He walks through the forest
His love up ahead
Her long flowing brown locks
And warm, unsure smile
Reminds him of
The untamed wild
The dreams is then shattered
Replaced by screams
And the only thing that matters
Is saving the woman of his dreams

Rounds of gunfire shoot through the air
Man against man
As the war parties draw
The colonists into their lair
She leaves her horse behind
And with her kin
Looking for signs
While trying to find
Her father, the general,
And the false one, her lover.

Blood spray and death
Bereaves life from those are left
Through the battle
He sees his maiden hiding in fear
And she'll never know her father is near
Tortured and mutilated
He's dead now, deceased
And now his seed,
Being hunted by the beast
He must heed now
To killing that man
And he does exactly as planned.
Escaping away
Away from the pain
That his maiden will feel
All too much the same.