Reliving the past

By: Bree-2006


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A Journey that was to result in her death had made her the most popular woman in Spira. She had started out believing that she was to die for her people, just to bring them the calm. Everyone thought there was no hope for her, that once she left Besaid to gain the final Aeon that she would never return...alive.

But then she met him...the Blitzer who had one day showed up on the Besaid shore. On first sight he seemed arrogant and cocky, but as the time lurched on he became a friend, someone to confide in, and eventually a lover.

They had defeated sin together, they had brought Spira the Eternal Calm, and she had lived, but for her life, came his death. The days after sin wore on and people began to enjoy the Eternal Calm. Everyone knew her as the High-Summoner and she hated that title. To her friends she was just plain Yuna, and that's all she really wanted to be. Everywhere she went people would thank and congratulate her on her accomplishment praising her for an act she didn't believe she did. She had wanted to escape them all, the cheering people, the thousands of men and women that looked up to her for guidance. She wanted to hide in the shadows, but most of all she wanted to escape to the farplane, not to visit, but to live eternally.

She never wanted to tell anyone this, after all her friends have given her back her life, but after grueling dreams and sleepless nights, nothing made sense to her anymore. She knew she had a taste of life, and even though she was breathing, she had lost her life the day sin was defeated.

'You should be happy, you defeated sin.' Lulu her guardian had once told her. Her face grew pale as she held back a sob that threatened to rack her body. She had wanted to scream at the top of her lungs that she had nothing to do with sins defeat solemnly, and now after thousands of fake smiles she had given up and let them tell her what she had never believed. Yet she still refused to be the one person who had defeated the undefeatable.

Months and years had passed by, people calling her The Great High Summoner never faltered and after a while it tiered her and dreams of 'Him' would form in her sleep. The countless dreams that would leave her crying in the night, the dreams that made his sculptured name glide out of her chapped and rosy lips. These, the same rosy lips he had kissed on the warm night in Macalania, and the same rosy lips that Seymour had stuck his snake-like tongue through, stealing something that was supposed to be magical. The dreams became more and more frequent, and thoughts of finding another to share her lonely life with rattled her brain. Was she really lonely? What about her friends? They understood her pain didn't they? She wanted to believe they knew how she felt, but only one helped bandage her wounds.

Rikku, her cousin, her guardian and her friend she had never steered her wrong. Coming to visit her often, Rikku was the only one she could talk to. Most of their conversations revolved around him and every time his name was spoken a smile crept onto her lips, but never more so than the day Rikku had come to Besaid with a sphere enclosed in her sweaty palm.

"This might cheer you up Yunie!" she squealed. The florescent object began to glow and the apparition of a man envisioned before her.

"Lets go look for more spheres!" and hope filled her heart, thus she began a new journey, which would have hopefully ended in her lovers return.

She had never smiled so much in her life, and all her past worried dispersed into thin air. Upon meeting new people, and learning about spheres and sphere grids she became a sphere hunter. She obtained many new items called dresspheres, which she became incredibly fond of. The spheres intrigued her, the different types the different moves and attacks, she had found solace in something. Then she came upon the Songstress Dressphere, the feelings of a woman dead for a thousand years occupied it, and she was then thrown back into a world of pain and anger. She ended up saving the world once again although she still believed she was just there for the ride, but this time...she got a reward.

He had returned.

Dreary and cold nights became soulful and warm. Life meant something, and Yuna never doubted the world any longer. Life was worth living and Yuna planned to live it to the fullest, with the love of her life by her side.

The evil dreams ended and the real Yuna shined through. Smiles became real and old wounds had healed. Now it was Yuna's turn at the Eternal calm.

"We have another sphere wave coming from the Omega Ruins" Buddy's voice signaled through the intercom of the Celsius. Most wouldn't have understood why she continued sphere hunting, but she could always state that it was something she enjoyed and it was something that made her happy.

Her excitement from sphere hunting carried on even after Vegnagun's defeat and no one had a problem in letting her continue. She raced down from the cabin meeting a sleepy barkeep who watched her questionably as she ran quickly to the bridge where her friends awaited.

There was Paine; the usually stoic woman who had only recently began to release her feelings more. They all thought she would leave after Vegnagun was defeated but the others had grown on her, and she had decided to stay.

There was Rikku, the extremely energetic 17-year-old cousin who first introduced Yuna to sphere hunting. She was also seeing the leader of the machine faction, Gippal.

There was Brother and Buddy who went way back to Yuna's pilgrimage two in a half years prior. Brother is Rikku's brother and has a huge crush on Yuna, which is his first cousin.

Together they are the Gullwings.

And then there's Tidus, Yuna's strongest guardian, best friend, and boyfriend. He was whom Yuna had been searching for. He stays behind the scenes as Yuna and the others search for spheres.

"Well what are we waiting for, lets get us a sphere!"

He Gullwings have changed, Shinra returned to 'home' and Leblanc is no longer a competitor. Yuna's worries no longer exists and her story continues.

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