Howdy y'all! Well I haven't written one of these in a long while. But I got another one, It's very good because I haven't sat three days trying to make it up like all the others. But hey, I did this one because I had nothing better to do and my mind is all jumbled up not letting me come up with the next chapters to me other fics. So that time again, something to take my mind off my fics and stuff so yea.

Key To Happiness

Was there a time in my life when I felt joy,

Perhaps years ago when I was that shameless boy.

When I wanted to become something great,

Now I'm just another person filled with hate.

The people I have come to call my friends,

Even before I had made any amends.

Are no longer with me,

Forever alone, I shall be.

No one is here to listen to my lament,

Just the engraved words on the cement.

Their names each carved in their headstones,

Under the ground, lays nothing but their bones.

For years I've watched everyone grow older,

Forcing my heart to become colder.

Their live pass with the flow of time,

My destiny is such a crime.

The man I once called a leader,

The one who loved that female fighter.

His name was Cloud,

He lived out his life proud.

Tifa had shed everyone's life with light,

Making the darkest depths of my heart bright.

Loving her family and friends until the day she died,

When her time came, everyone had cried.

Now I watch their grand children grow,

Their eyes are bright, without an once of sorrow.

How long I wished to be able to have some of my own,

It would make me happy from what I've been shown.

But these words, are the ones I share,

Life is simply not fair.

I shall never have a single child,

I'm too much of a beast, deserving to live in the wild.

Never free,

Never me.

This life is just a prison,

One I have to live until I'm forgiven.

I shall force my way out,

My demons begin to shout.

I take out the key to my happiness,

The coolness of the metal has such a wicked friendliness.

I can claim my happiness with just one finger,

Just a simple pull of the trigger.

The gun held up to my head,

About to pump it full of lead.

I close my eyes as the demons shout in terror,

Their fear in itself is a simple pleasure.

For when I'm gone, they will disappear,

With a simple click I'll have nothing else to fear.

Before I realize what I've done,

My mind dies on the count of one.

I feel no more pain, no more sadness,

I'm gone from the world, having found my happiness.

Whoa... Didn't think I'd have it turn out like this heh heh. Well uh... well I can actually see Vincent doing this sometime later in his life. Um... so yea. I hope y'all enjoyed this here poem. Review and tell me what you think of it.