Growing Up Green

By Jessie/Dory

Author Note: Call it Shrek 3 if you want, because this basically follows some time after the second movie. If you have not seen the sequel (as if anyone hasn't seen it by now!), then don't read because it'll absolutely spoil it for you. And if you haven't seen the CREDITS of the sequel – well then shame on you for leaving early! Lol. Anyways, chapter 1 will be fairly boring – it's main purpose is to be an introduction, but it gets better later on – I promise! Heh.

Also – just a little "random fact of the moment" thing – donkey boys are called Jacks and donkey girls are called Jennies – which gives the name of two of Donkey and Dragon's kids – Jack and Jennie – erm, even though they are "purebred" donkeys, lol.

Chapter 1 : Muddy Boots

Her eyes blinked open at the world surrounding her, and instantly she knew it was a bizarre one, even without knowing what that word meant, Jane knew from as far back as she could remember that something wasn't quite normal with her life.

Fiona held her baby girl in her arms and rocked her back and forth; she smiled at her husband Shrek, her mother Queen Lillian, and her father King Harold – the frog.

Donkey and Puss in Boots stood a little ways away, not having been told anything about the child yet, but Donkey was in hysterics crying his eyes out, his oldest child Jennie, a feisty dragon/donkey cross-species who was almost a year old, cocked her head in confusion and looked to Puss in Boots as if her father was crazy.

Puss patted Donkey's shoulder, "Amigo, you know these things are suppose to happen, right?"

Donkey sniffed, "It's not that, I'm just thinking about how Shrek and Fiona are having a kid – seems like yesterday he was dragging her out of the castle to Lord Farquaad's castle with her yelling and screaming and trying to beat him up," he sighed nostalgically, "Good times."

There was an odd looks exchanged between Puss and Jennie, Puss laughed slightly, "Yeah – well things will be going grande for them and the rest of us. Just like when you and Dragon had kids, ay?"

"Donkey? Puss in Boots?" Fiona asked for them while leaning forward to see what they were up to.

"Ah Senorita – I mean, Senora, how may my companion and I serve you?" Puss in boots jumped onto the edge of the bed Fiona lay on, and took his hat off and bowed.

Donkey blinked, "Companion? Hey! Since when have I become Sancho Panza to you Mr. Don Quijote?" He scowled and came close to the bed next to Shrek and put his hooves up onto the bed.

"Guys –," Fiona tried to stop them.

Puss in Boots replied before Fiona could interrupt, "That's Senor Don Quijote to you burro."

"BURRO?! Why – you -," But Shrek grabbed Donkey's mouth and glared at him, who smiled innocently.

Fiona smiled, "Shrek and I have decided that you two should be the main care takers of Jane."

Donkey stared and started to sniffle for a moment, then burst into tears. Puss rolled his eyes, and Shrek, Fiona, and Fiona's parents were a little taken aback.

"Oh my – is he going to be ok?" Queen Lillian pats Donkey on the head.

"I'm, ok, it's just, It's so nice to be trusted," Donkey sobbed again.

Shrek crossed his arms, "Actually I wouldn't have given you the job, but Fiona insisted on it."

"A very high honor indeed Senora," and Puss bowed majestically again.

Donkey instantly stopped crying, "Just think! Shrek and Fiona's daughter's future and personality in our hands!"

There was a pause and everyone stared at Donkey, then Donkey looked at his hooves and Puss looked at his paws and they both laughed nervously.

Shrek looked at Fiona with a mix of nervousness and sarcasm, "well that's certainly making things comforting."

Fiona smiled and kissed her husband on the cheek, "I know they can do it. They'll lead Jane down the right path," she smiled at her two furry friends, "Or at least they'll lead her down some – sort of –path."

Four Years Later

"Princess Ja-aane!" Donkey screamed as he looked through bushes, under dirt, and inside small holes she could not possibly fit into.

Puss in boots stomped over to Donkey, leaving a muddy trail and his boots making squishy noises, he looked as if he were ready to claw Donkey apart.

Donkey turned around, "Did you find her in the duck pond?" he asked desperately.

Narrowing his eyes and threatening his claws, Donkey suddenly realized that Puss was drenched head to furry toe in mud, boots and all, he hissed, "¡usted burro estúpido! You know what? There IS no duck pond – that pond you pointed me to be not a pond, but a mud puddle! These were leather boots!"

Donkey glared back, "How can you be so self-loving right now fur ball? Jane is missing, and so is Jennie! Now I know Dragon took Spark, Phillip, Angie, and Jack to school already, but Shrek is gonna have our heads if we get Jane late to her first day of school, and Dragon is gonna do a heck of a lot worse if I can't find Jennie!"

Puss crossed his arms, "You know Donkey – these boots were made for walking and that's just what they'll do. One of these days these boots are going to walk over you!"

"Oh now you've stolen my song reference abilities?! Go move your Nancy Sinatra boots and find those kids!"

Meanwhile, not too far away, a two foot four year old ogre girl was screaming in the forest, her red/brown shoulder length hair flapped wildly around her as she ducked under branches and jumped over holes and rocks that were in her way. A monster huffed and puffed close behind her, there was nowhere for her to turn! The ogre girl turned a corner and suddenly came to a dead end that was blocked off with closely formed trees. She gasped, completely out of breath and looked everywhere for a way to escape, she froze when she heard deep breathing behind her, she slowly turned around and gulped loudly.

Bam! Suddenly finding herself on her back, hitting the ground, she was pinned by a 5 year old Donkey/Dragon mutant girl, known as Jennifer, but Jennie to everyone who did not wish to die a "painful" and "slow" death.

"Arrgg! I've got you now puny ogre!" Jennie snarled, grinding her Donkey- like teeth.

The ogre girl, known as Jane, started laughing hysterically, "Oh right – are you gonna snarl me to death? Oh I'm soo terrified," she mocked in between giggles.

Jennie backed up, "I've got my mom's teeth and you know it!"

Jane stood up and crossed her arms, "Yeah right, I know you've got your dad's teeth."

However Jane screeched when Jennie blew a breath of fire, "well I did get more than wings from my ma you know!" And the two laughed again.

Jane dusted off her now dirty new dress, which was a dark blue color that seemed rather brown with all the dirt and mud on it. She stopped their laughing when they heard voices yelling for them, they gasped at once.

"It's Donkey and Puss in Boots!" Jane's large green hands covered her mouth in horror; "I'm so dead meat if mom and dad find out I ruined another dress!"

They looked at each other nervously, and suddenly a bush opened up and there an out of breath Puss in Boots stood, huffing and puffing angrily, suddenly falling over from the slipping of his muddy boots.

They weren't sure what he had said, it was something in Spanish, they just knew he was a really pissed off cat, probably yelling a million cuss words a minute. They had no time to pay attention as they ran back the way Puss had come, hoping the trouble awaiting them wasn't going to be as horrible as they felt it would be.

"Dad is gonna yell at me again – and on the first day of school -," She whacked her forehead while she and Jennie ran, "you of course had to insist on playing today, didn't you?"

Jennie scoffed letting out a little bit of smoke from her mouth as she flew above the ground next to Jane, "It's not my fault, and you're lucky your mom isn't a dragon!"

This made Jane think for a moment, and for a while she almost ran slower, "Why can't you fly me back and we both get there on time?"

Jennie huffed and puffed, "You know I'm not that strong yet."

Groaning – Jane tried to pick up the pace – they had barely realized how far out into the forest they had gone.

They suddenly ran face first into something large and squishy, propelling them backwards causing them both to fall back into the dirt. Jennie mistakenly looked up first and suddenly coward a little, "Hey Mister S."

Jane gulped, and slowly looked up with a sheepish grin, "Good morning daddy."

There stood Shrek, with his hands on his hips, giving the two kids a concerned stare, "Aren't you two suppose to be going to school? Where's Donkey and Puss?" They two blinked and laughed nervously, suddenly Donkey appeared, "THERE YOU TWO ARE! Jennie, Jane, get in the onion right now or you'll be late – where the heck is that stupid cat?"

Donkey and Shrek looked into the forest and saw a muddy and grunting Puss in Boots stomping out, "Found the kids – boss," he said bitterly and mumbled pass them, "I am never having kids."

Jennie and Jane sulked inside the onion as the dwarf driver raced the car as fast as they could to the school. Jane started to cry heavily, as tears splattered on her face she pushed them off with her hand.

"You ok Jane?" Jennie cocked her donkey-like head.

Nodding, Jane replied, "I'm not crying – I just can't stand the smell of this stupid onion car!" and then her and Jennie started to laugh and things felt somewhat normal for now.

To Be Continued