Scarlet Revelations

Pairings: Harry/Draco, Tom/Severus
Disclaimer: Neither Harry Potter nor any Greek Myths belong to me.

Chapter 4 – Summary

I've abandoned this story. I've tried over the years to work on it but the inspiration for it is gone. So, here's what would have happened:

The guys get trained up for their posts. There's infighting, embarrassing mistakes, and making out on Harry and Draco's part. The red eyed man (Tom Riddle) bides his time and seduces Severus for his own amusement until after the original gods retire, then tries to take over Hades. There is betrayal, revelation over who Tom actually is, and eventually Harry comes up with a dues ex machina to save the (under)world.

In the end, Harry manages to rid Tom of his darkness (read: Kingdom Hearts style) and Tom settles comfortably with Severus while Harry bangs the life (death) out of Draco.

It probably would have spanned some twenty chapters, but there ya go.