Marital Bliss

Chapter 5 "A Wife's Day"

Last week Seiya had come home late again. He had given Kakyuu his usual excuse, 'I was in a meeting honey, I'm sorry, how was your day though' which he would then proceed to kiss her on the cheek when Kakyuu would move in to kiss him on the lips. It had been so long since he had kissed her lips, he would avoid them as if they were poisoned with arsenic or some other type of potentional lethal substance. Seiya would hug her, and then run of and tuck the kids in before coming back downstairs to raid the kitchen for left overs. Kakyuu would confront him and ask him why he did not ask someone else to go to the meeting in his place, Seiya would then feed her another lie-and insist that he was needed because it was an important meeting. Kakyuu did not by it anymore, now that she was sure that he was having an affair.

She would lay in bed next to her husband, watching him as he slept. Sometimes Kakyuu would cry and lay her head on his chest, wondering when and where it all went wrong; she would touch his chest as he slumbered wishing that he would touch her again. Praying that he would he climb on top of her and make love to her like he used too, whispering to her those three sweet little words into her ear repeatedly as they made love..

But he had stopped sleeping with her ten weeks ago, as well as cutting off most intimate affections. If not for their tryst ten weeks ago she would have not conceived there third child. Kakyuu witheld from telling Seiya about their newest child, move she had taken when she had-by accident, found that crumpled hotel receipt in his pant pocket after returning home from the obstetrician to do household chores.

Now she was waiting, waiting for news. Kakyuu refused to do anything until she had gotten word on what her husband was doing next, or preferably news on who he was doing. Even her children became a second priority, she dare not busy herself with her offspring until she had received her daily phone call from the investigator.

Right now, Kakyuu was sitting by the window in her living room. She was not watching television, nor was she reading or caring for her children. Riki was upstairs in his crib, he was not sleeping; the ten month old was crying and screaming for his mother to come and get him. Kakyuu no longer bothered to turn on the baby monitor, not that she needed one though. She could hear Riki's cries loud and clear despite being downstairs. Yet she did not move from her spot.

Not even when Kisha came tugging at her skirt, how the little girl begged her momma to get up and go hug Riki. The two year old pulled and pulled on Kakyuu's hand, and still, nothing. Kakyuu would not budge, she was not even speaking let alone reacting to anything around her.

"Mama, Riki! Riki Mama! He crying! He crying!" Kisha repeated, Kakyuu stared blankly at her daughter and did nothing. When the phone rang, Kakyuu finally moved from her spot,calmly striding over to answer it. Kakyuu knew who it was the moment she picked up and smiled broadly as if nothing were wrong.

"Mrs. Kou" It was her hired PI, his voice stern and gruff, yet Kakyuu could sense that he had good news for her. Why else would he even bother to call her if he did not have anything new on her husband? Now that it had been two weeks she was sure that he would have found the name of that whore her husband was sleeping with.

"This is her" Kakyuu calm and angelic in tone "What do you have for me" She asked the man on the other end.

"Your husband is going to seaside hotel this weekend, he has made reservations for the honeymoon suite and is checking in at eight thirty pm this upcoming Friday" He reported and Kakyuu smiled, her smile was odd...and haunting "I have my men setting up at the hotel and I will be present during the sting, we will be filming and monitoring your husband, if you like we can confront him" he finished.

Kakyuu laughed wickedly, her mouth was closed. So it was muffled, and frightening, she took her time processing the information she had just been given before answering the detective.

"No, I do not want to confront my husband yet" Kakyuu finally replied softly "I want more evidence against him, I want it to blow up in his face when that day you have that womans name yet?"Kakyuu asked her hired spy.

"Yes I do Mrs Kou, Her name is Chiba" He paused, Kakyuu could here the skimming of paper on the other end "Chiba Usagi". Upon Hearing the name Kakyuu's smile faded, and her eyebrows scrunched down bringing a fiery glare into her dark centered pools. That name...she had heard it before! It was two months ago at Seiya's high school reunion.

That beautiful blond with odango shaped pigtails and innocent blue eyes, ha! Innocent?. That witch, that so called ex girlfriend was back in her mans life and trying to take him away from her! How dare she! Kakyuu growled, what nerve that woman had!.

"Mrs. Kou, would you like me to look more into this womans daily life" the investigator asked Kakyuu. Kakyuu who was still glaring nodded despite the fact that he could not see her expression

"Hai, I want to know everything about this woman...and I mean everything! Every little secret she has ever had, every thing she does and every thing she has ever associated herself with!" Kakyuu said fiercely.

The investigator was unnerved and cleared his throat, he then gave her details on how that would cost extra and if she was sure about what she was doing, Kakyuu had heard it all before and quite frankly no longer cared. She agreed to all the terms of his services and allowed him to charge her extra, it was not her money any way so why worry about it?.

"Very well Mrs. Kou, it will be done" the phone clicked, he had hung up. Composing herself Kakyuu put the phone back in its place and took several deep breaths; placing her hands on her stomach.

Kakyuu rubbed the place where her naval rested. she closed her eyes as a smile spread on her face, the baby that lay within her would soon grow, her belly was going swell out ward as its body would take his or her form. The baby would be born in a matter of months, and Seiya would not be there to see it if he continued to see that woman. Oh yes! This baby was her bargaining tool, she would make Seiya choose between that woman and her baby. Or else.

"Mama, Riki crying" Kisha kept saying. Kakyuu looked down to where her small daughter stood, the little girl looked at her with wide pleading eyes. Kakyuu smiled and patter her daughters head and bent down and hugged her, her embrace was tight...and possessive "Mama" Kisha said once again and Kakyuu shushed her.

"it's okay baby, I'm going to get Riki now" Kakyuu smiled at her daughter, who did not return it, this did not sway the red head as she made her way upstairs.

Her bare feet made small thumping sounds as she did so. Turning a corner at the top of the steps, she slowly approached her sons room. His crying noticeably louder and full of pain and frustration. Kakyuu glanced down at her son who began to calm down upon seeing his mother, Riki sniffled and out stretched his arms longingly, begging his mother without words to pick up up.

Kakyuu scooped him up into her embrace and patted him on the back, taking him out of the room she headed back down the steps, to fetch a bottle for Riki. He was hungry, she could tell. She was a good mother...she was...wasn't she?.


Her suitcase was filled halfway, she was only going to be gone until monday but that did not stop Usagi from packing as if she were going on a four month cruise. Stuffing her suitcase full of revealing teddy's and panties, she packed day clothes, and gowns for evening dinners and walks on the beach. She was going to have a great time. She was sure of it.

Usagi sat stood back and sighed dreamingly, she was really going to spend a full weekend with him, sleeping in the same bed or making love in it until sunrise. She could see it already, the sun that is, rising brilliantly in the horizen as it illuminated the sea with its bright orange rays. She and Seiya would then dress for breakfast and go walking on the beach, swim in the ocean and maybe...

Usagi blushed, she could not do that in the ocean where everyone could see! That was something that was meant for closed doors!. Though when Seiya was in the mood, it was hard to get him to calm down, so if the two were on the beach chances were that he would try and take her there in the water. Or if the beach were empty, out in the open where the sand could touch there bare skin.

It was such a perverted thought, but then it was a fantasy. And sexual fantasies often went like so.

"Your sure packing alot" Usagi heard that familiar deep voice that belonged to her husband, she kept herself from frowning. Mamoru was the one person she had hoped to avoid on her way out, she had wanted to slip out without having to communicate with him.