I might as well say this now, if you do not enjoy reading angst that has rape, especially rape between people of the same sex. I suggest you don't bother reading this, because thats what the whole plot of this story is based on and what it will eventually escalate into.

Warnings: This story is rated R for a reason, and even through it really onlycomes into playfor chapter four, it's still there and I don't want to be flamed about it.

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Chapter 1-Kidnapped

A loud crashing sound echoed throughout the darkness as a blue beyblade smashed into a large boulder making it crumble into pieces.

Kai had been in the secluded forest area since the early morning practising with Dranzer for the upcoming tournament. Taking a quick glance at the illuminated numbers on his watch he sighed before summoning Dranzer back to his hand.

He had to get back to the others before Rei, who seemed to be the only sane one lost it and ended up killing Tyson. An amused smile played upon his lips as he thought about that.

"That'll be the day, eh Dranzer?"

The Phoenix's bit chip glowed slightly as if in agreement, making a light chuckle escape from Kai's throat.

"I suppose that should get back."

Placing Dranzer into one of the pockets of his pants and turned away from the rock that was now nothing more than a pile of rubble and started jogging through the trees and across an open field.

It was pitch black outside and the only light that was really around was from the stars and the dim row of streetlamps that lined the streets on the other side of the field.

He reached the other side of the field and quickly checked his watch again before shoving his hands in his pockets.

It was getting really late and not really wanting Rei or any of the others to worry about him Kai decided to take a short cut home.

He turned off into a dark narrow alley between two local stores that he had never bothered to go in. The sound of movement made him stop abruptly in the middle of the alley. Something was moving in the shadows.

"Who's there?"

He called out. He figured it was nothing but still slightly worried he looked around trying to peer through the darkness. But everything was concealed behind the thick black veil of the shadows. "It's probably nothing more than a stray cat."

Kai laughed silently at his paranoia; he had started walking again but let out a yelp of surprised was he was suddenly grabbed from behind. A arm wrapped itself around his neck and another grabbed Kai's wrists trapping his hands between his body and the body of his attacker.

Alarmed Kai struggled to get himself free but his attempt proved to be useless. The figure held him in an iron grip.

"It's not very smart to be wandering through dark alleys in the middle of the night"

The figure whispered tauntingly in his ear. His voice sounded vaguely familiar to the bluenette but Kai couldn't place his finger on where he had heard it.

Maybe it was just his imagination. "I don't have any money, if that's what your looking for."

He said, quite annoyed at the fact that he was being over powered. "Oh don't worry, Kai, it's not money that I'm looking for."

'What the...?'

Kai's eyes widened slightly. "How do you know my name?"

It was a stupid question. He was part of the world championship beyblading team; the whole world probably knew what his name was. But he found it amazing how the man could distinguish him in the darkness of the alley.

"I happen to know many thing about you, Kai."

Kai took a deep breath, he hated when his time was being wasted.

"Well then, since you seem to be well acquianted with my name, may I inquire what your is?"

The figure behind him chuckled. "All in good time, Kai, all in good time."

The man was toying with him. Something that bothered him to no end. "What is it that you want?"

His attacker chuckled again and pulled Kai closer to his body. Kai could feel his breath on his ear; a mixed look of shock, fear,and disgust crossed Kai's features when the man started to nibble on it lightly before whispering "You"

A chill travelled up Kai's spine, he didn't like this, he didn't like it at all. Once again he struggled to break free from his attacker's grasp. This time he had some success; he managed to get his arm free and brought his elbow right into his attacker's stomach.

Not expecting the sudden attack he was caught off guard and released his hold on Kai, realizing the arms no longer bound him to his attacker he made a break for it but was quickly caught from behind and slammed into the hard brick wall.

Kai closed his eyes on the impact but quickly opened them again and looked up. It was then when he saw the face of his attacker, he gasped out loud.

It couldn't be. "You..."

His attacker smiled; the last thing he saw before he felt a sharp pain in the side of his head and succumbed into total darkness.


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