Dreams of the False Mohican

this was inspired by the track called 'The Kiss' on the Last of the
Mohicans Soundtrack

My feet pace slowly back and forth
Doing the idyllic rhythmic dances
Of memories long past
The crude fiddler cranks out a never-ending tune
The drummer places his beats
and my soul is engulfed with passion.

Forward,side, step,back
The man I step with has everything that I lack
I cringe as the hole in my sole-barren shoes
Squish with mud that is intermixed with blood
His bare feet taste the soil
Enjoying its presence
The world brings no worries
To this man whom I trust

Tanned fingers interlock
He draweth me near
His breath, hot upon my neck
Draws close to my ear
The musician keeps playing
Satisfying his maiden for the night
Nothing but the man is there in my sight
I kiss his black tresses
And gather my dresses
"You are forever with me, Hawkeye, my love."

The air smells of gunpowder,
Death and destruction
But evergreen and pine scents
Cause a disruption
My senses are wild
as I lay down so gently
Like an naive, still child
In the arms of the false Mohican.