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The wind screamed over the deck of the Delphinus, Aika sobbed and fell to her knees, dropping her boomerang in defeat, unable to wrench her eyes from the sight of Vyse's slain body.

Drachma had been hurled overboard and Fina lay, barely alive close by. Aika sported many wounds herself, blood trickled from gashes and ditches which had been dug by Ramirez's deadly blade, but she couldn't feel them, she only saw him....Vyse, lying, cold and lifeless.

Ramirez stood over him, and laughed in triumph, he had won and his Lord Galcian was avenged! Vyse was dead, and now he was free to rule the world unopposed. His green eyes flickered to the girl, Aika, she was no threat to him, but he would dispose of her anyway. He raised his sword, one more blow and it would be over.

Aika couldn't believe it, how could he be dead?! How, could the man, the only man she had ever....loved. She sobbed again, tears streamed down her pale cheeks and she dashed over to his body.

"Vyse!" She yelled, no longer caring about the powerful Silvite towering above her. She had never been able to tell him just how she felt. Of course, there was no answer, no matter how much she cried, or shook him, or called is name, he did not respond. She rested her head on his chest, almost as if this connection would somehow pour some of her life energy into him and revive him.

Ramirez smirked evilly, perhaps, he didn't need to kill her. By the looks of it, she was already dead inside. Keeping her alive would prove far more amusing, living on with the knowledge that everyone she ever cared for was gone, that everything she ever worked for was destroyed, and the knowledge that she did nothing but cried over her loves corpse, while Ramirez murdered his childhood friend, thus becoming the last Silvite.

Ramirez stepped over her heartbroken body and strode towards Fina. The beautiful young girl was clearly in great amounts of pain, flecks of blood stained her white dress, and her faithful friend Cupil lay slaughtered, still beside her. Her green eyes followed him as he strode towards her prone figure, aware she could do nothing to stop him, and aware that her death was imminent.

Ramirez raised the blade, so it hovered mere inches from her breast, she managed to turn her head and stare into his identical emerald pools, a small smile touched her lips for a second, before there was a sharp pain.

Aika screamed again as she saw Ramirez kill Fina, her best friend and her dearest love.....both gone, at the hands of this ruthless killer, now it was her turn, and she embraced it.

She didn't know if any kind of afterlife existed, but if it did, then she may, perhaps, stand a chance of meeting up with Vyse again, perhaps. She threw herself at Ramirez's feet, her body and soul broken by loss.

"Kill me!" She pleaded. The pale haired man merely chuckled and sheathed his sword.

"Just kill me, you have no use of me, you murdered my friends, murder me!" She cried, the heart wrenching agony and sadness in her voice having no affect on the last Silvite.

"Guards, take her away and lock her up in Soltis, kill anyone else who resists, then round up the survivors." He hissed coldly.

Aika struggled weakly as two Valuan Soldiers grabbed her and dragged her away from her position before Ramirez.

The young man stared at the fiery red head levelly, not flinching at the hate-filled glare that she shot at him with more than loathing. He chuckled, and smirked down at Vyse's vanquished form, now he would rule unopposed. If any dared to disobey him, he would call down the Rains of Destruction, as Zelos now obeyed only him. The world of Arcadia had fallen.


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