Reliving the past

By: Bree-2006

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Her hands shook with excitement unmatched by anything else in the world. Today was the day of all days, a day she will always remember. Rikku fidgeted at her side.

"Yunie! What did you eat this morning?" She wined as she tried desperately to tie the ribbon on the side of her cousin's dress. Yuna just smiled.

"Not much." She laughed placing a piece of her light brown hair behind her ear. Rikku finished with the bow and sat down.

"Yunie…" Yuna turned to her cousin happily.

"You're getting married!" she cried standing up and wrapping her small arms around her cousin. Paine got up from a chair on the other side of the room.

"And you're making her nervous." Rikku crossed her arms and pouted.

"I'm just excited is all…aren't you Yunie?" Paine smiled and Yuna began to turn red.

"Excited doesn't even begin to describe it." She said as she placed her palm onto her forehead.

"Don't you want this?" Rikku asked as she flopped herself back down into a chair.

"Yes…I have no doubts." She smiled examining herself in a mirror.

"You love him?"

"More than anything." Rikku pondered for a moment.

"Are you ready to be with him forever?" Yuna looked at her cousin.

"That's the plan…married or not I intend to be with him for the rest of my life, I guess I love the idea of marriage though."

"You know technically you are still married to Seymour." Paine said as she powdered her nose. Rikku screeched.

"Paine don't say that!" she just smirked. Yuna looked at Paine horrified at the thought.

"No no no no no! Seymours dead, how can that marriage still be legal?" Rikku grinned.

"Especially if he was dead before the two of you got married." Yuna nodded, breathing in deeply. Rikku laughed.

"Could you imagine the honeymoon?" all the girls cringed, except for Yuna who gagged.

"Rikku, must we talk of that?" Rikku grinned evilly.

"No considering you have Tidus to do those types of things to now." Yuna's cheeks turned crimson as she looked at the floor.

"Rikku…" she warned shaking an adamant finger at her cousin, Rikku shrugged.

"Poor guy…the things you've probably done to him…I'd hate to think about what you'll do to him tonight…"

"Rikku respect points." Paine warned putting a hand on Yuna's shoulder. The young bride to be didn't move.

"Yuna?" Paine asked tapping her lightly on the shoulder. She gulped softly.

"Yunie…you're not saying that you're still a…" Yuna looked up sharply.

"No…no!" she recovered smoothing the invisible wrinkles out of her dress.

"Yuna…whats up then?" Paine asked. Yuna smiled.

"I'm getting married and this time…I actually want to!" Rikku snorted.


"Every time I was going to get married it was because other people wanted me too, first it was Seymour, then it was that arranged marriage I had with the son of the praetor of Bevelle, then it was all those crazy suitors, but now…I'm marrying Tidus!" Rikku cheered.

"As Leblanc always says…the power of love conquers all!" Yuna smiled.

"It does doesn't it."

"You know its almost time." Yuna looked at the clock.

"Oh no…where's my maid of honor?" Rikku frowned.

"If you had made me your maid of honor I wouldn't be late…" Yuna shook her head.

"I was Lulu's made of honor so it was only right of me to make her mine, besides she basically raised me." Rikku smiled.

"I understand completely." The door opened slightly as red hair poked through the opening.

"Everyone decent?" a heavy accented voice asked from the other side. Rikku walked over to the door and opened it roughly.

"Who wants to know?" she said jokingly know full well who was on the other side.

"Almost, but where's Lulu?" Wakka laughed.

"Giving Tidus a small pep talk." Yuna cringed.

"Is…he alright?" she asked hesitantly. Wakka nodded.

"He might be sore down there for a few days…no telling what's she's done to him ya?" Paine winced.

"Ouch…" Rikku shook her head.

"Is he ready?" Wakka grinned.

"Ya…he look's mighty handsome to ya know…cleans up nicely." Yuna laughed.

"Are you saying my husband to be is grungy?" she asked feigning hurt. Wakka laughed.

"I'm not one to talk." Wakka took a step forward.

"You ready kiddo?" she breathed in deeply.

"Yes." Rapping her arm around Wakka's they walked into a closed off area. Hugging her cousin tightly Rikku was the first to walk out into the alter.

Her dress, she thought it was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. Light purple with a splash of silver along the chest. It fit her curve perfectly showing off her well bloomed and toned body. It flowed elegantly to the floor and matched her silver stilettos. Her hair was out of its goofy braids, instead a loose bun adorned the top of her head along with dozens of Moonflow lilies. She smiled as she walked gracefully down the aisle. The one thing that surprised everyone the most was who was on her arm.

Gippal, clad in a brilliantly crafted jet black tuxedo grinned boyishly. She was smiling at his side as they made their way to the head of the room. Gippal nodded at the groom who fidgeted with his tux.

Next to come out was Paine, she wore the same as Rikku, they all had to admit she looked good in it. Her hair which was still the silvery shade of grey as it was during the sphere hunting days also held Moonflow lilies. Her eye lids which matched her hair glittered brightly with each step she took.

"This is only going to happen one more time…" she murmured to the man beside her. He smiled.

"What about when it's your turn?" Paine grinned.

"Baralai…I'm wearing black."

The maid of honor and best man were the next to walk down the aisle.

Lulu and Wakka looked amazing. Lulu's hair was in many different and head aching braids she smiled as she walked arm in arm with her husband.

He was simple in a black faded tuxedo with a blitz pin on the left side.

"Don't fall…" he thought to himself with every step he took.

Then was the moment of the unveiling. The room grew quiet, as everyone turned to the entrance. The wind rustled as the music began to softly play.

She walked out.

Everyone in the room gasped, Leblanc was heard crying on the arm of Nooj, and the groom himself was utterly silent.

Beautiful, was the only word to describe it. Perfect, unimaginable, nothing at that moment could tear his eyes away.

Her dress, the whitest white he had ever seen was adorned in Macalania beads…the symbol of their love. It flared out with a simple silver design of the Zanarkand Abe's Logo running along her chest and stomach. Her hair was crimped and curled into a messy bun with a few stray pieces on her forehead. On her left arm…her Uncle Cid, on her right…Kimarhi.

They walked in unison down the aisle towards the awaiting groom. As she got closer his senses kicked in. He walked forward to meet her at the bottom of the steps so they can finish walking up them together.

Yuna kissed her escorts on the cheek and walked to Tidus's side. Hand in hand they walked up the stairs together.

They were both shaking, their hearts pounding forcefully in their chests. Tidus rubbed his thumb over Yuna's hand, she breathed in deeply as they finally reached the top. She turned to face him, smiling as his sky blue eyes met her emerald and ocean blue ones. They barely heard the Praetor begin his sermon.

"Love, piercing the walls of hatred and anger. Marriage, the binding of two souls to make one. Each have a significance in life, each must be felt to be complete. We gather here today to witness the everlasting bondage of our beloved High Summoner Yuna to her strongest Guardian Sir Tidus Richmond. They have waited to be together and now they have their chance. You would like to say your own vows?"

They both nodded. Tidus was the first to begin.

"Yuna…you know I'm terrible at words but I wanted this to be the way I tell you how much you mean to me. You are my everything…and I'm not just saying that because I know it's what you want to hear. I can't picture my life without you in it and I think I've waited too long to ask you to spend the rest of your life with me. You believe in me, and you were the only person that could change me from the stupid little crybaby I was."

Wakka grinned.

"You're still a crybaby ya?" lulu smacked him angrily.

"Shut up"

"Anyway…I promise to love you always, be there for you when you need me the most. I promise to make you the happiest woman alive because you have made me the happiest man." Yuna smiled tears cascading down her cheeks which Tidus wiped away."

"I love you…what else can I say. You are my other half I too can't picture my life without you. I waited for two years for you and I would wait two more. You are perfect everything I dream about and I promise I'll love you always."

The couple nodded at the Praetor.

"Lady Yuna do you take Sir Tidus to be your Husband?"

"Yes…I do"

"Do you Sir Tidus take Lady Yuna as your wife?"

"I do" The Praetor coughed slightly.

"Please exchange the rings." Moving to his best man Tidus was handed the duel rings. Placing the Macalania diamond stoned ring on Yuna's finger he heard her gasp in surprise. Yuna smiled and grabbed a simple band from Lulu and too slipped it on his finger.

"Always" they whispered. They were pronounced husband and wife. Tidus wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her passionately.

"This is love…it's a beautiful thing." Leblanc Cried.

"Hey Gippal why don't you kiss me like that?" Rikku playfully punched Gippal on the shoulder.

They danced into the night.

Tidus smiled down at his wife.

"Ready to finish our story?" Yuna smiled.

"No I'm ready to begin it."


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