Kagome and Inu-Yasha hate each others guts. She's a normal school girl and he's a trillion dollar super star. The problem: Their families are best of friends.

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Chapter One

Persistence of the Contrary


Kagome smiled brightly before writing a sentence down on the sheet of neatly laid out paper in front of her. She had surprisingly received a letter from her best friend who lived far... far away and now she was cheerily replying to it, though she had barely thought of anything to write.

Her life wasn't as exciting as her friend's was... her friend had fame and fortune – she even was a superstar, heck... Kagome was even surprised that she knew the famous model and movie star – Karira Taisho.

How had it happened? Well... she would have to ask her great, great, great grandfather that. All she knew was that the Higurashi's had always been great friends with the Taisho's and the friendship would always last, despite the weird status of them both. Everyone knew the Taisho's, worldwide, while only a few close friends and families knew that the Higurashi's existed.

Kagome sighed. It really was bizarre. How had a trillion dollar family become friends with a normal family who took care of a shrine?

Kagome shoved the question and letter aside and picked up the letter Karira had sent her.

'Hi Kags!

It has been so long since I've made contact with you! I've been loaded with so many interviews, autograph signings, and movie contracts that I barely have the time to even meet my family!

Well, forget that – now I'm back in my villa and I'm going to be
spending my summer here, I wish you could come over, but I doubt you'd be allowed. Security has tightened immensely due to my big brother Sesshomaru's popularity boost! Fan girls were screaming for him at the gates... I wonder how they even got into Demonwood, let alone the gates of our Villa.

Well, before you ask how we're doing in your reply, I'll tell you
right now. I'm doing great – I don't stress out as much as I used to
last time, the therapist helped me with my problems... and my big
brothers are, well... doing the same I guess. Though Inu-Yasha does
worry me sometimes...

Kagome felt her blood boil with hatred as she read her friend's older brother's name. Inu-Yasha... oh, how she despised him. Despite the fact that her rival's name had just been read now, she continued reading.

... He hasn't quit smoking and I'm worried that the amount of alcohol he drinks might do him harm, he even goes to night clubs now – oh, my mother worries day and night about him, I just wish someone would snap some sense into him!

Well, Kagome, I have to get going – photo shoot in only two hours, I wonder how I'm going to get ready in such short notice!

I'll be waiting for your reply.

Until then, Good Bye!

Your ever loving friend: Karira.

Kagome smiled at the letter, disregarding the part where she mentioned Inu- Yasha. Looking at the back of the letter, her smile broadened when she saw a picture of the whole family.

Karira was the youngest of the family and was standing in the middle of the family; arms wide open with a large smile plastered onto her face, her white hair with black high lights were tied up in pig tails and beside her, her two older brothers were standing haughtily, arms around her shoulder. Sesshomaru on the left seemed to be distracted by something on his shoe and Inu-Yasha on the right who was smirking immensely and looked like he was about to give his younger sister a wet Willie. Mrs. Taisho was standing beside Inu-Yasha and had her arms around him, embracing him in a one sided hug and Mr. Taisho on the other side looked like he was about to yell in frustration at the sheer chaos of the picture.

Kagome laughed. The picture seemed pretty recent, she could tell by the way Karira didn't have her arm cast on, meaning that two months had already passed and her arm had been healed when it had broken in an incident not too long ago, and also by the fact Inu-Yasha and Sesshomaru were wearing the shirts Kagome's mother had sent him last week.

She narrowed her eyes and growled in her stomach, even the reminder that Inu-Yasha even existed made her blood boil in anger and frustration.

He had made her life a living hell since the first day she had met him. She remembered the horrid day when it had all started.

She was four and she was squealing in happiness that she was actually going to Demonwood. The place where every demonic celebrity lived, the place where all the best shops were place and the place which was supposedly heaven for anyone into shopping, fashion and anything else, her family were visiting the Taisho's and it was going to be her first visit.

Oh... how she wished she never went there.

When she stepped into the exquisite villa of the Taisho's, Karira and her immediately clicked, becoming best friends that instant, Sesshomaru had welcomed her warmly into their home and so had Mr. and Mrs. Taisho... but then, she met him. The stupid arrogant Inu-Yasha, the first thing he had said to her was:

'you're such a me wanna be... get your own riches and don't barge into mine!'

And from that day on, both had been enemies. Every time either ones family visited each others' home, they almost bit each others necks off.

Looking at the picture, she quickly grabbed a scissor from the dressing table beside her bed and dove the edge of the scissor into Inu-Yasha's face in the picture.

She smirked evilly as she twisted the scissor, eliminating Inu-Yasha's face from the picture completely. "Ha! Don't you ever smirk at me... you pathetic bastard you –."

"Kagome honey, your friends are here, I'm sending them up to your room!" Kagome's mother's voice carried up to her bedroom.

Kagome froze immediately. "Uh... Okay ma!"

Looking around with panic, she grabbed the letter and the envelope and threw every evident that led her friends to knowing she was in contact with the oh so famous Taisho's underneath her bed.

She had understood when she was able to talk and walk that the friendship between the families was meant to be kept a secret. If the press ever found out that the famous celebrities were in touch with such normal daily families, havoc would erupt and Kagome shuddered to think what would happen after that.

She was about to open the door to let her friends in when she remembered the picture in her hand.

She quickly placed the picture in her math textbook and turned on the television to act as if she was doing nothing in the past few minutes.

Her door opened and in stepped her friends Sango and Ayame whom looked ready to burst with happiness.

"KAGOME, YOU CAN'T BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENED!" Sango squealed out and grabbed Kagome's remote from her hand and jumped onto the bed.

Kagome sighed and shook her head. "Nope, I can't – so tell me, what happened?"

Ayame squealed and jumped onto the bed and sat beside Sango who was flicking through the channels of the TV. "Inu-Yasha Taisho is going to be starring in a movie!"

Kagome rolled her eyes. "Oh... jeez, you guys should stop being so obsessed with him, for all we know, in real life he could be a sleez ball!"

Sango glared at Kagome for even thinking such a thing. "No way! No one as handsome... and dreamy... so adorable and hot like him can be rude!"

Kagome shifted uneasily at her spot. Curse her parents for telling her to keep the fact that she knew the Taisho's a secret...

Kagome sat on the bed and rolled her eyes at her friends' hyper activity. "So what are you skimming in the TV channels for?"

Sango squealed again. "He's going to be airing in an interview LIVE in exactly two minutes!"

Kagome growled, her chest burning with anger. This is how it happened every day, her friends would come over and all they would talk about would be Inu- Yasha, Inu-Yasha and only Inu-Yasha.

"Well, I don't think he's hot!" Kagome squirmed out between clenched teeth.

Ayame stared at her, opened mouthed and open eyed. "Kagome – are you blind?"

Sango nodded and finally settled on a channel, watching intensely for any sign of their every body's famous celebrity.

"No, I'm not blind, I just think that you shouldn't judge someone before you've met him, and I'm not going to fall in love with someone only because of their looks, for all anyone knows, Inu-Yasha might be an... insane, selfish, stubborn, arrogant, rude, egotistic, egg headed -."

"Kagome, we get the point that you don't like him, though we don't know why – you don't seem to have a problem with any other celebrity, you act as if you've actually met Inu-Yasha!"

Kagome grunted and lay down on her stomach on the bed, glaring at her bedroom television as if scolding it for actually airing Inu-Yasha. She slit her eyes as Inu-Yasha's face appeared on the screen and bit her tongue as she forced her self to watch the interview.

"Inu-Yasha, thank you for coming today, first of all – your fans would like to give a cheer out to you" the commentary said out loud and immediately, deafening screams filled the room.

Kagome shuddered. How could people like that... that... that bastard?

Inu-Yasha nodded and gave a smirk to the audience; emitting more screams and screeches out from them.

"Well, lets get on with the interview – first of all, lots and lots of people have been wondering how you feel about drugs?"

Inu-Yasha didn't hesitate before answering. "Oh, I'm totally against them, I mean – I've never smoked, and I stay sober, drugs are a waste of money and time and why should we ruin our daily basis by getting drunk and create a chance of doing something we would never really want to do? Smoking causes cancer and more and more people are dying of it every day, so if you all are listening out there... stay sober,don't smoke – and stay healthy!"

More cheers were heard from the crowd and even Sango and Ayame were squealing on the bed.

"See, Kagome? How could you hate a guy with so much determination?" Sango asked her.

Kagome muttered something under her breath. She knew the truth and she knew Inu-Yasha was simply lying to the world. He smoked right in front of her and he even drank alcohol in front of her... heck, he went to night clubs for god's sake and he was telling others not to?

"Inu-Yasha, that's great you think so positively, however – rumors
went around that you were spotted in a night club last week in Demonwood, is it true?"

Kagome froze with an evil smirk plastered onto her face. Oh, he was caught!

"No, I was in my house this whole month, it must have been someone who simply looked like me" he replied though his face showed slight hesitation which Kagome spotted instantly.

"I see, so any way..."

The interview trailed on, Kagome glaring at Inu-Yasha's face and if looks could kill and travel through a TV, Inu-Yasha would have already died by the fierce glares Kagome was sending him.

Kagome felt her heart throb with hatred when she heard one simple question and the answer it gave.

"So Inu-Yasha, what's your dating status right now?"

Loud screeches, squeals and screams were sent throughout the room he was being interviewed in and Kagome wished she could turn the TV off this instant... though she knew her friends would kill her if she did.

"I'm single and I'm ready to mingle..." he said, smirking as he winked at the girls in the crowd.

Sango jumped up and screamed along with Ayame at his answer and Kagome growled with anger... how dare he lie like that!

"He is not single; I know he has at least ten different girlfriends in every country!" Kagome yelled out over her friends screams.

They both froze and looked at Kagome with a hard expression.

"Kagome, give him a chance!"

"You've never met him so don't judge him, that's what you told us!"

Kagome sighed in frustration... if only she could tell that she knew... "Oh, you watch the interview without me; I'll get some snacks from the kitchen"

"You're going to miss something big..."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, yes... I'm sure – I don't mind missing the oh so famous high and almighty Inu-Yasha's interview..." Kagome drawled out, her voice dripping with sarcasm.

She stepped out of the room, trying to control the need of breaking the television so she wouldn't ever have to see Inu-Yasha on TV again. She stepped down the stairs, her mood dampened by the reoccurrence of Inu-Yasha and walked into the kitchen.

She smiled at her mother who was cooking something on the stove which smelled quite delicious and murmured a 'hi mom' to her quietly.

Her mother turned around and eyed her wearily. "What's with the bad mood dear?"

"...Inu-Yasha was on TV again" she replied as she opened the cupboards in search of some chips.

"Oh, really? Well... I hope he's doing okay, we haven't seen their family in almost a year..." her mother said as she opened the fridge and took out some chicken.

"Oh the joy" Kagome sighed out and sat on the counter, finding nothing better to do than watch her mother cook.

Her mother glanced at Kagome, "Oh, don't tell me you and Inu-Yasha are still in that silly fight?"

"We've been fighting since we met - what makes you think anything will change all of a sudden?" Kagome asked and pouted immediately after, remembering all the horrid times she spent with Inu-Yasha.

"Well... you never can tell when the winds decide to change their course" Her mother sighed out and placed the chicken into the pot.

"Oh... please don't say all those things to me, I'm happy I know the true and rude Inu-Yasha, otherwise I would probably be like those crazy fan girls of his" she stated simply and played with a spoon lying on the counter.

"He isn't all that bad, remember he gave all those valentine cards to everyone on Valentines Day?" her mother negotiated, trying to change her daughter's thoughts about Inu-Yasha.

"Yeah, he gave everyone a card except me!" she snapped out and sighed, letting out steam.

"Well...you're his same age so maybe he was a little shy?"

"Mom... he dates different women all the time, why would he be shy of a girl he has known since he was born?" Kagome replied, finding no sense in why everyone backed Inu-Yasha up.

"Oh – well I'm not going to try and make you like someone you don't like but I think you should stop hating him with such immense hatred" her mother said and put a stirred the ingredients of the pot.

Kagome felt her blood boil again. "Hate him? I hate pineapple on pizza; I hate people talking behind my back... I don't hate Inu-Yasha; he's in a different league all together, something more like despise!"

"Okay, okay – any way, let's take the subject off of Inu-Yasha," Her mother turned around and walked towards Kagome, smiling at her warmly. "I had to ask you something..."

Kagome hesitated. It wasn't every day her mother left her cooking and talked to her with such a ...cheesy smile.

Her mother jumped onto the counter and sat beside Kagome, surprising her to death. "Um... mom, what is it that you have to tell me?"

"I well-." Her mother was cut off as Kagome's friends' squeals were heard down the stairs. Kagome rolled her eyes.

"Ignore them, Inu-Yasha must have said something catchy... oh, I hate that womanizer..." Kagome reassured, narrowing her gaze at the floor.

"Um, well – as I was saying before, I read the letter that Karira sent you sweetie and as your father and I have told you before, remember that trip we have to take to Tokyo?"

Kagome raised an eyebrow and nodded slowly... what had this got to do with the letter?

"Well, you know how Karira mentioned that she would love to have you over at their Villa..." Kagome's mom hesitated as she saw the horror dawn on Kagome's face. "I was wondering if we could drop you and Souta and their Villa while we go on the trip, it won't be for long, I swear – and mothers don't swear!"

Kagome gaped at her, not knowing if she should feel happy or sad. She was going to meet her best friend and the family she loved so much, but then she was going to meet... him. The arrogant, and ego headed Inu-Yasha.

She was speechless, and the only thing she was able to do was gape at her mother. After a minute of staring at each other, she let out a word. "...wah...?"

Her mother broke into a nervous smile. "I wrote a letter to Mrs. Taisho, concerning the matter and she replied saying she would absolutely love having you two over at their Villa, like always! Karira's going to call you in five minutes or so, so I thought I should tell you before she starts exclaiming how much fun you two are going to have"

Kagome furrowed her eyebrows and then looked at her mother hopelessly. "You mean you set where I was going to stay while you and dad went on a trip without asking me?"

"But I thought you would like to meet your friends again" her mother replied gently.

"I would love to meet Karira again, I mean – she's my best friend and everything, and I wouldn't mind seeing Sesshomaru or Mr. or Mrs. Taisho... but its –him- I don't want to meet, ma and you should've known that!" Kagome looked down at her lap with hesitance.

Her mother was about to speak when Kagome's friends came barging down the stairs, looking desperately for Kagome. When they spotted Kagome and her mom sitting on the counter with miserable and nervous faces, they rushed up to them immediately.

"What happened Kagome?" Sango asked in a cheery voice, obviously the affect of Inu-Yasha's interview had done something to them.

"I... um... You know how my parents are going to Tokyo for a while, well... they're taking me with them" She said, telling them a direct white lie, knowing well fully that if she told them the exact location, it would be complete havoc.

"Oh... that's not good" Ayame said out aloud and glanced between the two, somehow... Kagome looked more miserable than she should have looked if she had been told to go somewhere with her parents.

"Well, we'll see you later – were off... good luck" Sango said cheerily and gave Kagome a pat on the back, and with that her friends turned around and walked out of the house, talking something about 'Inu-Yasha having an affair with a French girl and how it had to be impossible.'

Kagome's mother laughed at the irony of it all. "Well, if you go to their house – you might actually find out if Inu-Yasha is having an affair with a French girl" her mother said cheerily.

Kagome shrugged and then took a deep breath.

If she was going to go spend her time off at the Taisho's Villa, nothing Inu-Yasha could say or do was going to ruin her trip.


Kagome talked on the phone with her friend Karira as she packed her clothes into her suitcase.

"So you'll be here by tomorrow? Oh, I'm going to be waiting at the gates for you!"

Kagome smiled, her mood having been brightened up immensely at all the exciting things her friend was listing. "I'm so excited!"

"So am I!"

Kagome laughed along with her friend Karira as two young elementary girls would do when they were about to have a sleep over. So far, no one had mentioned Inu-Yasha, and as long as that remained, she would be okay.

"So... I wonder how a whole night in a limo would be" Kagome said as she took out her tooth brush from her bathroom.

"Yeah, and I can't believe you're leaving tonight!"

"Neither can I, Souta almost died of happiness when I told him the news" she said merrily as she threw her swimsuit into the suitcase. "What was Inu- Yasha's reaction?"

Karira sighed on the other line. "I'm not sure, mom went to tell him but he never opened the door, so Sesshy knocked down the door and told him – well... all I remember hearing is some shouting... and some door banging"

Kagome rolled her eyes. "Well, I hope he stays out of my way the whole vacation – is he going to go anywhere?"

"Unfortunately not, so I don't think you'll be able to avoid him that much, but last time didn't go so bad..." Karira trailed on but stopped in mid sentence.

Kagome laughed. "Well, if you count out the time I got so mad at Inu-Yasha I practically pounced on him and tried to rip his hair out, it went great!"

"Oh... everyone was shocked; you guys were like – gorillas trying to
break each others arms!"

Kagome laughed; not embarrassed one single bit from the memory of the horrible fight. "I won in the end"

"How ironic, that's the same thing what Inu-Yasha keeps saying to me"

"Kagome, Souta – your limo's are here!" Kagome's mother's voice carried up to her ears.

Kagome froze. "Oh shoot, the limo is already here and I haven't even packed! I'll see you when I see you – bye!"


She closed the phone and raced around the room, trying to take anything that looked like that was going to be in need. She almost knocked down the small lamp Sango had given her for her birthday.

She stopped to stare at the lamp and smiled. If she told her friends she had just talked on the phone with the famous Karira Taisho, they would have become rigid with shock.

She was snapped out of her fantasy when she heard her mother yell out her name.

"I'm coming ma!" she yelled down and opened her closet. She grabbed a few jeans, shorts, shirts and skirts and threw them in her suitcase. She was about to leave when she remembered she didn't pack any socks or shoes.

She groaned and raced to her closet again. Seeing two pairs of sandals and a packet of socks, she grabbed them and threw them in her open suitcase.

She heard her mother call her again and she quickly closed her suitcase and picked it up, almost dropping it at the weight of everything inside. "Oh god, what did I pack in here?"

She ran down the steps, and almost tripped at the speed she was going at.

She stopped at the doorstep and gave her mom a quick kiss on the cheek.

"I'll miss you honey and don't get into any trouble!"

Kagome nodded and waved a goodbye. She turned around and looked at the two limo's. One was for Souta and the other one was for Kagome, not knowing which one was hers, she looked back at her mom who pointed to the one in the front.

She laughed and ran to the first limo, handing her suitcase to the driver which was waiting outside for her.

She sighed as she looked back at her house which was hiding in the shadows of the dark night. Almost being unable to see her mom she yelled a goodbye and smiled with excitement as she sat in the limo.

She squealed with excitement, the fact that she was in a limo giving her exciting shivers down her spine. Well... maybe her mom had been right, this trip might not be as bad as the other trips.

The limo started and Kagome settled herself in comfort of the limo.


Kagome groaned as she heard the annoying bell of her alarm clock ring. Reaching out for her night stand, she furrowed her eyebrows in her sleep when she noticed it wasn't there. Finally deciding to remain ignorant to that annoying ringing coming from somewhere in her room, she decided to remain asleep.

She was drifting back to sleep when her moving room suddenly stopped and she was thrown off her bed to crash into the carpeted ground.

She moaned and blinked, opening her eyes slowly. Her first intention was to scream, but when she remembered the short notice of where she was going yesterday and where she was right now, she cussed underneath her breath and sat back on her seat of the limo.

Looking around, she noticed the 'alarm clock' was still ringing. She suddenly noticed that in fact, it wasn't the alarm clock but the phone. She rushed up to it and picked it up immediately.

"Hello?" she murmured out in a tired and breathless voice.

"Ma'am we've entered Demonwood and we will be reaching your destination in a matter of minutes"

"Thanks" she said between yawns and placed the phone back into its stand.

She straightened her skirt and looked outside the window. She blinked when she noticed it was now broad sunlight. "Oh crap... I must have fallen asleep during the ride"

Taking out a wet tissue from her purse, she wiped her face of all tiredness and put on a bright happy smile, remembering her mom telling her to be polite and look delighted that she was going to stay at their Villa for a while.

Looking in the small mirror in the limo she noticed her hair was a mess. "Ah!" she yelled out and looked around frantically for a brush. Spotting one right near the mirror, she picked it up and brushed her hair quickly.

In a matter of minutes, she put back on her head band and shoes which she had kicked off in the middle of the night and straightened out her skirt once again.

She smiled again and modeled for herself in front of the small mirror. She was wearing a red mini skirt with a simple white shirt, and had a white headband on and white shoes. She licked her lips to relieve herself of their dryness and then sighed as she clutched her purse.

She was finally ready to meet the Taisho family again.

She looked out the window pressed the button which directed the window screen to go down so she could see where she was outside.

As the window went down she noticed that she had entered Demonwood and was now in the wide and luxurious streets of where most celebrities lived.

She squealed with excitement as she saw the Taisho Villa in the distance.

It took ten minutes before she finally reached the gates of the Villa and by the time they were opening the gates she was almost jumping in her seat, desperate to meet her friends.

It seemed like ages before the limo finally stopped and Kagome was allowed to step out.

As she stepped out, she took in a deep breath of the clean air and stretched her arms to relieve her muscles of the long ride. Almost at once, a loud squeal was heard from behind her.

She turned around and noticed that her limo was gone and that an over hyper teenager was running towards her.

It took one second for Karira to reach up to her and embrace her in a tight hug.

"I missed you!" she said out as she hugged Kagome.

"We talked yesterday!" Kagome squirmed out between breaths. "Karira – you're going to kill me in this hug!"

Karira let go and smiled broadly, giving enough room for Kagome to breath freely.

"Wow... this place has become bigger since the last time I saw it!" Kagome said slowly as she looked at the villa and her surroundings.

She was standing on the well kept stone path starting from the gates heading straight to the doorstep of the Villa. The path was outlined with flowers and behind the flowers on each side was a garden. The grass was mowed perfectly and the trees were lined up on the sides, completely parallel to each other. The roots of the trees were blossoming with flowers and the air was filled with the sound of chattering birds.

She looked at the Villa and noticed that the windows had become larger and it was defiantly taller now.

Karira nudged Kagome, "Your brother won't be here for another half an hour, let's go get you cleaned up and ready"

Kagome nodded and walked with Karira down the path to the Villa.

As she reached the front doors of the Villa, she noticed that the doorknobs were made out of solid gold and there were roman designs made on the borders.

Karira opened the door and she was about to step in when something stopped her.

"What the hell is she doing here?" A voice drawled out from behind.

Kagome froze as heard the voice that she hated oh... so, so much.


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