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Summary: Harry grows a tail and horns, a sign of male fertility, he catches the eye of many including Severus Snape. HP/SS, slash implied. MPREG (male pregnancy), Erotic thoughts, suggestive advances and inappropriate touching of ones tail and horns. In a quirky little mood when I wrote this.

Bump in the Night

Chapter 1 The Nub

By WittchWay

Harry had been lying in bed for hours trying to get comfortable and with little success. No matter which way he moved it felt like a spring from the bed was poking him in the back. He was seriously considering flipping the mattress to see if that would help. But not wanting to wake the whole of his dorm all he could do was squirmed from side to side and hope he would find a comfortable position… but that didn't seem to work, the poking sensation seemed to follow him around.

Frustrated and tired he crawled out of bed and began pushing on different parts of the bed to see if he could locate the haywire spring. Running his hand the length of the bed Harry pressed here and there, his hands searching and searching yet finding nothing.

He heard the curtains behind him stir and with a quick glance over his shoulder he saw Ron's redhead poke out, "What's wrong Harry…A dream?" his voice concerned yet mirrored with sleep.

"No, a spring in my bed, it's been poking me in the back all night." He pressed again on the mattress unable to locate the spring. "I just can't seem to find the spot where it's poking through."

Ron swung his bare feet to the floor, coming over to stand next to Harry. "I think the beds are feather down Harry?" Ron pressed on the mattress looking for the alleged lump. Finding no lump Ron Weasley climbed into the bed and lay down just as Harry would. He squirmed one way then another. "I don't feel anything."

"You're to far down in the bed, I'm not that tall. Scoot up some." Harry watched his friend wiggle his way around the bed.

Ron moved toward the top of the bed, scooting from side to side. Up then down. "I don't feel anything, mate." He crawled out the opposite side of the bed. "Lay down and point to where it's at".

Harry got back in bed and lay on his back, he could feel the lump instantly, he didn't know how Ron could have missed it. It poked again on his lower back and was seriously uncomfortable. He placed his hand under his back searching for the spot on the mattress but as he did so his fingers hit a nub on the lower part of his back instead. Harry sat up, "what the…" he pulled up his pajama top, twisting his body around to see his back, yet unable to see anything.

"What is it?" he panicked.

Ron squinted and touched the bump, "It's like you spine is growing out of your back." He commented, poking at the bump again and again. Then snickering, "It's a spot that went mad-eye on you." Ron giggled and poked at it again, running the palm of his hand over it. "It's kind of nice to touch." Ron gave it another little rub and then a tweak, his eyes glazed over as a strange sensation ran through his body. It was a thrilling sensation making him tingle in all the right spots.

Harry jumped off the bed as the tingling started to course through his own body as well. Shaking he pulled his pajama top back in place, he was suddenly feeling very uncomfortable with his best friend. "I think I'll just see Madam Pomfrey in the morning…thanks though." He waited for Ron to go around to his side of the bed. But Ron didn't he just stood there with a sort of glazed, hungry look on his face…

Ron stumbled forward, coming towards Harry in three quick steps. His cheeks burning, "You could sleep in my bed Harry, with me." Ron nodded his voice heavy and low.

Harry twisted his face up, Ron stood uncomfortable close to him, hovering over him, nearly a head taller, "Ron," he said loudly, "We already determined it wasn't the bed…it was…the spot…on my back".

Ron nodded, "Right… right, yeah" Ron climbed into his bed, "You could… anyway, you know, if you didn't want to be alone and all." Ron's pale green eyes' sparkled hopefully, blinking in an attempt of innocence, wickedly.

Harry snarled, "No Ron." He climbed angrily into his own bed, "Go to sleep," Harry made a dramatic effort of shutting his bed curtains shutting his friend out. Harry slipped his hand under his pillow fingering his wand, just incase. What the hell was going on? That look in Ron's eyes was disturbing and since when did Ron leer at him in such a way. It made him feel a little dirty.

In the dark of his bed Harry tried to get comfortable and forget about Ron. He lay first on his side and then on his stomach. But those weren't his normal sleeping positions and he just couldn't sleep that way. He tried putting one of his pillows under his back and to sleep at a slight angle, this position was much better but he could still feel the lump in the bottom of his back.

Harry was silent for a moment, listening for any sound of movement in the dorm and was relieved when he finally heard Ron's light snores coming from the other bed. Harry listened for any other sound but when none came he was finally able to turn his mind to this thing on his back. He was totally confused by it, Was it a pimple that had gone funny, or had someone hexed him, was he sick and didn't know it? Maybe he had been injured during last week's quidditch match against Ravenclaw, that bludger had come awful close, maybe it had nicked him.

Harry thought about it late into the night and wasn't even aware when he finally fell asleep in the wee hours of the morning.

Harry didn't sleep long, he was naturally a restless sleeper, tossing and turning throughout the night. And now with this strange bump on his back his mind was cluttered with thoughts of that and constantly reminded of it every time he moved. Finally giving up on sleep he rose slowly from his bed hoping to grab a quick shower and head down to see Madam Pomfrey before breakfast and the first class of the day.

The sun was just grazing the horizon as he entered the boy's bathroom. Accessing he was alone Harry quickly striped naked and stood before the full-length mirror to get a look at this mysterious lump. Harry touched it gently with his fingertips, it was quite a noticeable bump, hard and solid, the skin stretched over it as if it was a new development, (which it was), it really did look like something was trying to grow right out of his back. Harry smirked, as he looked in the mirror tweaking it a little just as Ron had. It did feel slightly odd but warm to the touch and a little tingly sensation ran through his body. Whatever it was he just hoped Madam Pomfrey could remove it and quick.

Harry grabbed his shower and finished dressing in silence, brushed his teeth and began to brush his hair. He knew it was a hopeless but he did it out of habit more then anything. As Harry brushed his hair that way and this way he brushed toward the front of his head and as he did this the bristles of the brush scrapped his scalp rather hard.

In pain Harry pulled back the fringe from his forehead.

And there decorating the top of his head were two little bumps, not unlike the one on his back. These were small and were placed on either side of his head, where his forehead met his hairline.

They weren't very big and like the nub on his back the skin was stretched tight till it was almost white in color. Harry flattened down his hair, looked at himself in the mirror, blinked confusedly and lifted the fringe back up again.

They were still there, two little bumps. Hard and stumpy. Harry poked at them, tweaking each, running his hand over this new development.

Harry snorted, somebody had definitely hexed him and as soon as he found out whom, they were going to pay…and painfully.

Flattening down his hair again he quickly gathered up his school bag and headed out toward the infirmary.

Just as Harry entered the infirmary Madam Pomfrey came bustling out of her office holding fresh white sheets in her hands. "What are you doing here so early Mister Potter?" she moved quickly down the rows of beds tossing clean white sheets on each bed as she walked passed them, getting to the end of the row she gave a quick flick of her wand. The sheets sprang to life and began to make the bed and tuck themselves in hospital style at the corners.

"Well what is it mister Potter…something you ate… headache?" her tone was quick and curt.

Harry imagined she was ready for some alone time and a quick solution. Most of the Hufflepuff's 3rd years had just spent nearly a week with her in the infirmary after a potion they were secretly making went out of control. Harry heard it was a potion to make their house better at quidditch, Harry personally thought it was very Slytherin thing to do.

"Um…Madam… I have this thing on my back…a bump of sorts."

She sighed, "Well jump up on the bed." She indicated one of the ones she had just made.

He took off his school robe draping it across the bed and sat on the edge of the bed letting his feet dangle off the side. He lifted his shirt and waited.

He instantly felt her hand go to the nub and touch it and then a snort of sorts.

"Take your shirt off Mister Potter"

He pulled it off and leaned over more feeling a little bit over exposed.

"Lie on the bed and take you pants down a bit," Her tone changed suddenly, it was very warm and sweet sounding. Her hand didn't move from the bump. He heard her whispering to herself. He looked up at her and could see the same dreamy look on her face that Ron had had last night. He wasn't sure about this, Maybe I should just go see Dumbledore. Why did everyone act so strange after they touched the nub?

Harry did as he was told and laid on his stomach and lowered his pants just a bit, but held tight onto his boxers so that the crack of his arse wouldn't show. He was entirely grateful that he had even decided to wear boxers today, he didn't always.

He could feel the strong, usually forceful hands of Madam touching the area gently around the nub. He wasn't sure if it was just him or if it was just a sensitive area but it felt warm again and he wasn't to pleased with her touching it.

"Was I hexed," he asked.

Pomfrey looked up at him as if forgetting he was there, her eyes were fogged over with the same hungry lustful look Ron's had.

"No mister Potter" she became her burly self again and walked away.

Harry confusedly watched her go into her office. Was his visit over? Was he cured? Was she coming back with one of her potions? Could he pull his pants back up?

Well tune in next week to find out just what the nub is going on….


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