I just had to finish this fic - once and for all. I wrote this all in one sitting so I'll probably won't be very good but… :shrugs: Forgive me. WARNING - thsi is going to be VERY choppy...since i couldn't put so much 'fluff' and 'heat' into it buh at least it now has an ending! Just to warn you, it will be on the crappy side. GOMEN!

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"Ah - choo!"

"Bless you."


Kurama tried not to laugh out as he handed a tissue paper to the smitten fire demon. Hiei huff as he snatched the thin paper from the kitsune, rubbing his nose indignantly.

"Stupid Sayuki bastard…" Hiei frowned as he threw the paper aside, turning his back to the fox as if he were a little child. Why wouldn't he act like this? His pride was just severely damaged and his ego was demolished into zero.

It was so unfair!

Any demon would be laughing at the though of it: Hiei, high and proud, one of the strongest fire demons out their - being frozen in a block of ice by a complete nobody; one of Koenma's henchmen as of matter! Unfair, unfair, unfair!

"Wipe that grin off your face, Kitsune, or I'll wipe it off myself."

The fox demon smiled lightly, standing up from where he sat. Just then, Yusuke and Kuwabara charged into the room.

Yusuke's grin was practically a mile wide, threatening to split his 'cocky-looking face' as Keiko would say it. He pranced over, giving Hiei's hair a slight ruffle, but stopped once Hiei took out it katana, threatening to kill him.

Kuwabara couldn't help his share in teasing as he started random conversations and poses on how the koorine had looked like while frozen in ice by Sayuki.

"She's still out there, Shuuichi."

The red-hair boy frowned in disapproval as he looked aside to become face-to-face with his other half.

"I know that," he replied calmly at the silver-hair youko, "But first things first, we had to tend to Hiei's wou--"

"That stubborn brat is fine!" the youko hissed back, earning a glare form Hiei. "She should had been our first priority." The stubborn youko leaned against a wall. "And who knows what is that…Sayuki guy telling her how. For all we know--"

"Oh calm down already!" Yusuke called out, "Jin told us that he would never hurt her so don't worry about it."

"And exactly where are Jin and Touya now, Hm?"

Yusuke's face faulted. "Jin saw an ice cream truck and ran after it a few minutes ago…"


A cheery, blue-hair ferry girl skipped down the Reikai hallways, singing to herself as she did. Once she reached the end of the hallway, she opened the door, bowing politely.

"You called, Koenma-sama?"

Koenma looked up from his desk, where he sat as usual. His eyes had deep bags under them and his skin was slightly paler than norm. However, he regarded her with a normal smile. "Hai, I did. Please, come in, B."

Botan walked on in, smiling widely.

"Why are you so happy today?" he quirked up a questioning brow.

Botan giggled, bringing a hand to her lips. "Oh, Koenma-sama! Isn't seeing things great? Truly, you take everything for granted!" She twirled around in a circle. "My, we should all take a vacation to Ningenkai! See all the pretty trees and children! We should--"

"You're fired."

Immediately, all of her senses stopped, and she quieted deadly. "N-n-nani!"

Koenma leaned back into his chair nonchalantly, regarding her as if she was a random ant that kept him amuses on days while he procrastinated with his work. "You're fired, Botan. Please don't take it personally, but you heard right. You must turn in your oar by the end of the week. Gomen."

She stared at him, stupefied.

"F-f-fire!" she gasped, refusing to believe a word of it. Suddenly, her anger erupted, as she ran over and grabbed him by his collar. Pulling him to her eye level, she glared daggers into him. "What in the 3 realms do you mean I'm fired!" she hissed wildly, tears springing to her eyes. "This better not be a joke because this is not funny! DO you know what happens when an official Reikai is expelled off here! No, you CAN'T! What is the meaning of this!"

Koenma bit back his lip, trying to figure out a way to explain.

Slowly he took a breath. "Botan…if you were to stay here…in Reikai…"

Her grip on his loosened slightly.

"…It'll be the end of the world as we know it."

The toddler closed his eyes tightly in fear of how the ferry girl would react. After many moments of uncomfortable silence, he peeked out an eye.

Botan had freed him and was now standing alone, trembling. A trail of tears trickled down her cheeks and she slowly backed away from the desk. "That…that whole thing before wasn't…a d-dream, was it then?"

Koenma raised an interested brow. "If you are referring to the Youko Kurama situation, than 'yes', it wasn't a dream. That is why…if you remain here, all hell will break lose. And…" he turned his chair around, facing his back to her. "I…know that he loves you, Botan. Kurama really does love you -"

"What does that have to do with anything?" Botan cried out, wiping her eyes. "You're prince of Reikai, surely you can--"

"I can't just change the rules here, Botan," Koenma replied calmly. "Reikai ferry girls are meant to have absolutely no contact or relations with anyone and I mean anyone outside Reikai. You know that!"

She remained quiet.

Koenma sighed. "It's best…" he whispered, "It's best for you to leave now…before I fall in love with you too."

Botan bit back a gasp. "Nani?"

"Youko Kurama's presence here proves that if something is not done, in the near future, Reikai will become corrupted and…so will I. Botan…I will end up killing you!"

The bluette looked down onto the floor, suddenly fascinated in the flooring. "But surely," she said slowly, " Surely we can change the future…we can change our destiny--"

"Unfortunately in this case, no."

Botan glance up. "But according to Reikai's regulations…"

"Everyone's memories of you will be erased here. As of yours that has anything to do with Reikai."

"So that's it?" Botan frowned. "I'm just a mere memory you can just erase away! What kind of- what kind of a friend are you? NO! I love it here too much just for you to take it away from me!"

Koenma turned back around in his chair, slight tears springing from his eyes. Slowly, he raise his hand. "I'm sorry Botan. Goodbye."

A sudden dart flew from the corner of the room and blazed into the side of her neck.

Instantly, she fell asleep, falling to the floor.

The person from the corner stepped up, walking over to the bluette's body. Gently, he kneeled down, cupping her cheek into his palm.

Koenma frowned from where he watched, turning away from the scene.

Sayuki's tear-stained face trembled as he embraced the girl one last time.

"I'm sorry Sayuki. I knew that you loved her too…for so long…"

"I don't want to forget."

Koenma sighed in replied.

"You hear me Koenma-sama?" Sayuki whispered against the limp body of Botan. "I don't care how much sorrow it brings me now; I am not having my memories of Botan getting erased." His voice broke. "Never, never…never…"

"…as you wish Sayuki."

A crowd of ferry workers, ogres and Reikai officials all crowded around the doorway, all holding white roses.

One by one, each one bide farewell to their friend and exited, waiting in line to have their minds washed out of any memories of the perky, blue-haired girl.

"Prepare her things. We'll send her down to Ningenkai now."

Goodbye…forever Botan-chan.

Koenma sighed. "…we'll let her keep her memories of here. It's the least we can do for her now."

So that she won't forget us.

Remember us while she still thinks we're all good people.

"Oh, Goodbye Botan."

"Isn't that against Reikai rules?" Hinageshi asked, wiping tears from her cheeks.

Koenma became emotionless. "Yes…but maybe It'll be for the best now."

Everyone watched in sorrow as Botan's body was carried away by Sayuki.

Koenma frowned, wiping the tears from his eyes. "This is the only way to save the future…"

A beep from his desk brought his attention back to him. Dreadfully, he punched the bright red button.

"Yes? Koenma here."

"Sir, the soul you has requested is here."

"Ah…good. Thank you Ayame, I'll take it from here. You can come out station now - I know that you of all people would want to bid Botan a last farewell."

He heard her sigh in relieve. "You mean I'm not to late?" She asked excitedly.


"Thank you, Koenma-sama! I'll go now then!"

A soft hiss at the other end of the line told him that she was already off. Leaning back into his chair, he smiled.

That kitsune better know how lucky he is to have her…

Yusuke, Kuwabara, Hiei, Kurama and Youko all crowded around at Genkai's temple, thinking of ways to infiltrate Reikai's barriers.

"We could all dress up as ferry girls," Kuwabara suggested.

Whack - Whack - Whack - Whack!

Yusuke dusted off his hands after whacking the big oaf. "We can all go contact Hinageshi…" His eyes went to Hiei. "You do miss your girlfriend, ne, Hiei?"

Faster than he could blink, Yusuke was seeing swirls. Hiei placed his kanata back into it's cover.

. . . Silence.

Suddenly, Youko Kurama's eyes flashed a bright gold. Everyone faced him as he began to growl softly.

"What's wrong?" Kurama asked softly. The kitsune form ignored his human half, standing up and sniffing the air.

"She's here."

Suddenly Negi screamed from the next door.

Everyone bolted up, running towards the young kitsune voice, Youko ahead of them all. Roughly, he slashed open the door, breaking it into millions of splinters.


His heart stopped.

In front of them was a woman, around her early twenties but still looked as though she was still in her teen years. If her long, flowing blue hair didn't give her away, her amethyst eyes did. There they all watched as Negi ran up to the mysterious woman, running up and hugging her tightly.


Kuwabara blinked. Hiei smirked. Yusuke gawked. Kurama remain emotionless.

Kuwabara frowned. "Oi, Minamino, who's the hot chick?"

Shuuichi didn't answer as he continued to watch Youko. The kitsune was stupefied, staring out at the scene that played in front of him in disbelieve.

Suddenly, he shook out of his state of shock, running to Negi.

Yusuke frowned at Kuwabara's earlier question, smacking him over the head. "That's Botan," he hissed. Suddenly, he smiled and winked

"…Well…Youko Kurama's Botan."

Kurama watched on as the silver hair kitsune ran up to the older looking version of his Botan, watching as he hugged her and spun her around. Everything seemed to had brightened around them, making it look as if it was a slow-motion romance strait out of a movie. Negi was smiling widely as he was jousted up by the Fox spirit and the three reunited at last.

He slowly broke into a smile.

Well, good for you, Youko Kurama. You got her back.

"Anyone remembers me?"

Kurama's heart skipped a beat as he turned around, seeing the all-to familiar face of her.

Botan smiled widely as her dropped her bags to the floor and ran to the kitsune…

…and into his waiting arm.

Kurama held her tightly, burying his face into her long, soft hair. He faintly notice that Yusuke, Kuwabara and Genkai had all crowded around the ex-ferry girl, joining in on their hugs and excitement.

And faintly, a voice broke from the back of his head:

"Don't mess this up, Shuuichi."

He tearing his eyes away from Botan for a second, noting the Youko Kurama, his wife and Negi had all disappeared. Smiling, he hugged Botan once again.

I won't.

After several minutes of millions of questions and an instant celebration, Kurama slinked up behind her, warping his arms around her waist.

"I love you, Botan."

She smiled. "I love you too, Kurama."

His heart skipped a beat as he gazed lovingly at her.

And she returned it.

Slowly, he reached down and caught their lips in a soft, passionate kiss, which she's openly accepted.

Suddenly, he pulled away slightly. "So, when should we start on making Negi?"

He laughed inwardly as she blushed furiously, hitting his arm with his hand, yelping his name.

"Hey," he replied lovingly, reaching down for another kiss, "Isn't that the only way to save the future?"