Time Trials

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Story so far: Haruka and Michiru have been struggling. Haruka is running herself ragged in an attempt to escape her nightmares while Michiru has a new male friend that is driving Haruka nuts. Everything comes to a head in a huge fight, but Haruka returns vowing to spend more time with Michiru, as a result Haruka cuts down on time spent at the race track and Michiru quits the string quartet she was in at school enticing even more jealously in their classmates.

Chapter 12: Life in Three-Fourths Time

While the girl's trip home was filled with amusement, Yukio's was filled with fury and calculation. Haruka's arrogance and playboy attitude had pissed him off. Calming his mind and nerves Yukio turned his attention to planning ways he could spend more alone time with Michiru,

Once back at home the girls settled into their nightly routine of dinner and homework Michiru often having to keep Haruka on task. It was with a heavy sigh of relief that from the blonde that the two packed the accursed papers back into their backpacks and settled onto the plush couch as a waltz started to fill the air.

Michiru tucked herself into Haruka's side pulling her legs up onto the cushions. She was sure if any of Haruka's friends found out the racer enjoyed classical music they would die of shock. The thought alone made her giggle. The taller girl glanced down at the violinist. "What's so funny?" She asked a questioning expression on her face.

Michiru just laid her head on the blonde's shoulder. "I was just thinking about how this would ruin your image." She teased. Haruka merely rolled her eyes.

"Somehow I doubt it would lessen me in the eyes of my female admires… It might even attract more of them." She half whined shifting slightly so she would pull the smaller girl onto her lap laying light kisses across Michiru's collar. "This is nice. She murmured against the aqua-haired girl's neck before laying her cheek against her lover's shoulder as Michiru ran her fingers through Haruka's short locks.

"Can you come in tomorrow and practice with me?" The violinst asked her voice all sweet and slightly enticing. "You're really the only one I know who can play the Piano in a duet with me." She flattered the blonde.

Haruka shrugged. "Why would you need to practice a duet with a piano?" The racer looked down at her lover curiously. "Plus I practice with you here all the time." She pointed out to the violinst.

Michiru ran her slender fingers down Haruka's neck and between her shoulders. "It was just an idea Saito-sensei and I had. You don't need to be all embarrassed, Haruka. We should have the auditorium to ourselves. I miss listing to you play on a proper stage you are so talented." She praised the other girl her hand lighting rubbing the blonde's back and neck hoping that Haruka would agree to her plan. If all went well she might even be able to convince Haruka to take the piano part Saito-sensei had wanted to showcase in the next concert. Even if the other pianist in the music program were talented and top notch Michiru much preferred playing with Haruka. She just hopped that Saito-sensei could hear Haruka play before she approached her with her odd request.

Haruka sighed and nuzzled Michiru's neck more. "Well all I really had planned tomorrow was tuning the bike but I can do that later this week…" She trailed off slightly wondering if Michiru had purposely chosen one of Haruka's few free days to make her request. "I would love to practice with you tomorrow. It would be a shame to let all those classes go to waste by not practicing anymore." She conceded. Michiru hugged her tightly overjoyed with the decision.

Haruka suddenly stood turning she held her hand out to the aqua-haired girl. "Dance with me?" She asked a charming smile on her face. Michiru could only blush and nod. Haruka was turning a normal night into a romantic endeavor. Michiru stood and allowed Haruka to sweep her into a soft slow dance. Their arms wrapped around each other bodies close as they swayed to the gentle music in the background. This is what their life should be, Michiru thought to herself. Calm days filled with music and love, easily flowing from one day to the next. Perhaps they had finally gotten back on pace.


Haruka yawned as she followed Michiru into the Auditorium early the next morning. While they didn't have class the music students tended to come to campus to practice on Sundays anyways much like the athletic students in their dedication. Haruka slide her sunglasses off As they walked onto the stage. "I see you commandeered the whole theater today." She glanced over at her lover's grin.

"The grand piano sounds so much better then in a music room." Michiru pointed out walking over to the large black piano in the middle of the stage. "I know it's not yours but it should be tuned just as well." She told the blonde lifting the lid off the keys.

Haruka shrugged and sat at the bench gently tapping some keys to judge the sound. "It's just practice Michiru." She smiled at her lover before closing her eyes she began to play a gentle lullaby. Michiru smiled at the ease Haruka had at the piano.

The smaller woman set her case on the piano top removing her violin. "Shall we play that duet we've been writing?" She asked as she tuned her violin quickly. Haruka nodded and started up the intro and smiled when Michiru's talented violin joined her. The two easily progressed from one song to the next, chatting lightly between each sometimes with slight banter about the choice of next song. They were so rapped up with each other that they didn't seem to notice the attention their perfect blending had drawn.

Ivanova Saito stood backstage leaning easily against the wall as she watched the two lovers smiling slightly. She had not known what to think when she read Michiru's request to use the piano in the theater the other day but watching and listing to their duets she had a clue. Michiru hadn't really connected to the pianist Ivanova had auditioned and she had just about given up on the surprise duet slated for the end of the concert. She glanced over the young blonde smiling, Michiru had mentioned that her race star had more talents then going fast including playing the piano but Ivanova never considered that the young adrenaline junky would be such a prodigy. The two made a fascinating couple she would have to talk to Michiru tomorrow during class.

On the other side of the stage was a completely different take on the performers. Yukio and the other music students using the free day to get in some practice had been unknowingly drawn backstage by the unusually fine music filtering out into the hallway. They had all been surprised to see Michiru practicing with some unknown pianist and even more surprised when they finally figured out whom it was. Yukio scowled at the scene before him. He had thought that his love and talent of music would be his way to get closer to Michiru. There was just no way that playboy jock of a jerk Haruka had any talent in the finer arts such as music. He had been so sure and now his mistake was staring him in the face. Many of the boys standing with him were thinking along the same lines. It was hard enough competing with Haruka when she was just the F-1 junior champion but if it got out that she could also play the piano Haruka would end up with a monopoly on all the girls in the school. The boys grumbled as they watched while the girls chatting excitedly, texting their friends about this new find some were even bold enough to try and sneak pictures. Yukio glared at them and stormed back to his practice room not caring as the backstage door slammed alerting the performers to their audience.

Haruka blushed heavily when she looked around noticing the group of students chatting just behind the stage curtain. She shifted nervously and glanced the other way her eyes widening and her face flushing even more when Michiru's music instructor strode over to them clapping lightly.

"That was wonderful!" Saito-sensei gushed squeezing Michiru's arm. "Tenoh-kun you are a wonderful Pianist why don't you join a music class?" She asked looking between the two girls.

Haruka looked down as she covered the keys. "I'm not that good. It's just a hobby really." She explained humbly.

Ivanova shook her head. "Don't be so humbke Tenoh-kun. You are very talented and I think you know it." She teased the blonde grinning at Michiru. "You know we have been trying so hard to find a pianist that can match Michiru for a surprise duet. Perhaps you would like to do us the honor?" She asked leaning towards the young racer.

Haruka shook her head. "I'm really not that good Saito-sensei." She pleaded. Michiru giggled behind one hand laying her violin back in the case she rubbed Haruka's shoulders.

"Oh please Haruka. I would love to play a duet with you in concert again." She pleaded with her girlfriend trying her best to conjure up the puppy eyes she knew the blonde could not resist.

Haruka stared at Michiru before sighing in defeat. "I suppose I could though practices will have to work around my previous schedule." She muttered knowing there was no way to win against both women especially since Michiru knew her too well.

Ivanova practically squeed in excitement and hugged Michiru. "This will be the perfect end to the entire night. A lovely romantic duet preformed by lovers!" She was giddy with the idea. "I will talk to you more tomorrow Michiru-chan." She told the girl before leaving to make more plans in her office around the corner.

Michiru smiled as Haruka pouted. "Come on love we've played together several times before." She consoled wrapping her arms around Haruka's shoulders.

Haruka sighed heavily. "But this is a school thing. I was hoping to keep this a secret from all my fangirls. Now they'll never leave me alone." She whined halfheartedly her mind already set to making the most of the situation.


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