Harry and Victoria Potter (Twins) have survived Fifth year and will soon be beginning the Sixth Year at Hogwarts. Many things have changed since last year. Sirius Black has been found not guilty of murder and has become Harry's legal guardian (Ignore the facts from the fifth book). Draco Malfoy's father has been caught with a large assortment of illegal magical equipment and has been sentenced to 20 years in Azkaban. Because of this, Lucius Malfoy's wife Narcissa divorced him, taking Malfoy with her. When Harry, Tori and Sirius were in Diagon Alley spending the day out, they ran into Draco and Narcissa Malfoy. Oddly enough, Sirius and Narcissa fell for each other. The wedding is to be held on the 12th of July, but meanwhile, the Potter twins and Sirius are staying at Malfoy Manor. Two weeks before the next Hogwarts term begins and there is tension in the air. Will these three enemies put aside their differences? Or will they become dog, cat and mouse? Well I'm not going to tell you! Read for yourself Chapter one of 'Roses'.

Chapter One: The Beginning Of Chaos…

'In the grass is a rose, with pretty white petals, delicate green leaves and a long stem. One is tempted to pick it for a bouquet. The hand reaches forward to yank the plant from the soil it lives in. The hand closes on the stem, before withdrawing to the owner, stained with a drop of red. In the soft flesh is a single black thorn. A subtle warning.'

#### ####

"I'll be happy if I never hear from that git again!" Victoria shouted as she slammed the door behind her. "Of all the boys who have to be my step-brother, why him? Why not Dean, or Seamus, or even Neville? But MALFOY!?"

She glared at the wardrobe, pointing her wand; and the doors flung open, sending her clothes flying everywhere. With a wave of her hand all the bottles on the dressing table shattered and leaked onto the floor.

She looked at the mirror before throwing her fist at it with an ear-splitting CRACK!

She stared around her room at what she had done and fell back onto her bed, staring at the ceiling. Sirius would be shocked if he had seen how fast she had destroyed this room. Fortunately he was at the Ministry signing paperwork.

With embarrassment she realised the window was open and her underwear was hanging on the corner of the sill. She snatched it off and threw it onto the floor, staring at it with dislike, imaging what Malfoy would do if he saw her underwear flapping out the window like a distress signal. Probably choke with laughter.

Just to make sure, Victoria stuck her head out of the window and checked the ground below. Harry was wandering about, but Malfoy was nowhere to be seen. Good.

She ducked her head back inside, just as her bedroom doors opened. Malfoy waltzed in and stopped dead in his tracks, his silver eyes wide.

"What have you done to this place? I don't recall hearing Mother say you could wreck late Uncle Theodore's bedroom." He glared at her.

Victoria looked at him coldly, "What are you doing in my bedroom?! Get out! Haven't you realised that privacy is sacred to me?"

"Yes, I gathered that by your lack of friends…" Muttered Malfoy.

"Out!" she yelled.

"Ok, fine, I just wanted my book back." Malfoy turned around and walked back out again, picking up the novel off the chair, which surprisingly was still standing.

Victoria watched him leave, her arms crossed.

Reaching for the handle, Malfoy turned his head and said quickly, "Nice undies." and fled, slamming the door closed.

Victoria bashed into the door and fell back. In her rage she got out her wand and pointed.


Flames leapt from her wand and ate away at the wood. Recovering her senses, she extinguished the fire with a jet of gold water. Smoke curled up from the doors edges.

Victoria sat there for the next few minutes, glaring at it and wishing she was back at Hogwarts, where she wouldn't have to speak to that git unless it was life-threateningly necessary.

But the school holidays still had two weeks left and Harry hadn't received a letter from Ron inviting him over yet.

There was nothing to do but read. And the Malfoy library was not a nice place for an innocent mind. Blood, gore and dark arts.

'Some holiday.' She thought grumpily.

#### ####

Victoria entered the dining room and sat near the end of the table. She had just spent the last twenty minutes inventing ways to have Sirius still marry Narcissa but leave Malfoy out of it, to no avail. Ignoring Harry's attempts at conversation with her, she stared at the tablecloth and continued brainstorming.

The door opened again and soft tapping on the marble floor could be heard. The sound halted near her.

A slender, milk white hand came into her field of vision, blocking the tablecloth.

With a sigh she straightened up and turned to face Malfoy. The first thing she saw when she looked at him were his eyes. They were dark grey.

"Victoria, are you okay?" He asked quietly.

"Sure, I'm fine, great, never been better." She replied quickly.

"Then get out of my seat."

"What do you mean, your seat?"

"I always sit there."

"Well I hear a change is good for people."

"Then you won't mind not getting your own way."

"Nice try mate, but I'm not moving."

Malfoy sighed with exasperation and sat down beside her. "Stubborn cow." He swore under his breath.

"I know you are." She replied, mentally scolding herself for using such a childish phrase.

Malfoy's head made a thud as it hit the table.

"Keep doing that and maybe I can beat you at fencing this afternoon."

"It's nice you finally acknowledge my superiority with swords." Malfoy replied straightening.

"Remember that when I scrape you off my blade." She replied. 'Egotistical jerk.' she thought to herself.

"Why thank you." Malfoy replied.

"I said that out loud?"

"Oh, was that unintentional?"

"Don't start with me, you egocentric, malicious, sadistic dragon."

"That's rich, you're the one who read "Ancient Torture and Punishment of Egypt."

"Shut up, Harry might hear you!' "Too late Tori." Harry leant across the table. "Just what were you doing reading that book?" "Finding ways to punish and delight me..." answered Malfoy in a drawling tone. "Now there's a wholesome activity." Victoria gagged. "A tip 'Tori'. Generally you chew before swallowing.' said an innocent sounding Malfoy. "Genius! That never would have occurred to me!' she replied, her voice dripping with sarcasm. "She actually admits it." Harry chimed. "That was uncalled for!" "You deserved it."

"Then you deserve this."

"Ow! Keep your foot away from my shins!"

"Keep your nose out of my affairs!"

"Keep your cat away from Hedwig."

"Keep your owl away from Blaze."

"Keep your-"

"Alright, I'd love to sit and listen to this," Malfoy interrupted, "but my intellectual capacity passes that of a toddlers so I don't find it as enthralling as you two."

"Shut up Malfoy!" Harry and Victoria spat.

Victoria broke off the conversation by moving three seats down for the rest of lunch.

#### ####

Victoria walked to the Fencing Room and waited for Malfoy. The Fencing Room was polished wooden floor, coat hooks and glass cases filled with the largest assortment of blades in Britain. Although most were ordinary ones you could buy in a muggle forge, some had magic woven in the blade or hilt, and these ones Victoria usually examined when waiting.

One she particularly liked had a golden hilt with sapphires embedded down the length of it. Where the blade joined there was an emerald the size of a hens egg. The silver blade was fine and had patterns carved lightly into the face. All in all it was a beautiful piece of metalwork and jewels.

As she gazed at it a blue light sparkled inside the sapphires. It seemed to do this every time she looked at it directly. In her peripheral vision she noticed a glitter. Directing her gaze to the emerald she stared. A bright light was pulsing inside the jewel. When she moved her head to look closer, it flared, illuminating the entire room.

Victoria screwed her eyes shut to avoid the glare and shook her head.

When her vision cleared, there was nothing unusual. The emerald was a dark green, no white light, just green rock.

'I must have imagined it.' She thought dubiously.

However, she still eyed the rocks suspiciously.

"Crystal gazing?" A voice asked near her ear.

Flicking her head sharply she came face to face with Malfoy.

Startled, she jumped back and smashed into another case. The glass shattered and she fell to the floor. A large object hit her in the leg before landing with a clang beside her.

Sitting up, she rubbed the pain from her leg and glared at the tittering blonde. "That wasn't funny!"

Malfoy replied, "No, you're right, it wasn't." That didn't stop him from sniggering though.

Walking over to her he picked up the fallen sword and placed it back in its case. He tapped the frame; "Reparo." The shards of glass flew back into place.

Victoria got to her feet quickly. "If you're quite done cleaning, may we begin?" she asked.

Malfoy gave her an odd look and went over to two other cases at the back of the room. He opened the cases and took out two identical practice swords that were used in fencing.

He gave her one and walked to the centre of the room.

Victoria pressed her thumb against the blade. It didn't do more than scrape her. Good. If she had a sharp one she might do a lot more damage than she meant to.

Then again, that might not be such a bad thing.

Standing opposite Malfoy she moved to fighting stance.

They crossed swords and bowed, careful not to take their eyes of each other.

Malfoy moved a step back and feinted.

She blocked with ease.

Again and again, Malfoy feinted, trying to draw her into an attack.

Victoria chose to wait, blocking his feints and trying to limber up her feet. When using swords you needed to be able to move aside quickly and she always had trouble with quick movement.

Malfoy, finally fed up with waiting, leapt forward with a downward swing.

Victoria swung up and knocked it aside and swung at his chest.

He stepped back to avoid the swing and she thrust forward aiming further down.

Malfoy hurriedly blocked and pushed her back.

It went on like this for a while.

After about 15 minutes he stopped her with a butterfly sweep and began showing her the things she had done wrong.

As smug and annoying as he was, Malfoy knew more about fencing than anyone she knew, so she allowed him to show her how to fix her mistakes.

Victoria choked when she thought what people would say if they saw her now.

Malfoy was guiding her through a side swing and physically making sure she didn't unbalance by moving her left arm about by pinning it to her side. She happened to use her left arm for balance so she kept falling over.

It wasn't very dignified but Malfoy had his other arm wrapped around her waist to keep her upright.

A year ago if anyone had told her she would be in that position with Malfoy she would have assumed they'd had too much Butterbeer.

'Strange how life changes.'

"Potter, are you concentrating? It looks like you're trying to swat a fly!" Malfoy's voice interrupted her thoughts.

"Sorry, but it's distracting having you so close."

"Yeah, well, I'm not particularly thrilled about it either, but the sooner you get this right the sooner we can finish."

Victoria sighed and tried again.

#### ####

It was half an hour later and Victoria was hot, bothered and confused. Harry had finally received a letter from Ron inviting them to stay at the Weasleys. It had said:

Dear Harry,

We just got back from visiting Charlie in Norway. It was cool, there was this tiny young kit (baby dragon) and it was bright blue with silver edges. It kept whistling whenever we saw it. Charlie said its mother was killed by hunters. That's where I got that Dragon Claw for your birthday. It was from the mother. Fred and George have been really secretive recently, I think they're just sulking 'coz mum caught them trying to smuggle back a dragon egg. You want to stay at my place for the rest of the holidays? Your sister can come too. Mum says it's fine. If you can come, send a reply by Pig.


Harry had written a reply saying that they couldn't because of all the stuff that was happening for the wedding. That, and he wanted to get to know Sirius a bit better first.

When Victoria read that she threw the parchment out, had a forceful chat with Harry, and sent a reply accepting the invitation.

'Honestly, he'll have plenty of time to get to know Sirius over the next few years.' She thought afterwards. 'I am NOT staying here with Malfoy for any longer than necessary.'

'Finally, I can escape!'