"I'm sorry about last night." Jack apologized, reaching across the table taking Alexis' hands in his.
"Don't be, if you needed to attend to your company matters, I would have understood." Alexis replied smiling.
"You're amazing." Jack smiled as though he hadn't heard a word she just said.
Alexis blushed.
Jack glanced at the bar, "Listen, before our food arrives I'll get us some drinks. Sound good?"
"That would be great."
Jack got up from the table and headed around the corner towards the bar.
I cant believe how well this date is going! Alexis thought, I should probably hit the bathroom before we eat though. Alexis got up from the table and headed towards the restrooms. While she passed the crowded bar, she saw Jack waiting to order. He didn't see her pass as she pushed the ladies' room door open.

Jack looked down as he reached into his pants pocket. He flipped open his cell phone after he quickly ordered the drinks.
"Jack, I need to talk to you- its urgent." Michael said.
"Im kind of busy right now, cant it wait?" Jack replied, scanning the bar.
"It cant wait. I received some news from the Boss."
Angry, Jack inhaled and slowly exhaled before speaking again, "What could He possibly want?"

As Alexis dried her hands she checked her hair and make-up. Satisfied, she walked out and headed over to the bar. She noticed Jack talking into his phone and decided to go over. It was crowded; Jack was standing parallel with the bar. Alexis pushed her way over to him and stood almost directly behind him. She could hear his end of the conversation fairly well since a slow song played quietly in the bar.

"What? It would be impossible!" Jack hissed into the phone.
"Obviously the Boss doesn't think so. He wants you to fill your quota in three weeks. There has been a shortage and management isn't happy, especially since you lost the Graza in the first place."
"Damn it! The bastard doesn't know how much effort I put into this damned plan! I cant have it done in three weeks!" Jack ran a hand through his short brown hair.

What the hell has got him so upset? Alexis thought. She turned and surveyed the rest of the bar. Should I go? I don't want him catching me eavesdropping...

The bartender set Jack's drinks in front of him and waited for the payment.
Moving the phone away from his face he said, "Put it on table seven." The bartender nodded and Jack resumed his conversation.
"When did he call?" Jack asked.
"A few minutes ago; I told him you were perusing a lead on more sinners." Michael replied sarcastically.
Jack sighed, not wanting to thank him, "He needs the 'passengers' in three weeks exactly?"
"Yes, and if you don't deliver...well, you were warned last time about what will happen."
"Fuck," Jack angrily said, "That ruins everything! Why would the Boss need the souls-" Jack stopped after he realized he said too much, "I need to think this through."
"You better break your date and get back here then."
"Damn, I was going to make sure she sinned tonight. I'll be there in a few minutes." Jack slammed his phone closed and picked up the drinks.

Alexis hurriedly hid from Jack's view as he made his way back to their table. She waited a minute before she went back to the table.

Epps ran through the cool night on an old back road. She saw a dim light ahead and slowed to a walk. As she got closer, she saw that the light emanated from an aged gas station. Opening the door, a small bell rang. Epps walked into the store and looked behind the counter. She saw no one so she rang the bell displayed near the cash register. As she waited for someone to appear, Epps looked around and saw a pay phone against the back wall.
The stockroom door opened and a young man stepped out. His dirty grey T-Shirt was wrinkled and his jeans hung loosely on his hips. Epps figured the guy to be at least twenty. He combed his untidy black hair with his hand as he asked if he could help her with anything.
"Yeah, uh, I need change to make a phone call." Epps said, pulling out a dollar bill.
The boy handed Epps four quarters as female voice startled her.
"You just get off of work?"
Epps turned to see a young girl with long brown hair emerge from the same stockroom as the guy did a few seconds ago. She was as unkempt as her apparent boyfriend.
"What?" Epps asked confused, then she realized what she was wearing, "Yes, up at the Fairview Psychiatric Hospital." Epps took her change and turned towards the phone.
"Are there real crazies up there?" the girl continued, stepping in front of the counter.
Epps hesitated, "No." She turned a dialed the operator and said sternly into the phone, "American Airlines please."