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"Ne, Koenma-sama, what do you want?!" Yusuke whined as they all piled into the inner chambers of Koenma. Koenma looked up from his desk where his was stamping some papers in his adult form. After Yusuke, Kuwabara, Kurama and Hiei walked in afterward, and he noticed with chagrin satisfaction that Kuwabara was looking around the room curiously. Hiei went into a corner and sulked as Kurama stood next to Yusuke, expressionless. Kuwabara on the other hand continued to look around the room, as though looking for something. Koenma nodded with approval.

"Nice to see you all again."

Yusuke made an annoyed face.

"Cut off the introductions and tell us why you'd brought us all here already! I wanna LEAVE!"

Koenma hanged is head and groaned. Seems like Yusuke hasn't changed much…then again, it seems like none of them has changed much. And knowing that, he could sense they all didn't want to be here for him on a perfectly good Saturday morning and if they don't find anything worth worthy of their time, they will hurt him.

"Very well, Yusuke," Koenma comply solemnly. He motioned to the sliding door that marked the entrance to the room

"Please send him in now!"

All four heads turned to the door as it slid open. On the other side of the door was…

A small little boy, about 5 or 6 years old, head hanged down to avoid anybody's gaze. He had long silver hair, and a small little fox tail.

A kitsune.

Kurama blinked; his eyes widened. The boy…he looked like…like…

Kuwabara smiled triumphal.

"I KNEW that I'd sensed another one of Kurama's chi somewhere!" he cheered. "Do I rock or what? Yeah, Kuwabara, number 1 spirit detective!" He began striking poses.

Kurama gagged. "Who--wha…but--who…?" He stared at the little boy, who was still hanging his head. Kurama's eyes sparkled in misbelieve and his composer fell. "He looks like Youko Kurama!"

Hiei raised an interested eyebrow at Kurama's expression. Yusuke blinked. Kuwabara cocked his head to the side, musing.

Koenma cleared his throat and implied to the boy nonchalantly.

"Please, come in, Negi. Don't be shy."

For the first time, the little boy raise up his head and they were all able to see his face; pale, with two little fox ears twitching adorably yet his eyes were fixed on Kurama and Kurama noticed with idle wonder why his eyes weren't a dark gold color like his reincarnation and was more like a amethyst sea color. He walked over to Koenma and stood by his side, crouching slightly behind his big chair.

"Koenma…what's going on?" Yusuke gasped. "I thought that…Kurama was…but this kid looks like…"

Koenma shook his head. "I will explain everything, Yusuke, don't worry." He turned to Kuwabara. "Nice work on sensing his presence, Kuwabara."

Kuwabara smirked. Koenma turned back to Kurama with expressionless eyes.

"Kurama…I would like you to meet your son, Negi."

Kurama blanched. His mouth fell opened but no words came out. Hiei blinked. Yusuke gawked. Kuwabara…no comment…

Koenma turned to Negi and motioned to Kurama.

"His that one…the one with the long red hair, child."

Negi nodded meekly, his purple eyes dulled with uncertainty. Koenma smiled and turned back top the others.

"Negi here, as you may have figured, is indeed a fox kitsune. And the unmistaken able resemblance he has from Youko Kurama mades it indeed that he's your son, Kurama."

Kurama blinked again.

"How old are you, Negi?" he squeaked. Negi peered behind the chair.

"I'm 6 years old right now, daddy," he replied, just as squeaky. Yusuke shirked suddenly.

"Kurama, wouldn't that mean you'd a son when you were 8 YEARS OLD?!"

Hiei eyes widened in shock. Kuwabara eyeballs nearly fell out of his head. Kurama flushed.

"No, of course not!" he yelped, helplessly. Hiei shrugged.

"Maybe this Negi kid is from one of the youkais you were with as Youko Kurama," he mused. Kurama turned to Koenma, slight irked.

"Would you explain this?!"

Koenma sighed and nodded.

"Of course." He motioned Negi to go to his father. Negi slowly and shyly wrenched away from Koenma's chair and even more slowly walked over to Kurama. Kurama looked at him in shocked. When Negi reached him, he crouched down to his level. Negi blinked at him, taking a clawed hand and framing it around his father's face. His eyes suddenly brightened.

"Daddy!" He tightly embraced Kurama. Hiei scoffed and looked away. Kuwabara and Yusuke stood beside him, silently. Kurama eyes softened and he gently hugged the little boy back. He turned his attention back to Koenma, eyeing him a you-better-explain-now-or-I'm-gonna-kill-you look. Koenma cleared his throat.

"Kurama, don't worry. Negi is not you son now. He's your son from the future." Everyone blinked at him. Even Negi.

"You mean…I'm not born yet?" He asked, looking up at Kurama. Kurama blushed.

"…no…I don't think so," he stuttered. Koenma smiled.

"No, not yet, Negi."

Yusuke spoke up. "But if Negi is Kurama's kid and he knows his father already from the future, than how come his was so nervous around Kurama just a few minutes ago?"

"Because Negi here has never seen the human form of his father yet. He only knows him as Youko Kurama."


Koenma shook his head. "Let me start from the beginning here. Little Negi here was sent on a mission from the future."

"What kind of mission?" Yusuke and Kuwabara both asked at the same time. Negi looked up at his slightly perplex father.

"We need to save mommy, daddy. Before she dies again."

Kurama eyes widened. "Dies? Again?"

Koenma nodded.

"It seems that there's going to be an unexpected dead involving Negi's mother. He came here to warn us about it so there will be a future with his mom still alive."

Everyone looked confusingly at him. Huh?

Koenma sweat dropped.

"For example, say that we save his mother before this 'accident'," Koenma started, "That would save his mother in this time. However, his mom in his time would still be dead. But it's better than nothing to have an era with them as a family."

Negi's ears suddenly twitched and he started to squirm around in Kurama's arms. Kurama glanced down at him, curiously and more calmly how that he knew that he was his true son. And more relieving, his son from the FUTURE. That made life a whole lot easier for him. Why didn't Koenma told them that from the start?

"Is something wrong, Negi?"

Negi looked towards the door and he blinked, his eyes falling half-lidded.

"No. I just though I sensed mommy…"

Kurama cocked his head to the side.


Negi looked back at him.


"Can you tell me exactly who your mother is?"

Hiei, Yusuke and Kuwabara watched on intensely. Koenma chuckled silently to himself. Negi looked back at Koenma with questioning eyes. Does he know her yet? Koenma sensed his question and nodded.

"Well, it seems that you know her now," Negi smiled after getting the affirmation from Koenma, now knowing that Kurama and his mom do, in fact, know each other. "She's nice and warm and gentle."

Kurama smiled. He idly wondered who that could be.

"Does she have a name?" Yusuke implored earnestly. Negi frowned slightly.

"Of course she does."

Kurama chuckled in amusement.

"What is her name, Negi? Can you tell us that?"

Negi nose wrinkled. "No, I cannot. If I do, that might change the course of destiny and I might not be born at all."

Yusuke suddenly elbowed Kurama, giving his a sly look.

"Nice going, Kurama. You have a son! Now I wonder who can be the mother…"

Kuwabara smirked. "And she knows you by your youko form. I guess that rules out any humans."

Kurama blinked. "Someone who actually LOVES Youko Kurama?" he looked back at Negi. "Do your father--me--or whoever I am…love back your mom? As a youko?"

Negi cocked his had to the side, slightly confused.

"Of course you do, daddy. You and mommy are very much in love. A lot, in fact--until she died…"

Kurama frowned and hugged Negi. "It's okay, you don't have to tell me anymore."

Koenma cleared his throat.

"Now, I'm going to need a few days for the preperations for a of this so in the meantime, Kurama, would you like to take care of Negi or should I?"

Kurama raised a mysterious brow at him. "I will, of course. I mean, he is my son…"

Koenma smiled. "All right. Anyways, Negi, would you please tranform to you human stage?"

All eyes turned to little Negi.

"Okay, sure."

He stood up and straitened up. Then, reaching back into his long, silver hair, he pulled out a single red rose. Raising it up, he commanded his unusually powerful chi into it. The petals separated and surrounded him in a bright white light that filled the whole room. Everyone gasped in shock. When the light faded, a 6 year old boy with long red hair, no fox ears or tail with amethyst eyes stood in his place. He looked up at Kurama.

"I'm ready, daddy."

Kurama blinked again. "You…look like ME now…"

Koenma chuckled. "As you can see, Negi is very powerful. He can already transform from his demon and human form at will." He looked over to Kurama. "I'll see you all later. Take good care of him, Kurama."

Negi suddenly looked shy.

"Can I say goodbye to mo--I mean, that ferry girl first, Koenma? The one who was playing with me earlier?"

Koenma smiled. "Of course."

Kuwabara and Yusuke blinked. "Which ferry girl?"

Koenma smile widened as he looked down on his desk. It was filled with buttons: red, blue, white, orange, green, ect. He pressed the blue button. In a few seconds, Botan entered the room.

"You called, sir?" she called, happily. She looked around the room and cocked her head top the side. "What are all of you guys doing here?"

Yusuke, Kuwabara and Kurama smiled.

"It's nice to see you again, Botan!" Yusuke greeted. Botan Botan smiled, hit her fist against her head and imitated a cat's face.

"It's really have been too long! You never come to visit anymore!"

Koenma suddenly cleared his throat. "Negi would like to say goodbye to you before he leaves, Botan."

Botan eyes brightened and she giggled. Running up to Negi's human form, she quickly embraced him and picked him up.

"You're leaving?" she said, suddenly glumly. Negi frowned.

"Yes. Daddy is taking me home to his house."

"Oh. So that's why you're in your human form…" She gave him a peck on his cheek. "Well, then. You be a good boy for Kurama, okay?"


Kurama cocked his head to the side.

"I take it that you two know each other."

Botan smiled at him and nodded. "Negi has been with us for a while now. We've turned into good friends." She settled him down. Kurama smiled.

"You are going to see me again, are you…B-botan?" Negi asked with shy eyes. Botan smiled widely.

"Of course! Now, you be good in Ningenkai!"

Negi nodded.



"This is where I live, Negi," Kurama explained, leading him into his house. No one was home anyways. Negi eyes widened and he looked around the house. Kurama smiled and took his hand.

"I'll show you around."

He started with his BIG living room (good thing that he lives in a mansion…) where there was couched and chairs with a big screen TV, VCR, game sets, CD players, speakers, the works. Next was the large kitchen, followed by the family room, play room, antique room, basement, the downstairs living room, the 6 bathrooms, his mom's and stepfather's room, little Shuuichi's room, the four big guest rooms and finally, his room. By this time, little Negi was exhausted. He tugged on Kurama's arm.

"Do you live by yourself, daddy? Doesn't mommy live here, too?"

Kurama smirked and picked Negi up, settling him on his bed.

"No, Negi. My mom and stepfather lives here, too. And my little step brother, Shuichi, but there won't be home for a while. Shuichi had an over night fieldtrip for a week and my mother and step dad decided to chaperone."

Negi nodded slowly. Kurama chuckled and laid him down.

"You should get some sleep. What time did you went to bed last time?" he asked, tucking him in. Negi yawned softly.

"Me and Botan--"

"Botan and I, actually."

"Botan and I was up, playing!" he cried happily. Kurama huffed a laugh.

"Figures," he replied, good amusingly. "Botan is like that."

Negi blinked. "Don't you like her, daddy?"

"Of course I do…demo, we don't know much about her ."


"Yusuke, Hiei, Kuwabara, Keiko, Shizuru, Genkai and myself. You'll probably meet them all soon."

Negi nodded and yawned again. Kurama frown.

"Now it's a napped for you, young man!" He gave him a quick hug. "Sweet dreams."

Negi nodded. "Can I go see mommy again, daddy? Soon?"

Kurama blinked. "Again?"


Kurama looked slightly bewildered. "Of course," he replied, uncertainly. "Later. Now you must rest."

Kurama patted his head as Negi closed his eyes. Getting up quietly, he shut the door, taking one last glance at the boy sleeping in his bed. Sighing, he walked down the stairs to his living room, where, no surprise to him, Hiei was sitting, waiting for him.

"Can't you ever wait and used the front door like a normal person, Hiei?"

"No," he answered flatly, eyeing the kitsune as he sat down across from him. "So…where's your son?"

Kurama leaned back and looked at him. "Sleeping."

"Any idea who the mother is?"

"No." Hiei wince at the defectiveness in his voice.

"You know, Kurama. This isn't so hard to figure out. You heard Negi, you already know this girl. Just figure out who it is."

Kurama bit his bottom lip for a sec.

"Of course, as long as it's not my Yukina," Hiei suddenly added. Kurama chuckled.

"No Hiei. I have no feelings for your sister…although I must say with Kuwabara, that's a different story." He didn't miss the coldness that suddenly shade the koorine's eyes. "Not Keiko…definably not Shizuru…"

Unknowing to the both of them, little Negi suddenly creped down the stairs, stopping at the edge, eavesdropping. tsk, tsk… He'd sensed that someone else was here and, like any other kitsune, was very curious and went down to investigate. And also because he needed a glass of water.

"What about that ningen girl…the one that goes to your school?" Hiei asked.

"Maya?" Kurama answered. Negi wrinkled his nose. "…no, I don't think so…"

Hiei raised an eyebrow. "Don't you like her?"

Negi made a face. Who is this Maya girl this Hiei guy is referring to? He saw Kurama shake his head.

"We're just friends, Hiei. Nothing more, nothing less."




"HIEI!" He suddenly yelped, clamming a hand over his mouth once he realize what he did. He glance up at the stair to make sure Negi didn't hear him. Negi, on the other hand, crouched lower into the shadows. His father had already taught him how to remain hidden in the darkness.

"Karasu? Eww…" Kurama shuttered. "No."

"Can it be another youkai?" Hiei asked.

"…I don't know. Probably not."

"What about Hinagesha? Or Ayame?"

"The Reikai messengers?" Kurama srunhed up his face. "No. Ayame is Koenma's and Hinageshi…she…no."

Negi sulked against the wall of the steps. Boring, boring. He listened on. trying to find his mother's name in the conversation. No…no…no…no…


His ears perked up.

Kurama bit his bottom lip. He seemed to be in thought for a while.

"…I--I'm…not sure…"

Negi frowned. Hiei smirked.

"I know you like her. Even if she does personify death."

Kurama nodded slowly. "But what if she doesn't--"

"Feel the same?" Hiei finished. "You'll never know. But she's good with Negi."

Kurama threw his head back and banged it on the edge of his chair.

"I've got to find out who Negi's mother is!"

Hiei frowned. "Negi's mother, your mate. Maybe you should just wait until the time is right? You'll find out soon enough."

"But what if I make a mistake and end up with the wrong person? Then Negi wouldn't be born at all!"

Negi eyes widened at the last statement. He looked down at his hands.

Then I wouldn't be born at all? No!

Hiei frowned.

"I don't know what else to tell you, Kurama."

Negi sighed and silently headed back up the stairs. Then Negi wouldn't be born at all! Can that really happen? The entered Kurama's room and curled up under the covers of the bed.

"I want my mommy!"


Kurama slowly eased the door open and peeked into his room. Negi was still asleep. Smiling, he softly closed the door.


Kurama gasped and opened the door the rest of the way and smiled.

"Awake, are we, Negi?" he greeted. Negi sat up and yawned.

"Yup!" He opened his amethyst eyes and blinked. "Is mommy here yet?"

Kurama went over and sat down on the side of the bed. Patting Negi's hair, he frowned.

"No. I'm afraid not."

Negi's eyes widened.

"Demo…I sensed her, daddy! I really did! She's coming! Mommy's coming!" He jumped out of the bed and ran out of the room. Kurama's mouth opened. Once his reflexes kicked in, he ran after him. He found him in the playroom, looking out the window.

"Mommy…mommy…where are you…?" Negi was muttering to the sky. He placed a hand on the glass and whimpered. "Mommy…?"

Kurama walked up to him and place a reassuring hand on Negi's shoulder.

"Why don't we go out to lunch now Negi? That might be fun."

Ngi immediately shook his head.

"I wanna see mommy!" he declared, firmly.

Kurama smiled. "Then why not we go to the kitchen and I'll cook you something up?"

Negi suddenly looked up at Kurama with wide eyes. "You're not still a bad cook, are you dad?" he stuttered. Kurama chuckled.

"Lets go."


Kurama placed a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in front of Negi with a glass of milk.

"Eat up."

Negi eyed the sandwich curiously. "Is it…edible?"

Kurama chuckled and sat down at the table with Negi, also armed with a sandwich.

"Well, of course. Try it."

Negi carefully picked up the sandwich and took a tentative small bit. His eyes brightened.


The two eat as Kurama gazed at Negi.



"Your mother…who exactly is she?"

Negi stopped eating for a second and glance at his dad. He smiled.

"You know her. She's REALLY nice!" he took another bite of his sandwich. "And awesome! The most," another bite, "greatest person in the three realms!"

Kurama's emerald eyes sparkled. "And does she have a name?"

Negi made a strange face at him. "Of course, silly."

Kurama laughed.

"No, no, Negi. I mean, what is her name? I would like to know that, you know."

Negi's eyes suddenly sparkled.

"You'll know soon enough. Mommy's coming now! I sense her!"

Kurama blinked. Sighing, he gave up and finished his sandwich. After they were both done, he took Negi's hand and lead him to the living room. Negi sat in a chair as Kurama took a seat across from it.

"Do you always know how to transform into you demon and human form, Negi?" Kurama asked, capriciously. Negi looked up and smiled.

"Yep! You taught me! Or at least you in the future!"

Kurama nodded. "And exactly where do you live? Here or Maikai?"

Negi wrinkled his nose.

"Sorry. I'm not allowed to give out any information about the future, daddy. Koenma's orders."

Before Kurama could respond, Negi suddenly stood up and ran up to Kurama.

"She's here, daddy! Mommy's finally here!" he cried happily, tugging in Kurama's arm. Kurama wasn't even able to open his mouth to say something when the doorbell suddenly rang. He blinked and looked down at Negi who was nodded knowingly. Slowly Kurama got up and walked towards the door. He opened it.

And on the other side was…

The whole gang: Yusuke, Kuwabara, Hiei, Keiko, Botan, Shizuru, ect."

"Hi Kurama!" they all chorused. Kurama blinked.

"Hello, everybody." Negi suddenly appeared behind him.

"Hi!" he greeted happily. Everyone entered the house and all headed to the living room. Once inside, Negi ran up to Botan and took her hand.

"Daddy's house is BIG!" he cried. "Let go!"

Botan smiled and nodded. "Okay!"

Once everyone was settled in the living room, all of the girls went surrounding Negi, cooing and patting him.

"He's so cute, Kurama!"

"He looks just like you!"

"How adorable!"

Negi sweat dropped.

Once everyone had settled down, they all started talking. Once everyone knew what was going on, light conversations started, like how Yusuke and Kuwabara were failing nearly every subject in school. Hiei, of course, sulked in his corner. While they were goofing off, Kurama noticed how Negi was every now and then looking at Botan curiously, having running back from him to her every now and then. He smiled.

So…Botan is the mother…

"Oi, Kurama?" Yusuke hollered.


"Just wondering where your folks are."

"Oh, on Shuichi's school's fieldtrip."

More talk, more talk…Negi looked over at Botan. He made a face that no one noticed. She seemed…different. Her eyes were…weird. Not clear and sparkling like before. Suddenly, he felt nervous to be around her.

About an hour later, Kuwabara decided to go out to a movie. Everyone immediately agreed and decided to meet at the theater within half an hour. One by one, everyone lefted the house until it was just Kurama and Negi again. They were standing at the doorway, greeting everyone out. Once Kuwabara had left, Kurama shut the door and smirked. Turning back to Negi, he noticed how sad he was all of a sudden, staring out the window as his friends came out of view. Kurama frowned and walked up to him.

"What's the mater Negi?" he asked concernly, placing a hand on his shoulder. Negi sighed.


"Oh! Don't worry. You'll see her again." Kurama smiled warmly. "Negi, about your mother…is she…B--?"

"Mommy," Negi interrupted softly. He looked up at Kurama, eyes teary. Kurama gasped at his expression, his eyes asking him what's wrong.

"Daddy! Mommy didn't came!"


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