Dear readers,

I apologise a thousandfold but I am unable to continue this story.

First it was school, then it was work, then it was uni, and all of these don't leave with me enough time for maintaining a novel. But that's no excuse.
The sad truth of the matter is, I've lost my childlike grip on the world of Harry Potter and I just can't write like I used to. My style and changed and, hopefully, matured.
Worst still, I lost all the outlines for the following chapters when my computer crashed and only got some back recently. Plus I never did figure out how to end the story.
I apologise to those of you who waited so patiently for me to resume writing, and I give you my heartfelt gratitude for choosing my story to spend several hours reading.
For the record, here is what I remember was going to happen:


Voldemort wants four items with Sapphires and Emeralds in them because they each can give people special powers: Telekinesis, Telepathy, Teleportation and Transmogrification

Item #1: Sword

Found: Malfoy Manor – Fencing room - Telekinesis

Item #2: Necklace

Found: Weasley's Burrow – Mrs Weasley's jewellery box – Telepathy

Item #3: Arrow

Found: Zabini Estate – In case on wall – teleportation

Item #4: Earring

Found: Longbottom Residence –Neville's treasure box/mothers – transmogrification

All four together can allow someone to be unbeatable

Victoria Potter set off the Sword, and received telekinesis, and hurt Blaise

Mrs Weasley set off the Necklace, and received telepathy, and could tell Fred and George were lying


Sirius and Narcissa never get married.

Tori accepts Draco and he loses interest in her, and they go back to 'hating' each other... I think…

Voldemort was waiting for them to find all four items, then tries to take them. There's a big battle scene and somehow everything turns out alright and the objects are destroyed, and everyone loses their powers and returns to normal.

The last scene is on the train going home, and Victoria looks out the window at some rose petals blown on the wind.

Chapter 21 Outline

Cats are sensitive to evil magic.

Blaise plays in Quidditch match against Ravenclaw and continually misses the ball. They lose, and he is so pissed off he grabs a beaters bat and hurls it at a member of the opposing team. He is yelled at by Hooch and banned from playing on the Slytherin team.

Tori is ecstatic, grinning in the crowd.

Defense against the dark arts: Snape hands the work out then returns to his potions class, muttering that he should have the job. Tori shakes her head and wonders for the hundredth time why they left the class unattended rather than cancel it.

The work is 4th year stuff on curses, like impedimenta. Tori wonders who she could practice on, wondering if she could jump Millicent Bulstrode.

Magic of Music, Miss Mack talks to her after class about her lyrics and suggests finding something she is really passionate about and then writing.

Hermione is new tutor for potions. Tori goes to Gryffindor tower and they study a while before her constant reminder that it's simple gets on her nerves and they fight verbally. Harry runs over and claps a hand over her mouth, telling her soothingly to calm down. Ron comments from the corner not to bother fighting, Hermione always throws in some dated fact to throw you off guard and wins. Hermione retaliates and they begin to fight. "So Ron can argue with Hermione but I can't?" "He knows the risks he takes with it, but you can't afford to lose your only help with potions." "Who says she's my only help? Draco had the second-highest score in the class last year." "Draco also knows the teacher personally , Tori." About to reply when they hear Neville talking timidly about an pretty heirloom of his grandmothers, a golden earring with sapphires and emeralds to Lavender and Parvati. Harry and Tori exchange glances and wander over to talk about it after the girls leave. "They wanted to know about what kind of jewellery guys like…" he explains, blushing.

Go find the item in Neville's grandmother's house, in the jewellery box.

All four items under bed, Tori falling asleep when senses movement in the dark, a flash of a shape entering the window above the is level with the ground. Waits, watching with lowered eyelashes until sees more movement and a creature runs through a slice of moonlight. It resembles scabbers… PETTIGREW! The shape scampers under her bed and she leaps out from under the covers and ducks under, trying to grab the rat. It bites her and runs past her feet and scurrying up the wall, disappears. "He was after the items…"

That's all folks.
Thanks for reading.