Summary: Jess has had enough

Rating: PG-13 for arson

For Rico, even though he'll never read this.

Let it Burn

They'd been through a lot together, no one could deny that, and sure, there was a long period of time apart, but they still thought about each other constantly.

They'd been to see the Distillers, and they'd driven to Hartford... New York... Hell, even cross-country. He'd washed the devilled eggs off diligently, and tried to shine her as best he could.

But nothing lasts forever.

And Jess Mariano had had enough.

He wanted to scream when the god-damned thing had over-heated... again. He was two miles outside of Stars Hollow, and it had snowed heavily the day before. The heater was broken. The radio was broken. The passenger-side window wouldn't open and one of the windshield wipers wouldn't budge.

He sighed and pulled out his cell phone, dialing a number and waiting. "...Hey, Luke... I'm gonna be a little late for dinner... because my car is a piece of crap and I'm two miles outside the town limits...No, I can walk." He nodded and sighed. "See you when I get there." He hung up and sat for a moment, before gathering up all of his things and getting out of the car.

He cursed under his breath softly as he popped the trunk, which turned out to be a harder task than he thought. He reached inside and pulled out a gas can. He studied the red plastic for a moment before wrenching one of the back doors open and pouring its contents on the uncomfortable seats.

He tossed the empty can in, and dug a book of matches from a pocket in his black jeans. With cold, shaking hands he pulled one out and lit it, enjoying its warmth for a moment, before tossing it haphazardly into the soggy, smelly cloth.

It caught fire instantly, and Jess backed away and turned, walking off at a quick pace, pulling out a pack of cigarettes, and picking up his duffle back in one smooth motion.

He was out of harms way, but close enough to enjoy the sight and sound when it exploded. He let out a relieved sigh and took a drag on his smoke.