

"Alexis, you are amazing." Hamilton declared, setting down yesterday's newspaper. "This is exactly what I wanted, except for a few words which could have been improved by my proofreading, but otherwise- good work."
"Thank you sir. I really appreciate it." Alexis said, sitting in Hamilton's small office.
"Mr. Hamilton, you have a visitor. Should I send him in?" Hamilton's paid secretary asked through the intercom.
"I'm not expecting anyone. I need to be at a meeting in a half an hour and I am already pressed for time." Hamilton replied through the tiny speaker box.
"Sir, I think you really should see him." Alexis sensed a change of tone in the secretary's voice. Obviously Hamilton sensed it too.
"Send him in." Hamilton stood behind his desk and motioned Alexis to leave.
The door to the office opened and a handsome young man entered. He wore an expensive navy colored suit which highlighted his striking blue eyes. He had short brown hair and a small, but sexy, mouth. As the man entered, Alexis moved towards the door. Momentarily their eyes locked and Alexis felt butterflies. A second man entered, similarly dressed but shorter. As she was closing the door behind her, she heard the first young man introduce himself.
"Mr. Hamilton, my name is Jack Ferriman and this is my associate Michael Ovrsé. I believe I have something that will interest you."