Prologue: Midnight Snow's

It was a soft, comfortable night in the middle of November, snow fell quietly outside the tightly shut windows and the heat was up just enough to keep it warm but not enough suffocate the occupants of the small apartment. When he was younger, around five or so, he used to be curled between his parents on nights like tonight and silently they would watch the small glass window over their bed until one by one they drifted off to sleep. Now as he reflected on that time with sorrow and wonderment, it seemed so far off, that time of innocence, of naivety. He was a foolish child and had thought that moments such as that would last a lifetime, now looking back; he wished he hadn't squandered them with such frivolity.

With a soft sigh the fifteen-year old flopped onto his stomach, letting the gentle moonlight shine onto his black-cloth covered back. He really should be asleep, he had an early mission in the morning and Ibiki-sensei did not tolerate lateness or laziness. Squeezing his soft brown eyes shut he tried desperately to get his brain to shut down and let the much-needed sleep take over. But much to his dismay he couldn't seem to shake the nagging feeling that something was off about his current position. Groaning in aggravation at the prickling sensation that grated at his brain he opened his eyes once again and surveyed the room.

It was nothing special, just a medium sized room that he had taken over a few months after his parents had died. Normally he wouldn't have touched it but certain circumstances had forced him to make use of what available room he had in the apartment. The carpet was a light blue color and ran throughout the entire living space, he had chosen it partly because of the color and partly because it was extra soft, he needed every advantage that he could now that the toddler had begun to totter unevenly, following him wherever he went. The walls were a warm white color; it complimented nicely against the blue and even on the stormiest day didn't seem harsh. Various poster's and pictures littered the walls, mementos that managed to bring a smile to his face every time he glanced at them, one of his favorites was a crayon drawing hung in a place of honor next to the last picture he had of him and his parents.

The drawing wasn't anything special; it was the normal kind of work you would expect from a two year old yet still he loved it dearly. Two figures were depicted on the paper by two different scribbles of color, one brown, one yellow, the yellow blob was smaller than the brown one and seemed to be holding it's hand. Underneath the two blobs were the crudely drawn letters, "N" and "D". N of course for Naruto and D for daddy, when the toddler had given it to him he had to work hard to keep the tears that filled his vision from falling and alarming the adorable little boy. Even now every time he glanced at it, even from the corner of his eye his heart swelled with a seemingly never-ending amount of love and pride.

Suddenly it hit him and he had to shake his head at his own stupidity, of course that was the reason he couldn't sleep tonight. Scuttling towards the edge of the bed and tentatively sticking his toe out onto the floor to check for a misplaced toy or something equally damaging he sat on the edge of the small twin bed. Stepping down onto the floor he moved to the door, managing to avoid any obstacles in his path, thanks to the oddly bright moonlight that shown from the barely shut curtains on the balcony doors and the small overhead window, lighting his way through the disaster of a bedroom/ play room.

Opening the dark wooden door with a slight creaking sound he crept across the silent hallway to the matching wooden door that faced his. With a soft smile he grabbed the dull gold handle and turned it, pushing slightly the door gave way and opened to a silent, dark room, the only light being in the form of a soft nightlight plugged in over by the window. Quietly he walked through the recently cleaned room and over to the plain white crib that was placed just under the window. Leaning against the securely locked safety guard he gazed down at the adorable sight within it.

Soft, angelic blond hair was matted against the soft animal-printed sheet that stretched across the small mattress. Naturally pink skin shimmered lightly in the bits of moonlight that fell on it from the small cracks in the curtains. One small hand was curled into itself and the warm blue jumper the boy wore as he slept soundly on his stomach a look of content on his small face. A hand came down to softly stroke the upper part of the child's back making his face scrunch in irritation and the small body to turn over onto it's back. It was hard to believe that this little one had just celebrated his second birthday, he didn't look old enough to be two, and it gave the boy a strange sense of wonderment as he gazed lovingly down at him.

Weary blue eyes blinked open and came to focus on the smiling face above it, small hands stretched out towards the man and were immediately answered as the man straightened up and then proceeded to pick up the small boy, white blanket and all, and securely snuggle him into his grasp. The small face buried itself into the warm shoulder as he began to be lulled back to sleep by the rocking motions the man made by walking back to his own bedroom, making sure to close the doors behind him.

Slipping back into bed carefully, he placed the small bundle of boy next to him on the bed and gently nudged him awake again. Blue eyes peeked up at him with a soft giggle and proceeded to move the small body into a more comfortable position, sprawled across the fifteen-year olds chest. He was greeted with a soft smile and a gentle kiss on the almost pale forehead.

"Naruto, look up"

The small boy quizzically did as he was told and suddenly his eyes went wide with wonderment at the soft flakes of white that drifted down from midnight blue sky illuminated by the perfect white orb in the sky. The small body drew it self up into a sitting position unable to take his eyes off of the new thing that had suddenly appeared while he had been asleep. Six slender white scars, three on each side of the boys face, suddenly visible in the direct moonlight, made the elder boy's body tense harshly and then relax as a small hand came to rest on his own tan cheek and big blue eyes looked into his.


A soft chuckle sounded from the elder's body as he slipped his arms around the small body and joined his son's gaze at the small window.

"No Naruto, not rain, snow"

The small boy smiled at the new sound, he liked how it sounded, almost like his favorite word, no, but he got the sense that this word was more delicate, more fantastic than no. Rolling it around in his mouth he giggled at the strange sound, frankly he was beginning to like it.



Ibiki-sensei: The Jounin that gave the written test out during the chuunin exams, I altered his age so that he is about seven years older than Iruka. For some reason he struck me as the perfect teacher for our soft-hearted dolphin.

Aww! I don't know what happened I was finishing up the new chapter of 'From You to Me' and all of a sudden I got tackled, rather hard, by a plot bunny! I swear the little bugger almost made me fall off my chair! Anyway for those of you wondering this is a KakashixIruka (My second favorite couple!) fic. But it will have plenty of chibi Naruto to add humor and lots of awww! moments when the two older boys aren't snogging each other


So not to confuse anyone Iruka at the moment is still a Genin, he gets child-support from the Hokage each month to help take care of Naruto... and yes he did officialy adopt Naru-kun on the boy's first birthday.

I do hope you all enjoy my newest venture into the multi-chapter fictional stories. It should be quite the dozy.

Oh! The newest chapter of 'From You to Me' should be out sometime late tomorrow! Love you m'dears!

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"But children you should never let
Such angry passions rise;
Your little hand's were never made
To tear each other's eyes."

-Isaac Watts