Okay. So, it's time I finally admit this to myself. His Serpentine Lies is dead and will not be worked on anymore. However, I won't leave you with nothing. Here's the end:

Harry finds all five Maidens (Hermione, Ginny, Parvati, Fluer, and Mandy). He then starts searching out the Heirs and finds out McGonagall is the Ravenclaw Heir. He then gets a reply from Samuel Briggs, who has decided to come and meet him. He is then mysteriously beaten the shit out of and pretty much cruficied on the ceiling of the great hall. Sam arrives that day and it is quickly decided that Harry would be safest outside of England, so Sam takes Harry home with him to America. Harry learns about Sam's horrible past (the entire family is cursed, not just Harry). Once Harry has healed, he returns to Hogwarts to find the last Heir. Hufflepuff ends up being Bahvi. As Harry brings the Heirs and the Maidens together, he tries to break the curse only to find out that while Tom IS the Slytherin Heir, Harry is NOT the Gryffindor Heir. McGonagall and Bahvi both suffer from the ritual and are put into coma's. Tom is also silent and the Maidens rather weakened. Harry realizes Samuel is the Gryffindor Heir and brings him back to Hogwarts to try the ritual one more time. It works, McGonagall and Bahvi awaken...but Samuel collapses. Turns out he knew part of the curse that Harry did not, that even if broken, it would take down the Heir of Gryffindor upon breaking, but free all other members of the bloodline. Sam makes Harry promise to take care of his insane mother, then dies in his arms. Days later, Dumbledore expells Tom from Harry's body for good and destroys him, since the Heirs are not connected anymore. Bahvi recovers with Harry's help. Hermione also recovers from her various traumas. On a visit to Larundo, the dragon tells Harry that it will leave, since it had done what it was suppose to, which was witness the end of the curse, and its self imposed mission of seeing Bahvi recovered. It then fades away, as it had greatly outlived its actual life. Things wrap up vaguely happily.

Yeah. Well, relationship wise, Harry breaks up with Ron and Draco seduces him (not that it's hard or anything). They become a happy couple. Blaise ends up taking things up with Ron and helping him get over the hurt. They are a cute couple.

So, that's the end. Sorry I couldn't finish it. I just...lost interest all together.