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The No Life Queen


Written by Chaos Lord

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Prologue - Birth


In a ward of the great metropolis known as Tokyo there stood a man. He was rather tall, in fact his seven feet of height made him tower over the rather short people that inhabited this island. His long red coat, ascot, and hat spoke of some 19th century European upper class. This appearance was backed by his pale complexion and complete lack of Mongoloid features. The yellow-lensed sunglasses that the man wore were odd given that the Sun had set several hours ago. In general this man gave off a rather unpleasant vibe, like he was the kind of person who did not suffer fools lightly and fools were all he saw.

This man was the vampire Alucard. And tonight he was hunting. Now what, you may ask, was he hunting? Perhaps some virgin woman whose blood he could drain? No. On this night Alucard's pray was not some girl but a vampire. This vampire though was not one that garnered any respect from Alucard. This vampire was a freak.

After the events of two years ago the makers of the freak-chipped vampires went underground. It was thought by some that the freak menace was done and gone but there was one that knew that it was far from over. That person was Sir Integra Wingates Hellsing. After being released from her incarceration by the British Government Integra made the mission of her organization to hunt down the manufactures of these freak-chipped vampires wherever they may be. Hellsing's investigation pointed to Japan, and more precisely Tokyo, as where these heathens went. So, with the permission of the Japanese government, Integra temporarily moved the Hellsing Organization to Japan. Though they were charged with the protection of Britain, Integra felt that Britain was best served by the complete destruction of these freak vampires and their masters.

That was why Alucard was standing atop a building in Tokyo. He had been given greater leave by his master in his pursuit of the vampires and as such he decided to torture this one. Not with knives or guns but with fear. This poser vampire dared to exist and that thought sickened Alucard. As such he has been chasing and taunting his target for the last five miles. But as he began to grow weary of chasing a vampire with no means of fighting back Alucard, with his keen vision, saw that his query ducked into an alley but not before grabbing a young woman, probably to feast on. Knowing that this could not be allowed, he could have his fun but endangering the natives was out of the question, Alucard sighed and disappeared into a shadow.


Hiroshi Diajobi had never been more scared in his life, both living and dead. He had been warned about Hellsing, the vampire killers, and their pet vampire Alucard. Warned that if he went out of control and started sucking people dry left and right it would draw their attention. Did he listen? Hell no! He was a vampire and therefore above all others, especially humans. As soon as he was turned Hiroshi gave into the bloodlust that he gained. It was such a glorious feeling. Sinking his teeth into some bitch's neck. Hearing her squeal like the pig she was. All of it made his blood boil and his hunger grow.

But now? As he ran down the streets of Tokyo in fear for his life, he wished he had paid closer attention to those who had turned him. It had started off so well, the woman he had tonight was especially gorgeous and as he sucked her dry it looked like, to the outsider, as if this was some couple. The woman's look thought to be one of ecstasy rather than what it was. But before he could drain her completely and put her on the path to ghoulhood he heard the laughter. It came from all around him, from every shadow. With the laughter were voices, whispers really, but they belonged to the same person. Hiroshi looked out in fear and demanded that the source of the hateful voices show itself. Oh, how he wished he could undo that. For the source of the voices did show itself, he walked right out of a shadow. Hellsing's chief assassin, the vampire Alucard. When Hiroshi saw the giant he did the smart thing, he ran. And run he did, he ran for miles. Every so often he would stop to catch his breath and hope that he had lost his pursuer. That hope was in vain as the laughter would start anew, or bats would appear to tear at his flesh, and even worse the horrible red eyes that opened in all the shadows. So he ran on, his strength leaving him with every step. Finally luck smiled down upon him in the form of an empty alley with a young vibrant woman in front of it. As he pulled her into the alley Hiroshi figured one of two things would happen; either the Hellsing puppet would find the two, in which case the human could make an excellent hostage, or the bitch's succulent blood would revitalize him. Either way it was a win-win situation in his book.


As he walked out of the shadows and into the alley Alucard's witty retort was knocked from his lips as he felt a wave of energy pass over him. Never in his life had he felt such power. It was so strong that it made his blood boil, he had to have it. Using his enhanced senses Alucard was shocked to see that the energy was emanating from the girl with the oddly-shaped blonde hair. She also had something that was rare, potential. The kind of potential she had was the same as Seras Victoria, the ability to become a true Nosferatu. As Alucard looked at the freak vampire he knew what he would do, he would do much the same as he did when Police Girl was in a similar situation. "All of you freaks are the same, disappointing. Look at you," he said as he pointed to the young woman, " hiding behind a human. Do you think she will protect you from your fate?"

"Damn right I do," Hiroshi spat back as he tightened his grip on his hostage. "I know all about you. You're that Hellsing bitch's lap dog. The great an mighty Alucard the vampire that doesn't kill humans."


As Hiroshi talked Alucard reached out with his mind to the young woman. "Girl." The young woman's tear-filled yet resolute blue eyes widened but she did not openly acknowledge Alucard's addressing of her. Instead a hesitant, "Yes," echoed through his mind. "You realize that you will not leave this encounter alive." The tears that increased their flow were answer enough for Alucard. "When I shoot the vampire the bullet will go through your chest before striking his heart. You have a choice; either you die of blood loss or you can come with me. The choice is yours, but make it now."

The woman stood a little straighter, "Do it," she sent.


When Hiroshi stopped talking Alucard withdrew his gun and pointed it at the freak's chest. "Obviously you don't know me that well." With that he fired his gun at the freak. As the bullet impacted with the two people the young woman's eyes widened in shock at the pain. Hiroshi screamed out in agony as his body turned to dust. Alucard paid the vampire's screams little heed as he strolled over to the bleeding body of the young woman. Though he had done this before, this was the first time that Alucard actually licked his lips in anticipation. He knelt down and picked up the young girl as darkness enshrouded the pair.


Authors Notes: Well there you have it, the prologue to my latest tale The No Life Queen. This is a cross over between Hellsing and another series, I left some clues to what that other series is it is up to you to find out for yourselves. As for the Hellsing portion of this tale I will be primarily using the wonderful anime produced by Gonzo. Now I know many Hellsing fans hate the anime because it is not true to the manga and had I read to manga first I might agree. But I saw the anime first and am only now reading the manga thanks to Dark Horse.

This is the third story that I've worked on and I will probably focus on it more than Converging Paths. This is because I have a firmer idea of the plot and so the writing should go quicker.

This story also marks the second appearance of Hiroshi Diajobi. Look out for him in Converging Paths as well.

I hope you all enjoy this as much as I. Look foreword to more chapters in the coming months..

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