Marital Bliss

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Summary: Seiya and Usagi are having an affair. It all started when they met once more at their 10 year reunion and remembered their relationship back in high school, sooner or later they will be caught, what will happen? Seiya/Usagi. Some explicit scenes.

Chapter 1 "Sinners"

Usagi slowly opened her eyes to stare above her, where a sweaty and panting raven haired man was, they were in a heated art, a forbidden dance only aloud among the married and the truly loyal, she and her newfound love were neither, she was already married.

What Usagi was committing was adultery, and if she were in the middle ages, she would probably be imprisoned for life or at worse, be executed.

But this was not the middle ages, and she would not be imprisoned for life if she were to be caught, but it would be one hell of a confrontation with their spouses of so long, especially hers.

"Odango..." her partner whispered in her ear as he gently laid his naked body against hers, she blushed furiously and moved herself to a more comfortable position under him, the sheets beneath them rustled silently as she did so.

"Seiya..." she whispered gently in his ear as she wrapped her arms around him, she was now glad she had decided to go to that stupid reunion.

Two months earlier.....

Usagi was an average citizen, she worked, she ate and she slept, she was also married, to Chiba Mamoru, he was thirty a good two years older than she. They had been married almost four years next June.

At first her marriage was happy, blissful even. It had been fun when they were just newlyweds, but over that time she grew bored, as did he, they even sought marriage counseling, it didn't seem to be working at all.

Their was no denying that Usagi and Mamoru loved each other, they just did not have enough time for one another, he was buys at the office, and so was she. She wanted to go to concerts, he wanted to see the opera, she wanted kids, and he didn't. Mamoru not wanting kids was probably the most painful to Usagi.

She so desperately wanted to become a mother, she was almost thirty and the clock was ticking if you know what I mean. Mamoru would always tell her, were to busy to have kids right now.

Maybe he was right, but she had said that she would quit her job to be a full time mom, like hers, that seemed to make things worse for them though.

"Ready?" Mamoru said to Usagi as he adjusted his jacket, Usagi looked at her husband, he was handsome, tall around 6'2. Jet black hair and dark loving eyes. And he was smart to boot! She had made a catch everyone would say. She wasn't so sure now.

"Uh huh" Usagi said as she sat up from her side of their bed, she wore a lovely blue dress, with light pink trimming, she wore her hair up in a long braid, she most certainly did not want to show up at her reunion wearing her old pigtails, that would be to childish, her husband had said.

"Let's go"

An hour later they were at Usagi's old high school, Juuban high. Mamoru did not go to this school ten years ago, he was in college, and he had gone to a different high school. Mamoru and Usagi had met through a mutual friend six years ago.

"This seemed like a good school for you" Mamoru said approvingly as he escorted his wife through the parking lot.

"It was fun going here" Usagi replied with a smile, she was so glad that Mamoru was acting casual around her, he never did that with her, and they were married "Please tell me we'll have fun tonight" Usagi said to Mamoru, she clutched his arm gently, when she said fun tonight, she ment, will have sex. Since they had begun marriage counseling, they were having trouble in the bedroom.

"Of course" Mamoru grinned, he grinned like he did when he had first said I do, Usagi blushed.

After Usagi had gotten her name tag, and a guest tag for Mamoru, they walked quietly into the crowded and noisy dance hall, loud music from when she had gone to high school played over the sound systems. But oddly enough no one was dancing. Everyone was just sitting and standing around holding glasses of champagne and talking most happily, well this was not a school dance, and it was a reunion, talking with old friends would be more important than shaking your butt in front of them.

"Do you see anyone you know" Mamoru asked Usagi who shook her head, she was starting to feel queasy, maybe they should have just gone to dinner instead, back in high school Usagi had run with on outsider crowd.

And it seemed none of her friends had come.

Usagi and Mamoru sat at a table next to the door, it was convenient for Mamoru since he liked to smoke now and thirty minutes into being at her reunion he left her alone to smoke outside, she hated him smoking, she always thought it to be a filthy disgusting habit for all who did it, she would know, she used to do it.

"Usagi...odango atama!" Usagi heard a voice call out her old nickname, she turned her head in the direction of the sound, it was a voice she had not heard in so long, and a sight for sore eyes.

Before she knew it, a middle height man with long waist length black hair tied in a pony tail stood before her, his smile lightened the rest of his face as he looked at her, Usagi was at a loss for words.

"I haven't heard from you in so long Usagi" he said happily, Usagi smiled and jumped up and hugged him.

"Seiya-Chan!" she laughed happily.

"Wow! You haven't done that since we were sixteen!" He said laughingly, Usagi laughed and let go of him.

"That's because I haven't seen you in so long!"

"Yeah, ten years is a long time" Seiya said to Usagi "So, what have you been up to?" Seiya said as he took a seat at her table Usagi sat down next to him.

"I graduated, I got into a good college, graduated, got married and here I am" Usagi said half-heartedly, Seiya didn't notice.

"So did I" Seiya grinned "I have two kids, you?" Usagi frowned at the subject, he had two children, and she had none.

"I don't have any" Usagi tried not to sound sad.

"Oh..." Seiya paused "how long have you guys been married?"

"Four years"

"Well, having kids does take time" Seiya reassured.

"Yeah, it how old are yours?" Usagi asked him.

"Oh" Seiya beamed he was a proud father "Kisha is 2 and Riki is 8 months old" Seiya said happily "You'd like them"

"Seiya" a women came behind him, she had long red hair and ruby red lipstick on, her dress was yellow, and not very nice, but she was pretty, both Usagi and Seiya looked at her, she was not pleased "Who is this women?" she glared evilly at Usagi.

"Kakyuu" Seiya said half-heartedly but than stood next to the women "this is my friend Usagi, Usagi this is my wife of three years, Kakyuu" Usagi stood from her seat and came over to Kakyuu's side to shake her hand.

"It's a pleasure to meet you" Usagi greeted with a smile, Kakyuu did not return her welcome the same way.

"It's a real pleasure" She said while glaring at Usagi "Is she the one you went out with when you were in this dump?" Kakyuu said while turning to face her husband, not even caring that Usagi was right there in front of them, Seiya looked at Usagi, his eyes were in worry.

"She was my steady when we went here, and this place is not a dump" Seiya said through gritted teeth to his wife, the tension between them was rising.

"Well hurry up the babysitter won't be there long" Kakyuu said with a snort that sounded more like a command.

"I will" Seiya tried to hide his glare he didn't want his former girlfriend watching he and his wife get into it now "Why don't you go wait for me in the car, I'll be there soon" he said to Kakyuu hoping she would go, he did not want Usagi to see how dysfunctional his marriage was, Kakyuu glared at Usagi once more and then left her husband alone with her.

Both Seiya and Usagi let out a small sigh of relief

"Counseling?" Usagi asked Seiya her voice sympathetic.

"You too?"


"Is it working?" He asked her.

"Not really" Usagi looked to the door, Mamoru was standing outside smoking with some other males.

"I should go, she'll get mad if I leave her for to long" Seiya looked at Usagi sadly "we should get together sometime"

"Yeah we should" Usagi said with a sad tune, Seiya grabbed a napkin and a pen, and scribbled something done hurriedly and handed it to Usagi.

"That's my cell phone number, give me a call sometime"

"I will"

Who would have thought an innocent exchange of numbers would have turned into this?

"Seiya" Usagi gasped as she held him tightly, Seiya breathed in and out quietly and held her waist, they had just finished their love making, this was wrong, but yet it felt right to them.

"I love you" Seiya whispered to Usagi.

At 12:20 am Usagi returned to the home she and her husband shared, Mamoru was waiting up, he was watching his favorite television program.

"your late again" Mamoru yawned, he didn't seem troubled, just tired.

"I had to work overtime again, Leila was sick again" Usagi lied, she was becoming better at this, Mamoru nodded.

"I hope she gets better soon"

"I hope she does too" Usagi said as she walked into the bathroom, she looked at herself in the mirror, she wasn't Usagi, not anymore.

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