Summary: Walking home from Danny's one night, something horrific happens to Sam. Now Danny's left to try to put the pieces of his best friend back together.

Rating: PG-13 for mature themes and language.

Disclaimer: I do not own Danny Phantom. Butch Hartman does. And I don't own Hello, Evanescence does.


I'm still here all that's left of yesterday.

Danny fell backwards into the chair at his desk and glanced at the clock again. 2:47 blazed on the digital read out. Danny sighed and ran and hand through his hair. He couldn't go to sleep yet. He had to make sure that they blood came out of both their clothes or they would be toast. Not that he wouldn't be when his parents found out he and Sam had sneaked in last night.

He got up and moved to the open window. He stood there for a moment just staring at the clouds rolling in. The breeze blew his bangs back of his forehead as the coming rain reminded him of the night only two weeks ago where Sam had never called to tell him she'd gotten home.

He turned to stare at her, a sleep in his bed. He'd called her parents and gotten permission for her to stay the night. He was afraid that left alone with her thoughts that it would reverse everything he'd said to her. That she'd decide that she was right all along. That living wasn't for her.

He'd almost lost her. He shivered at the thought. He would have had to do this without her. And no matter how many times she assured him he could deep down he knew that she realized he couldn't.

He watched her lay there, wearing an old nightshirt of his which hung off her small frame. He'd never thought of Sam as defenseless but that's how she looked right now. Her breathing was slightly shallower than it should be. Danny decided he didn't care as long as she was still breathing. He stared at her left wrist the thin burgundy scab held together with medical butterflies. He crossed to the bed and knelt down next to her as the events of tonight came back to him.

They had gone to the Teen crisis center anonymously. They gave her some fake name that she was supposed to remember in case she needed to come back. Danny didn't pay attention. He was going to make sure that she had no reason to come back. After a Tetanus shot and a lengthy psychological evaluation Sam had been released on the condition she stay at Danny's.

Danny was sure he'd never forget any of tonight but the one part would stick out above all others. Danny had been able to sit with her through most of it. She held his hand so tight that he was almost sure it would bruise. But he really didn't care if it did. Sam was safe that's all that mattered. But towards the end of the question answer session the doctor had looked at him, "We're going to need your boyfriend to leave for this part."

Sam squeezed his hand harder than Danny had thought possible. But somehow she still managed her customary reply. "He's not my boyfriend," she said meekly, the usual fire gone. "He's my best friend."

The doctor offered her a smile. "You have one really great friend."

Sam turned to him and offered him the first real smile he had seen in a long time. It was a small one and the scared, haunted look in her eyes still remained but now it looked somewhat muted. "Yeah. He's one in a million."

He smiled back at her, not knowing what to say. But the thing that struck him was the tiny spark of hope that flashed in her amethyst eyes. She mouthed across the room at him 'I want to get better'. He gave her the most encouraging smile he could. But somehow something told him they weren't out of this yet.

The End

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