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Summary: No matter how hard she tries. Peyton Sawyer will always be that girl, nothing will change that. (Pure Leyton!!)

It wasn't like she had planned to be that girl, it had just kind of happened. But when it did happen, She messed up.

Relationships weren't really her thing; She could never form a bond with people. It had been like that since her mom had died. She wouldn't let herself get in too deep, out of fear of loosing again.

Nathan, Well she wasn't sure about him. He was just kind of there, they dated but there was nothing. Maybe a few feelings, but nothing strong. It was just meaningless make out sessions and sex.

It struck her that day when her car broke down, and she was on the phone yelling at Nathan to come pick her up, help her out for once. Lucas Scott, had asked her as he stood by the truck, 'Why was she a cheerleader? Cause she was the least cheery person that he knew'.

In more ways than one Lucas Scott was right, She was the least cheery person.

She remembered that night, when she waited for Nathan. And he never turned up so she took off down the road in her car, music blaring blasting away her fears. And She slowly started to make out this figure approaching the crossing about to go under her car literally if she didn't slow, brakes squealing she put her head down hoping that she didn't hit the figure. The car stopped and she looked up, there he was. Lucas Scott in all his glory, gazing at her, with a quizzical look on his face. She glanced back, then waved her arms as if to say 'get the hell outta my way' and with that drove off.

Lucas Scott seemed to be spending a lot of time not only around her but in her thoughts as well; maybe that was what annoyed Nathan so much. He could reach Peyton in ways that Nathan could never even understand. Lucas Scott had delved deep into her bitchy exterior, the front that she put on to everyone even Brooke, Her best friend.

The Front had started the minute her mom had died, When her mom died Peyton had to grow a lot quicker than she had wanted too. And with her father away at sea, She often had no choice but to be responsible. Maybe that was it; She was just too mature for her peers.

Lucas Scott understood her, He didn't judge her. He didn't mind listening to her when she had a problem. Hell he'd even offered to get rid of Dan if it meant her own mother could come back. He was everything she never had, but always wanted.

He told her that 'Life's short', to which she replied, 'Too short to live it as a bad person'.

Maybe Life was too short, and maybe she shouldn't live it as a bad person but when they kissed, Peyton Sawyer didn't give a damn about being that girl.

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