Joining his family and lover at the table, Clark blushed a bit at that latter thought, before quickly dishing out a large plate full of French toast, bacon, eggs and fruit, and he began to eat ravenously.

"Son, I heard that you were feeling better? That's great. You really had us worried there." His dad smiled at him, glancing in Lex's direction a bit warily, "It must have been from some bad take-out Thursday night. I told you not to eat at the movies with Pete."

"Yeah, one pretty rotten hot dog. That must have been it." Clark replied a tad sarcastically, knowing how purposely fake that lie sounded, he grinned at his dad as a strong hint that Clark didn't want to lie. He felt like he didn't need to in front of Lex, anymore. But, he'd humor his parents this one last time. It would be fair to at least tell them first, before laying anymore huge-I love Lex-and-he knows my secrets- kind of bombshells on them.

His dad frowned, giving Lex another fleeting look. "Well, I guess we'll never know for sure. I'm glad Lex was here to help you. It seemed like his presence here made you feel better. You said his name often enough last night."

"Jonathan." His mom stated in a disapproving tone. Clark couldn't be sure but it felt like his mom may have given his dad a kick under the table. She looked directly at Clark as she said, "The boys needed some time alone. And, I'm glad that they were able to talk over some important issues with each other this morning."

Lex coughed into his paper napkin next to Clark, hiding a smirk. 'I wonder if this is scaring the hell out of him like it's doing for me, or if Lex is finding this whole situation highly amusing.'

"What? I found it kind of odd, that's all." His dad tried to appear guiltless at saying anything wrong, even though, when his mom had mentioned alone time, Clark had seen his dad's eyebrow questioningly flinch. 'God, dad must be oblivious.'

Clark smiled at his mom and dad trying to convey just how happy he was before saying, "No, you're right Dad. I was very happy that Lex was here. Thank you for letting him stay."

Both Lex and his dad looked at Clark stunned, and neither seemed sure how to respond to such a sincere comment. So far, it didn't seem like his mom had told his dad about seeing Lex and him kissing and groping each other. Thank God for small favors.

"Lex, we are both very grateful for you're help." His mom smiled, while giving Clark another questioning glance.

"Thank you, Martha." Lex bowed his head to finish his scrambled eggs. Clark stared as his rose lips opened and seemed to suck and lick overly long on the fork. Yes, that was most likely his overactive imagination playing tricks on him. There was no way Lex would openly flirt with him in plain view of both of Clark's parents, yet.

Sighing, Clark knew that, eventually, he'd have to talk to his mom about what she'd seen, as her curious expressions were becoming a bit more intimidating looking as the amount of food on his plate got less. 'What am I going to tell my mom?'

"Anyway- Son, when you're done, I'd like you to help me with the tractor. The tire blew yesterday, and I thought it was best to wait and not overexert myself." Which meant mom hadn't let his dad do it while Clark had been too sick to help. Clark smiled at his brilliant mind-reading skills. It also meant his dad was planning on having a little talk with him about Lex. That sounded like as much fun as getting kicked in the groin by a speed-skate. Pete really did make up some of the funniest phrases.

A familiar musical montage began to play to the right of Clark. Looking over, Clark heard that it was coming from Lex's pants. 'I wonder if it's vibrating as well?' Clark's humor was literally crushed when listening in, after Lex had pressed the answer button, and it was revealed who was on the other end of his phone.

"Lex. When were you planning on gracing me with your presence? I've been patiently waiting at the mansion for over an hour. And, my patience is wearing thin. When a person makes business arrangements, they don't conveniently forget to show up for them. I thought I taught you better than that. Where are you?" Lionel sounded as cold as an artic blizzard.

Lex retorted just as cold, "I specifically cancelled our meeting yesterday. It's not my fault you're becoming senile in your old age."

Lionel laughed. It sounded worse than finger nails scraping across a chalk board. "You did no such thing. But, under the circumstances, I'm willing to give you a temporary reprieve for your trivial oversight. I'm expecting you to be here before ten." Clark almost choked on his last bit of toast when he heard Lionel's malicious voice say, "Tell Mrs. Kent that I hope she is doing well." before abruptly hanging up.

Lionel was back in the picture. On the Friday's, it'd been so much easier to simply ignore the fact that he existed by simply not going to Metropolis, but now that it was Saturday, and Lionel was free to roam unsupervised anywhere he wanted too. Clark hated that man. He really couldn't remind himself more of that fact. Hate. Hate. Hate. How could he help Lex get rid of him once and for all? And, crap Lex was going to go see him. Another scarier thought struck him: 'It's Saturday. If Lionel does something now, it's real- it can't be undone. Crap. Big HATE.'

"Lex, I don't think it's a good idea to go over there. Lionel knows that you've been investigating him. I'm sure that's why he came here."

"I can't hide from him forever." Lex grimaced, while getting up from the table, "I'm sorry to be leaving in such a rush. Thank you again, for the wonderful meal."

"You're welcome here anytime." His mom nudged his dad.

Clark frowned at his dad's lackluster response. "Yeah. You're a good friend to Clark, and I hope you stay that way." 'What did that mean? Does dad know or doesn't he? Or, are parents always this paranoid?'

Following Lex outside, Clark wanted to grab Lex and make him stay here at his house forever. It was safer being far away from Lionel Luthor. And, Clark was worried about what would happen. He wanted to be with Lex every second from now on, even if that did sound completely unrealistic and overprotective. Clark anxiously asked, "Do you want me to come with you?"

Stopping at his car, Lex smirked while his eyes shone with way too much cunning, "Sure. You should tell me Elizabeth's address first, and while I have someone check up on her, you can have the honor of standing in the same room as my Father and I. Just in case we decide to have a duel involving real guns." The last part was said as a very unfunny joke. Clark didn't laugh.

Clark had let Elizabeth's name slip just the once, and that had been more than enough for his perceptive friend to remember. No, that was something he had to do himself. "I'm sorry, but I have to go see her for myself. And, there better not be any guns."

Lex turned and harshly grabbed Clark by the arm, "You have to? You told me that she killed you, but you have to see her? And, you're worried about my dad?"

Clark knew that it was wrong, but he liked the feeling of Lex worrying about him. It made that warm fuzzy sensation inside of him grow stronger. Now, to convince his friend that his way was the best way. "She never really wanted to harm me. I know that now. I think she might be… I think something happened to her because she was starting to lose control and now it's Saturday. But, I have to see for myself. Trust me, I'll be fine."

"I trust you. But, I don't trust her."

"I know. Ditto for me. I guess we'll just have to trust each others abilities to stay out of harm's way then. You with your dad and me with the lady who made my day." Clark grinned, while Lex looked at him perplexed. Elaborating a bit more, Clark said, "If it wasn't for Elizabeth, I don't know if I would have had the courage to stalk you back, and we wouldn't have this opportunity with each other, and I can't be anymore thankful for that."

A happy Lex made Clark one big happy alien. And, confirming the fact that he did indeed want them to have that kind of close relationship made Lex tremendously happy.

Lex moved in for a lush taste of Clark's lips. It was so much nicer kissing Lex while clean and non-stinky. Over-hearing a gasp coming from inside the house, Clark deepened his kiss knowing that either his mom, dad or both were watching from one of the nearby windows. How did he live before without Lex's mouth? Feathering his hand behind the back of Lex's head, Clark opened his mouth wider, joyfully meeting the trusts of Lex's eager tongue. This was sooo good, but Lex was going to miss his deadline if he didn't leave soon. Reluctantly pulling back, Clark gasped, "I'll meet you back at the mansion before Lionel leaves. Please, don't do anything to provoke him. I know you want to have a few moments alone with him. Even though, I hate that idea."

Lex's eyes widened in astonishment, "You can make it to Metropolis and back in less than half an hour?"

"Yeah, and I'll give you a piggy-back ride anytime you want."

Lex laughed as he shook his head at that absurd notion. Giving Clark an affectionate embrace, Lex quickly got into his Mercedes and roared down the Kent's driveway.

Clark couldn't stop smiling stupidly to himself while watching Lex's car get smaller and smaller. 'So, this was love?'


Turning to see one royally fuming dad, Clark fretted for a moment before walking towards his speed-skate. Suddenly, it became a pair of speed-skates as his mom came out of the front door to join his dad on the porch. Going with an innocent, "Yes?" left it wide open for his parents to respond.

His dad spoke up first, "What were you doing just now with Lex Luthor?"

Speaking as offhandedly as possible, Clark replied, "Giving him a good luck kiss? You know how scary his dad is, and I thought that he'd need it."

Silently gawking at Clark, his dad turned to look at his mom for support.

Grinning his mom said, "Honey, I know you haven't told us everything that has been going on for the last few days. This morning, you're not only healthier, but you're happier than I've seen you in weeks. I don't know how Lex accomplished that." Giving his dad a stern glance, she continued, "If this is the choice you want to make, then we'll support you."

Clark couldn't help blushing, "Thanks, Mom."

"You do know that having a relationship with Lex isn't going to be easy. This is a small town, and people are going to talk and treat you differently. You'll have to be prepared for the chance that people may turn against you." His mom looked determined to let Clark make his own choices.

"I know. I'll go fix the tractor now, and then I'm going to go check on Elizabeth."

Leaving his parents on the porch to mull over what had been said, Clark zipped through the complex process of tire changing with the expertise of a stock car racing mechanic, heck, he'd done it so many times that he could juggle cats and dogs with one of his hands while he fixed it.

He couldn't believe what he mom had said. First, wow, she's supportive, really supportive, and second what she'd stated about people treating him differently scared the crap out of him. 'Wasn't that a lovely thought? No, Lex is too important to lose.' If his other friends couldn't accept the fact that Clark was with him, then they didn't deserve to be his friends. It was time- The time. He didn't have time for this. He had to go check on Elizabeth and meet Lex back at the mansion in like twenty minutes. Running back to the front porch he yelled out, "Thanks you guys. I truly appreciate everything you've said. But, I have to know for certain that this time looping thing is over for good. I'll be back in a couple of hours and we'll talk some more then if you want. Bye."

With a big wave goodbye, Clark was speeding his way down Hickory lane and onto the main highway leading to Metropolis.

With his super-hearing he did hear the beginnings of a protest from his dad, as he yelled out unhappily, "Clark! I don't think-" but it was too late to stop, and he didn't want to anyway.

Pumping his legs at full speed Clark was determined to get to Elizabeth's house as quickly as possible. Hopefully she'd be there. Smiling, it was wonderful to feel the wind whipping thought his hair and the sun shining down on his body re-energizing him. The last two days of in-house torture had sucked big time. Now, he knew exactly what it meant when his mom said that sometimes being cooped up at home for too long had made her stir-crazy.

Over halfway to his destination, Clark glanced off to the East and noticed that there appeared to be some dark storm clouds brewing. Rain. It would be nice to stand out in the rain and dance with Lex. Maybe Lex would dance with him if he bribed Lex with sex. Yes, the thrill of water falling onto his face, and body outside, while smelling the freshly cleaned air with the one he loved in a celebration of life. That would be something out of the ordinary to look forward to doing.

Racing down Metropolis' busy streets was almost like going though a really challenging obstacle course. Swinging and sashaying left and right and left again to avoid smashing into cars, bicycles and pedestrians, had almost a video-game playing feel to it. Seeing the medium-sized Victorian house less than a block away, Clark returned to a more human pace after making sure no one was within visual sight. 'A first place finish. And, the crowd roars. Yeah, I won!' Sometimes it felt great to be special.

Smiling, Clark walked up to the front door and rang the door-bell before knocking a couple of times. No answer, just like the last time he'd been here. Walking to a more secluded area, Clark used his x-ray vision to scan the interior of the house to find that it wasn't so vacant after all. Passing over the moving fish skeletons in the living room, Clark found two motionless human ones laying on the bed in the master bedroom. He leaned closer to the house as he used his enhanced hearing to listen for either heartbeats or breathing. All was silent.

Beginning to panic, Clark paced back and forth not knowing what to do. He should have phoned Elizabeth yesterday and begged her not to use her powers anymore. He should have tried. It didn't matter how sick he was. They had to be dead. They'd died in each others arms. Why did she do that? She was young, she had so much to live for- God he felt sick. What was wrong with her that she had to become Juliet to her Romeo? Why did today have to end in tragedy for them? She'd tried so hard to be with the person she loved and she ended up failing in the end anyway. What had been the point?

Quickly scanning the area to make sure no one was watching him, Clark walked to the back door and broke the lock. Breaking and entering wasn't a very heroic activity, but Clark had come to the conclusion a long time ago that sometimes it was a necessity. Swiftly making his way to the bedroom door, Clark called out, "Elizabeth. Michel. It's me, Clark. I just came over to see how you are doing." He honestly didn't think they'd answer him. But maybe he was wrong. She could stop his heart by holding it in a time bubble or something. Maybe Elizabeth was holding them suspended in time or something else that stopped him from hearing any signs of life?

Hesitantly he pushed the door open. They didn't appear very alive. Much too stiff and pale blue to be answering him, in like ever. Wanting to flee from the room in tears, and yet drawn forward at the same time, Clark approached the still couple. Glancing down, he could see a bit of dried blood smeared under Michel's nose, but other than that he almost looked like he could have been sleeping. Next to him, Elizabeth's face had an eternal ghostlike smile on it. She appeared to have died happy. Her arms were wrapped around her husband in a way that it looked like she'd been trying to comfort and protect him to the very end.

Clark wondered what she must have been thinking just before it happened. He knew she'd been in terrible pain. He'd felt it and then the snap. From the looks of it she'd also died from a brain aneurysm just like Michel had. Had she told her husband? Clark had been so sick that day and knew that she must have been as well. Had Michel stayed home to take care of her- the way Lex had taken care of him? And then climbed into bed with her? Clark tried to remember whether Lex's arms had been around him when he had woken up, but couldn't. Suddenly, feeling as if he was invading their privacy, Clark ran out of the room. He really needed to see Lex.

His whole body shook as he walked through the kitchen, pulling out his cell phone, Clark called 911. He gave them an anonymous tip and hung up. The ambulance and police would arrive soon. They'd know what to do.

Wandering back to the front of the house to wait, Clark thought about what an impact that woman had on his life over the past two weeks. He'd learned so much about himself and what he was capable of. Life held so much more meaning to him now than before. His friends, his parents, and Lex… they were all so vulnerable, and he had to make sure that he'd always be able to protect them. Save them: from the world and themselves. Plus, sometimes he needed to be saved as well. Everyone has a dark side, and Clark hated how dark his was. He'd annihilated a public building due to anger and had seriously contemplated murdering two people, Lionel and Elizabeth. He needed Lex to help support him and protect him from his more emotional tendencies, and vice versa.

Clark felt vastly different than he had on that first Friday on May 28th. He wanted to enjoy his life from now on and do what he did best, save people. He sighed, wishing that he could have thanked Elizabeth for the gift that she had unknowingly given him.

Waiting until he began to hear sirens coming in his direction, Clark finally decided to leave. He honestly didn't want to stick around to answer any suspicious sounding questions and he had to get back to Smallville. He was already late and he'd promised Lex he'd be there. If Lionel had done anything to hurt Lex... 'Why are promises so hard to keep?'

As Clark sped back to Smallville the storm clouds seemed to be chasing him. The sky above him was getting darker and darker. The wind smelled like rain. Would it be a nice spring shower or a heavy storm? Now that he thought about it, it was weird how some of his dreams over the last few weeks had an almost premonition-like quality.

The front of the Luthor mansion appeared abandoned, which was a bad sign that Lionel wouldn't be there anymore. Any other time it would have been a purely good sign. Because, in the past, not seeing Lionel was an exceptionally good thing. But, Clark had really wanted to have a few choice words with that man, and another broken promise made him feel horrible. Instead of being back a half an hour, it'd been more than an hour. Clark scowled; the emergency response time of the rescue vehicles in Metropolis was atrocious; they should be ashamed of themselves.

Warily opening the door and entering the premises, Clark was surprised to see Lex, wearing a thin purple shirt, waiting for him by the main entrance. He quickly expressed an apology, "I'm sorry I was late- How did it go?"

"The usual with a bit of a twist. My father, like the rest of civilization, felt the effects of time repeating itself over the last few days and quizzed me in his off handed manner if I knew anything about it. I told him that I did not. I'm sure he didn't believe me. And, amazingly enough, there were some actual discussions about LuthorCorp as well." Lex was holding a tumbler filled with what smelt like scotch, "Before my dad left, he quite deliberately gave me a tight hug- to feel the front of my body. I believe that it was a signal that he knows I've been wearing a wire. It appears that the game is up. He has a pair of kings while I'm left with two jokers." Lex mockingly smiled, appearing quite bitter.

Lightly grasping Lex's right shoulder, Clark stated, "I can testify against your dad, there's some incriminating information about him that I know about, plus more that I may be able to get a hold of. Chloe might be able to help as well. He's going to go to prison. I won't let him hurt you again."

"My hero." Desperately grabbing a hold of Clark, Lex kissed him with a fierce passion that burned all the way down to Clark's toes. Gasping, Clark was pleasantly stunned to feel Lex's hands pulling at his jacket. Once it was off, Lex casually inquired, "Did your little encounter go any better?"

That question made Clark's heart fall down into his stomach. Feeling grief stricken, Clark mournfully answered, "They're dead."

Pulling back, Lex looked into Clarks eyes with interest and concern, "Who are they? How- Clark, you told me that you thought something had happened to Elizabeth… how did you know?"

Clark moved away from Lex as bad memories of being nauseous resurfaced, "Somehow, I was connected to her, and I was sick for the last few days because- as she kept overusing her powers- it was hurting her. I could actually feel her pain, and it made me sick. But, she wasn't doing it to me on purpose." Clark sighed, "It killed her in the end."

"That doesn't answer why she was doing it."

Clark turned to stare out of a nearby window, observing by the amount of wind and cloud darkness that it could start to rain any minute. "Her husband had an inoperable brain aneurysm, and Elizabeth was turning back time making Friday repeat, in order to stop him from dying. She was doing it for him, because she loved him." Even though the mansion was a vast maze of rooms and hallways, Clark felt too confined. It felt like a close relative or friend had just died, and he almost wanted to cry. The sorrow was overwhelming, and he wanted to go outside as the earth and sky seemed to be calling out to him. It wanted to fall on him, and he was willing to let it.

Walking back towards the door, he hesitated as Lex wrapped his arms around Clark trying to comfort him, "You sound like you really cared about those people."

"I empathize with her dilemma. She didn't have the ability to cure him, but she had the power to be with him for a whole two weeks longer than his destiny would have deemed possible. I guess, she couldn't bear the thought of living without him. It's just so sad-" Clark looked at Lex with tears glistening eyes, "What would you do save the one you loved? Could you stop the world? I wanted to… but couldn't." He sighed as he remembered his failure.

Laying a few tender kisses to the side of Clark's face, Lex zealously replied, "I'd do everything in my power to prevent anything bad from happening to you."

It was wonderful how Lex could say something so simple and make the day feel perfect again. Smiling, Clark opened the door in front of him and took a deep breath of fresh air. It felt good to smell the earth, trees and water. This was life.

He still felt like he needed to do something to honor Elizabeth somehow. He'd never forget what she'd done for him. Turning around he told Lex, "I know she didn't have any other family than her husband. I'd like to help somehow with their funeral arrangements if at all possible."

"That may not be a viable option for you. If any of their relatives come forward, they won't know who you are. But, I can make sure that they are handled properly, and that Elizabeth and her husband have a nice and honorable burial. We can go to the funeral together if you'd like."

Offering his hand to Lex, Clark was delighted when his friend took it. Guiding Lex forwards, Clark was overjoyed to see the first few rain drops hit the ground in front of them. "Thank you. But, you don't have to try so hard to please me anymore. You've won. I've willingly given in to your charms and it's my turn to worship you. It's our destiny."

Remembering the cave wall paintings and cryptic prophecies, Clark suddenly realized that Lex was Segeeth. But, that didn't have to be a bad thing. Numan and Segeeth didn't have to be locked in a battle of wills and power, filled with hate and fear. No, Clark thought that there was another choice, a much better one, they could love each other and share a lifetime of friendship and memories side by side as partners.

Walking out into the mist-like rain, Clark felt Lex stop beside him. Turning his head and beckoning Lex to follow him, which his friend did reluctantly, Clark made his way to his goal, which was the ornate maple gazebo that stood a few yards away.

Lex inquired, "Why are we outside?"

"Don't you feel it? It's beautiful out here. So quiet and serene, and it feels right." Clark held his free arm above his head catching raindrops in the palm of his hand.

"It's raining. I know it's nice, to you anyway, but it's nothing unique. We don't live in a desert. Why is this fascinating you so much?" Lex was perplexed and a little uncomfortable in just his shirt.

"For me, it hasn't rained for over two weeks. Every Friday, it was flawlessly sunny and warm. The day never changed. This is different and- it feels like a new beginning. Are you sure that you don't feel it?" Clark grinned as they walked the last few feet to the large outdoor structure.

Lex complained, "No, I feel cold. You might like that but I don't."

Pulling Lex up the two steps, Clark surprised his friend with what he said next, "I can do more than warm you up. Not even the rain could stop me from setting you on fire. I'll make you hot and begging for more." Clark seized Lex's body massaging his arms, shoulders and back before capturing Lex's open moaning mouth in a searing kiss that made up in enthusiasm in what he lacked in skill. 'I'm going to have to work extra hard on perfecting that.'

For a few moments, remembering some of Lex's own moves, Clark focused on satisfying Lex in a way that he hadn't been able to before. Licking and kissing at his friend's neck and ear, while rubbing Lex's pert nipples with his thumb, Clark got an overwhelmingly positive response as Lex turned into a clawing and groaning animal. 'Oh, God yeah.' Blindly, they stumbled about the round area.

Bumping into an elaborate sculpture, Clark expertly whipped his hand around inhumanly fast and caught it before it could smash into the marble floor. Lex bit his lip, eyes full of lust, as he eagerly said, "Do it again. I don't think I'll ever get enough of watching you do such marvelous things."

Chuckling and feeling even naughtier, Clark lifted Lex up, and pushed him gently against the closest wall. Now with Lex's legs wrapped around his waist, Clark began to rub and grind their erections against each other as he used his superior strength to hold Lex up.

Beginning to get too close, Clark panted as he unbuttoned Lex's shirt. 'No ripping the purple shirt.'

"Clark, I want you, but not in here. Please-"

Oh God, a begging Lex was so hot. Deciding to slow the tempo down, and savor the experience more, Clark softly closed his mouth over Lex's again and sucked and tasted the spirit of his, now, more-than-friend.

Drawing his lingering lips away to gaze into Lex's beautiful blue eyes, Clark thought, 'Oh, how I want to be inside of you.' "I want to dance with you in the rain and make love to you under the stars, but since it won't be night-time for another six hours a rainbow will do just fine."

Lex laughed, "Isn't that excessively gay?"

"What I thought you liked being gay with me?" Clark teased while swaying his hips suggestively, before sliding his arms up Lex's body and smoothly lowering him to the floor. It was obvious that Lex wasn't in the mood to have sex in the rain, but there was always a next time. Hopefully, there would be many, many next times, and for years to come.

"I like being anything with you."

Clark smiled at seeing Lex's outstretched arm. 'Where will Lex lead me?' Taking Lex's open hand and firmly hanging on, he followed his friend back into the mansion.

'This was a very good day.'

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference. –Frost


Time. Plainly and simply stated, there is a lot of time. As time goes by, we come to realise it greatest value and worth. Knowledge. The longer you live the more knowledge about yourself and the world, and the universe you gain. To live forever. To gain more knowledge than humanly possible. But, who wants to live forever, if forever means to be forever alone? Time is a fickle creature. It changes like the wind, giving the gift of immortality to only those it deems worthy. Or, in a random act of kindness, whatever the case maybe. And if two individuals are thus deemed worthy to spend an eternity together, would they choose to spend their time as friends and lovers or as bitter adversaries? Only time knows the answer.

Latin quote from Day 11:

Amor vincit omnia. -Love conquers all.

Author's notes.

I just wanted to give a big thank you to all the feedback and encouraging comments you have given me. I will re-post the story with final edits in the near future, so if anyone has any suggestions to where the story could be inproved upon I'd love to know.

Thanx again.