Author's note:

Well we all knew this had to happen. I had to back and re-write this because it was frankly terrible. I was tired of saying, "Yeah, you should read it…the first sixteen or so chapters are terrible but it gets better after that."

No more. A new start, up to scratch. This marks the new beginning. It's all the old content, with more detail and updated characters. I just rephrased everything, changed some stories. So you'll want to reread it. For example, for those who understand the term Gaby was an undeniable sue…So I'm changing her slightly. She'll end up where she is now but on a slightly different path. As I said, all the events are the same, so if you don't want to read it you don't have to…

But you should.


Ryu T.


Green blurs were all that were seen by the 18 year old girl, lying flat against her Skarmory's neck as he pushed forward through the brush. The outstretched branches did little to the metal exterior of the steel-flying type, and the girl, so close to the bird-like Pokémon, was not bothered by them either. Behind her, three people were in pursuit, more hindered by the forest's natural defences, yelling curses at her and screaming for her to stop.

The girl let a grin whip across her face, and she said something to her Pokémon companion. The Skarmory stopped instantly, turn around and bracing its knees to prevent skidding. Its eyes were set with a determined look that match the one of his rider, even if hers was currently hidden. Her head was bent, muscles tense, and she slipped into the shadows of two tall trees, the Skarmory following. She grabbed two Pokéballs from the beaten-up holster around her waist, and waited.

Her pursuers caught up, breathing hard. Of the three, two male and one female. The female was in front, slim with brown hair, in her late twenties, and wearing the traditional Team Rocket outfit. The male to her right was bulkier, with blonde hair, in his late thirties, wearing gear that Team Magma traditionally supplied it members with. The last one of the trio was younger, with black hair, in his mid twenties, garbed in the Team Aqua costume. The Aqua member looked the most impatient and nervous, while the other two remained calm.

"We know you're there," The woman said, not directing her voice anywhere specific. She turned as she spoke, "You've managed to escape us for five years, but we have news for you…Teams Magma and Aqua are with us now, and with their added manpower and technological support, finding you has been a synch."

"Don't act like Team Aqua likes this alliance," the youngest man spat, earning a glare from the Magma. The third person ignored their childish behaviour and faced before them.

"So, you must be 001," The woman said, directing her words at the form in the shadows. "You managed to escape us for 5 years, but thanks to team Magma and team Aqua's help, we've been able to finally track you down."

"That's it?" Said the Aqua "You're telling me you needed our help to get this kid? Man, and I thought Magma was weak…" The man from Team Magma ignored this, and the Rocket simply looked annoyed.

"And I didn't think Team Aqua was so stupid," the Team Magma man retorted, arms folded. "Pokémorphs aren't idiots. But go ahead, underestimate her! I'll laugh when you're dead."

"Yeah, but it still doesn't look that tough. Besides, it's a girl." The Aqua muttered to his feet. The Rocket tapped her fingers on her leg irritably, trying not to rise. The girl in the shadows could hardly suppress a laugh.

"You can't even see it!" the Magma said exasperatedly, throwing his arms up in frustration at the young man's inexplicable lack of intelligence.

"Will you two shut up?!" the Rocket shouted finally, whipping around and staring at the two men. "We've found the first human and Legendary Pokémon fusion created by man that's succeeded, and you imbeciles are more interested in screeching at each other like little girls!" She put her head in her hands and shook it from side to side. "Honestly…"

During this conversation, the girl had had the opportunity to flee, but didn't. She was tired of running, as she had been doing for five years. Instead she thought of her past, what had gotten her in the first place. That awful day, awaking for the first time in 7 years. Her fists clenched tight around the Pokéballs as she thought back


Black. Warm, supporting, Comforting and comfortable. Her universe for 7 years was blackness, an enveloping darkness with the absence of any real light.

And then something new, after a very long sleep. Something tugging at her mind, a strange impulse awaking her sleeping brain. Telling her to do something…what was it asking?

Open your eyes.

The thought came through and went through her brain with the speed and urgency of a Slowpoke. It was a curious thing to have a coherent thought, tickled her mind. So she tried it again, letting it pass through her with the strange impulse accompanied with it.

Open your eyes.

When she thought this, she felt part of her twitch. Physical movement…something definitely new. She let the idea float through again, and this time let her body do what it wanted. Her eyelids peeled apart, slowly, after remaining locked for so long.

Instantly she regretted this and shut them again. Something other than blackness had come through, something terrifying and disorienting. Made her lose her bearings and focus, frightened her.

Open them again.

The thoughts were intrusive this time. Some part of her was willing her body to do this, something she didn't want to do. She didn't want to let the light…that was the word for it. Light. The light was a bad thing. The darkness was good, but her body was saying let the light inside.

Open them. Now.

Slowly she obeyed the silent command from inside her, and slowly opened her eyes again. She found if she did it slowly enough and closed them quickly, it was easier. She did this several times. Blinking. That was what it was called…words started to float into her mind slowly, piece by piece.

She could tell now why opening them had been so physically hard. She was still feeling the blackness, but there was whiteness and blueness all around her now. She was floating, contained in something…

Turn your head.

She tried to turn her head and found that there was little resistance. She was in a container made of…Glass. Shiny glass filled with something like…water. But thicker.

Fear struck through her temporary wonder as she saw a host of white things outside her space. Then she recognized them as people, all wearing white coats, looking at her, making notes on their little boards and papers (the words were coming faster now, thoughts started to go through her mind less sluggishly). Distorted by the glass and liquid they looked monstrous.


She recoiled and tried to open her mouth to cry out. The fluid was all inside her lungs, supplying her with oxygen, but she could make no sound.

More fear. Voice cut off, trapped. Her heart rate jumped, and the people outside started moving, their faces muddied and bouncing in the reflections in the glass and water as they walked. Disorienting. Scaring.

Move your body.

She tried moving her arms and legs. No resistance. It was at this point she realized there were wires attached to her, stuck to her, inside her. Things were inside her. Things not part of her body were in her arms, her legs, her chest, her neck…She reached her arm up. They were in her head, too. She felt along her back, and tried to scream involuntarily. There were things, not human things, attached to her. She tugged at them and found that they hurt. They were a part of her. She felt down lower…There was something attached to her lower back…It felt soft, like feathers, and sleek. She tugged and felt it both in her hands and straining at her back. More confusion.

Move it.

She tried. It responded and curled around in front of her. She looked down at it, curiously. It was silver-white, covered in watertight feathers and sloped gently to a soft point. Near the end were to blue flaps protruding parallel to each other, and she could wiggle those as well. Fascinated, she moved it for a while, then saw her feet. They were also covered in the smooth feathers, were very long and had three rounded-tipped, rectangular toes.

She remembered she should have five toes. That was what people had. She also remembered people didn't have tails. Or floated in water in class cages. Or had wires coming out of their bodies.

Panic. Adrenaline flooded her system and she looked around, terrified. Everything was so bright, she wanted so badly to just return to the world of silent, cozy blackness. But now she could hear the sloshing of the fluid in her ears, the feel of it encasing her body and lungs, see the people outside. All of this because of the light. Or was it the people?

Get out.

The thoughts came now rapidly, full speed, firing through her mind. Questions, urges, feelings. Everything came all at once. She wanted to cry, to scream, to breathe. She wanted out.

Get out.

She opened her mouth again, but this time she felt a surge through her entire body. It struck like reverse lightning, coming from the bottom and coursing up through her, trying to escape. She felt herself heat up from the core and energy swirl inside her. It needed to get out, it hurt to stay inside.

Stop hurting.

Get out.

Her open mouth was the easiest outlet, so she let it go there. She felt a blast escape it, and suddenly an even brighter light hurt her eyes, so she shut them tight.

Safeness. Blackness. But not silent or cozy. She opened them again when she felt herself falling, almost floating slowly. The glass was gone, and there was more light coming in. A hole was in the murky wall in front of her; she strained to see it, then suddenly slipped out. Gravity took a hold of her now, and she felt much heavier. Everything was harder to do, except think. Gravity somehow had helped that.


She forced the fluid out of her lunges, bending forward and spewing it out of her mouth. Her stomach hurt, her lungs ached, and she nearly choked. Her body told her to breathe in, so she did. Air was cold, and now she was cold, but it felt lighter, made her less heavy. She gulped it down, paying no attention to the people or sounds around her. Just breathing.

You have to stand up. They want to put you back in the glass. Get out.

She looked around. People were moving towards her carefully, the white coats. They looked like ghosts, all in white, and that scared her. She slipped backwards, trying to push herself away. Wishing she could float again.

You can. Try.

She shut her eyes. Blackness. Not soft and inviting. But bodiless again.

She reopened her eyes. Gravity no longer had her: she was in the air, unrestrained. One of the ghost people started to move towards her. She could hear sounds now, blaring loud noises of a siren and screams and shouting. More colors: Red flashing lights. She could see things other than the white coated people now. Other things in glass or metal. Things that looked sad or excited. Some were scary, some were shouting at her too. Others looked scared, like her, and others weren't moving at all. Some looked like people, some looked like Pokémon, and some had tails like her.

This is a bad place. Get out.

She opened her mouth again and felt the rush of energy. The scientists screamed and backed away as she fired another blast from her mouth, destroying glass and metal. Other people rushed around now, and chaos broke out. Noise. So much noise. She clamped her hands to her head and held it, shaking. She could feel herself cry now, hear her voice. Something was comforting in this, and she screamed.

Someone started to come towards her, saying things to her, but in the noise she couldn't hear or understand. Fright.

Get away. Get out.

She shut her eyes. Return to darkness, safety. She felt something welling up inside her, then her body began to drift. The volume in the room intensified and she threw out her arms, crying, but her voice was different. It was lower, fuller, huger. Then she, for a split second, was light as nothingness. She was blackness. She had gotten back to comfort and stability.

You can't. You have to come back. There is no darkness anymore.


She felt herself rematerialize, pull herself together and reform. The place was different now. It was not wet where she was…but she didn't want to open her eyes. It smelled different. Not like people and fluid and a strong smell that stung her nose and mouth. Fresh, salty. The ground below her was unstable and shifted, and she kept feeling wetness touch her, then leave. The sound was different. It was quiet, peaceful. The cries of bird Pokémon came around her, much better than the screams and sirens. She sat for a while, eyes closed, in this, calming down. Then a new voice entered her thoughts. It was male, and though it was not her thinking, it gave a sense of safety and love.

"You can open your eyes. You're safe now," he said. She bit her lip and obeyed. Before her was a large Pokémon, sitting down on his hind legs. He was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen: Large, silver-white and streamline, with a long neck and tail, blue stomach and flaps along its back, and a sloping head ending in a point. His reddish-amber eyes were surrounded by blue triangles that pointed backwards, and his huge silvery wings were folded at its sides.

She noticed where she was now: A beach somewhere, with soft golden sand beneath her and curious white and blue bird Pokémon flying above her and the giant creature with curiosity. The sky was cloudy, but it was still light outside. There was no sign of the people from before. Just this one awesome Pokémon in front of her.


"What…" she managed to say. The words were hard to manipulate and get around her tongue, though she knew she could do this somehow. She knew the words. "What…" She tried again, but they deserted her. The creature looked patiently at her, and lowered his head to her level. She instinctively floated up and lay her whole self on it, feeling the soft feathers.

"I'm scared," she said, nuzzling into his face. She felt a wing go around her gently, covering her. It felt like darkness, soft and warm. "I'm scared…What happened?"

"I don't know…" He responded, but looked at her and raised his muzzle up. "But you're safe now. Sleep…Gabrielle."

She felt her eyelids droop, whether from the Pokémon's influence or her own exhaustion. How he knew her name, she did not know, but some part of her felt complete knowing it. She floated up onto his back and felt him lie down and rest his head on the ground, and she snuggled into the softness, feeling very small. Slowly she drifted off, and happily regained darkness again. No more light, only dark. Comforting and comfortable. Warm, supporting. Blackness.


She snapped her eyes open. The absolute darkness morphed into a lighter one, the shadows she stood in conforming to her, blocking the light. These three with the light, exposing her as the light had when she first awoke, but now she was not afraid of it. Now she was just angry at it, and she glared at the trio. No fear, only the savage need, after reliving her first moments of real memory, for revenge.

"Five years…"She said slowly, and they stopped arguing amongst themselves immediately. She chuckled. "It took you five whole years just to find me. You're…Pathetic. All of you." Her eyes flashed, literally. The three looked startled from the sudden orangey-white glow coming from the shadow. "You can't be very much of a threat. So if you'll excuse me…" The glow receded. "I'll be on my way."

"J-Just be on your way?" The Rocket said, laughing nervously. "No, we can't have that. You're much to valuable for us to just give up on you!"

"Yeah. If you'll come with me like a good little girlie, no harm will come to you or your Pokémon," Added the Magma, feeling bold.

"Oh yes, sure," the girl retorted. Her words dripped with sarcasm, and they felt more like they were talking to a teenager for a moment than an escaped and dangerous experiment. " 'Good little girlie'? Do you think I'm just gonna come quietly?!" Her volume rose, her hands clenched. "Just because you say so? I'm going to walk back to a cage and let you poke me and prod me and run tests one me and probably kill me? Hell no!"

"So, you wanna fight, eh?" the Aqua said, stepping forward. His pride damaged, he was eager to prove his worth to the Rocket and show up the Magma. This girl was nothing but hype and hot talk…he could beat her.

"You sad excuse for a trainer...Why would I fight a grunt?" She said viciously, hands holding the red and white spheres. She couldn't doubt herself. She couldn't keep running. Today, she was going to stop fleeing and face this nuisance, this hate, this anger without an outlet. "Then again, if I send you all back broken then they might get the message."

"Big talk, little girl," The Magma said, readying his Pokémon as well.

"If you're so confident, then step out where we can see you!" The Rocket challenged, pulling out a Ball as well.

She waited for a moment. A pause. She could hop back on the Skarmory and flee, probably outrun them…or she could take this risk. The choice was obvious. She lifted her silver-feathered, 3 toed foot off the ground and stepped forward out of the shadows. Their eyes widened as they saw her, and the young Aqua nearly fell to the ground in shock.

"Yeah," she said, her mouth curving into a triumphant smirk. "Bring it!"