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The next day Morgan found herself wishing she hadn't decided to wait one more day. Her body was wracked with anxiety and anticipation. She found herself avoiding her husband's eyes lest those dark orbs send her into another fit of the trembles. After dinner she took a long bath, scrubbing her body until it was almost raw. Unconsciously her fingers swept over her delicate folds wondering what it would feel like to have her husband touch her so. Her hands ran over her small but thankfully still firm breasts hoping that he'd like them. Morgan closed her eyes and pictured Snape lying next to her. Gently running her fingertips over her nipples she jerked her eyes open and the surge of electricity that shot through her body.

Getting out of the bath and toweling off the woman stood in front of the mirror for a long time. I need some exercise, she thought remembering the once taunt muscles that had graced her stomach and legs. A large sigh escaped her lips. To late now, she thought. Grabbing a cotton gown she grimaced at the sight. To frumpy, I want him to desire me. Soon she'd gone through every nightgown and negligee in her possession. To flat, to skinny, to long, way to short, to red, to black, to this and that. Nothing! Nothing was just right. Damn! Morgan began rummaging through her drawer once more in exasperation when her fingers hit on something in the far back. A small package, wrapped in plain paper with a note attached.

My dearest niece. If you are anything like me I know the night will come that you will need something perfect to wear and yet nothing is just right. I hope you don't mind my taking the liberty of this small purchase, not to mention the unmentionable way it got into your underwear drawer...M

Morgan ripped the paper off to find a very simple white gown. The label read 'Perfect Pleasure. An ever changing gown charmed to suit even to most raucous boudoir.' Raucous, she though eying the gown warily was definitely not what she had in mind yet the material slipped smoothly over her shoulders. The flimsy material began to morph into silk and slide down to mid-thigh. Inch long straps over her shoulders the bust rounded and tightened to lift her small breasts to perfection. The silk fluttered as it tightened from her bosom down to her waist before flaring slightly to cover her bottom. One long slit opened clear up to the top of her thigh, showing a great expanse of her long legs. Perfect. Boy do I owe one to Aunt Minerva. A few finishing touches on her hair and make-up and she was ready to go meet her husband.

Shaky fingers closed over the door knob and Morgan took a few long deep breaths to steady her courage. Finally she yanked the door open and stepped out before she could change her mind. Weak legs carried her to the living room where her husband sat on the couch. Since he hadn't heard her, Morgan quickly poured two glasses of wine, ignoring what she'd spilt on the counter in her haste. Downing half of her glass in one gulp her eyes turned to meet Snape's dark ones. His eyes went wide as he stood and she blushed as they slowly traveled the length of her.

"Morgan," he said.

She watched his legs though his trousers make each soft step until they came to a stop at her side. Her gaze wandered up over the slightly starched white cotton shirt, hesitating at the base of his pale neck before continuing to his face. Dark eyes reached deep into her soul and his dammed unreadable expression left her feeling foolish for her preparations. Long white fingers took the glasses from her hands and placed them on the counter before they reached up to cup her face. Gently he pushed a stray curl behind her ear. Morgan felt her entire body tense as her husband leaned forward, but when his lips met hers, the stress began to ease out. All she could think of was the soft feeling of his lips, the delicate way his tongue parted them, the silky texture as it met hers. Arms wound around his neck of their own volition, pulling his body closer as she arched up to deepen the kiss. Slow and long their entwined mouths melded together and when Snape pulled back the breath rushed from her.

"You are mine," he rasped.

A soft sob escaped her lips at his words. His dark eyes gave note to the desire that was just beginning to smolder. Gone was any reluctance, her hands slipped into his silky mane and pulled his lips down roughly. Passion flowed between them as the spark began to ignite. Hands around her waist left their trail as they eased down to cup her bottom.

Snape felt her body react to his touch in a way he'd never hoped possible. She arched into him as if to get as close as possible and the swelling hardness trapped inside his trousers reached back to her. The softness of her bottom was wonderful yet as his hands moved under her gown the skin on the small of her back was like silk under his fingers. Subtly her breathing changed and her body shifted in response to his gentle touch. The fabric fluttered while he slipped it over her head. His wife's large eyes shone with unmistakable desire and perhaps a slight touch of fear. Snape knew that for her letting go of her tightly reigned emotions and succumbing to him completely was an enormous step. He could feel the tingling of electricity as his fingers touched her cheek, down that graceful neck. Morgan moved her head slightly, sighing, eyes never leaving his. He could almost see the trail of heat his fingers made while they slipped over the soft mound of her breast. A soft cry, an indrawn breath at the cupping of that firm mound. It was perfect, soft under his hand yet firm and the swelling of her pink nipple between his fingers gave him but a taste of the new found power he wield.

Never in his not-so-short life had a woman responded to him so. His wife made him feel very much a man, not the greasy git of his past that bore glimmers of disgust and fear behind the masked lashes of the women he rarely spoke to. The months of yearning for her began to flow through his body. From his feet rose the memory of her nearness on the terrace. From his shoulders came the weight of pride he bore from having her beside him at the Quiddich match. His hands emitted the memory of her soft skin under his gentle touch. Escaping from his elbows was the night she'd fallen asleep so comfortably in his arms. From his heart flowed the feeling of her hand upon it as she felt it's steady rhythm. From his lips the gentle softness when she'd tricked him into their first kiss. His pours seeped of the comfort they gave each other in the freezing cold of a winter's night. The small of his back gave off the heat of her lashes against her cheek as he lay her in bed. His knees weakened as they released her dancing lesson, the way she'd been so consumed as to not notice the end of the song. Snape's very soul pulsed at the look of love on her beautiful face. For the first time in his life that soul let loose the first note that within it's own darkness stirred something he'd not known lived there.

He wondered about that loving caress her eyes graced him with. Love? That was to much to expect from any woman, even his wife. Yet, she did desire him. His wife must have hidden that emotion very deeply indeed for if he'd noticed that before he'd have consummated their union without a moment's hesitation.

Bedroom, the thought came to his mind. Grabbing her hand and leading her there was just not the right thing, so he swung her up into his arms and carried her to his room. He could feel the heat radiating from her small frame as it lay nestled against his chest. Her small hand laying against his heart pulled more from him than it's very beating.

Snape set her on her feet and stepped back to take in all the glory that was his wife. Many nights he'd fantasized about her body and now that he saw it for the first time, her perfection far surpassed even his most detailed vision. Her frame was thin yet muscled and taunt, soft and supple. She stood strong and proud under his gaze, taking in his look of desire like it was the very fruit she fed upon. Unconsciously through his awe Severus' fingers mechanically moved down the row of buttons on his shirt before slipping it off. The rest soon followed and he stood naked, the evidence of his need strong and hard. He could hear the shallow gasps of breath pounding like primal instincts in his ears.

Tentative steps brought his wife bare inches from him. Shaky hands reached out to touch his chest. A feather's brush as they traveled over the expanse of his abdomen and the masculine curve of his thigh. Snape stood still while she touched him, her other hand running up his side and down his arm. His body was reveling, muscles flexing slightly under her examinations. Morgan placed her palms on the flat of his stomach, pressing them firm up over his chest. As they wound their way behind his neck her body pressed close. His erection rubbed against the silky skin of her belly and when she pulled his lips to hers, Snape grabbed her bottom, pulling her tight against his hardness.

He was drowning in the murky depth of her kiss. The moist wet taste of her tongue sliding over his was the most wonderous thing ever. Silky, hot textures thrust over his tongue as they devoured each other. It seemed like and eternity they kissed. Such pleasure from so simple a thing. The heady throbbing evidence of his desire stole his attention from her lips and Snape backed her up to the bed.

His wife eased back onto the mattress and Snape covered her body without hesitation. His member met with the hardness of her thigh and the moistness that nestled between those fine legs. Need over came him. The touch of his hands a bit rough on her breasts pulled a mewl from her lips, chest arching into his palm with need. An rect nipple hardened even more when his mouth closed around it. Her nipples were large, swelling under his tongue. Perfect, he thought. Snape's hands began moving, seeking every inch of her soft skin while he lapped the taunt bud. Morgan's fingers twined in his silky hair. They gripped his head, pulling his mouth harder over her mound.

Never before had Snape felt the swell of power his very masculinity held in such a way. Yes, he'd had women before, felt the trembling orgasms he'd created, but this was different. Her body was his, her mind was his. Totally, freely given to him, only him.

His hand slipped between them and into the moist folds hidden between her thighs. Wetness coated him as he explored their depths. A small smile graced his features as she writhed under him. What a beautiful discovery, that his small wife contained so much passion. His fingers continued to delve into the newly discovered expanse that she opened to him completely. Her woman hood was beautiful. A perfect flower with it's delicate pink folds swelling under his touch.

Severus' hardness began throbbing from where it pressed against her leg. His need for his wife was overwhelming and his fingers wrapped around it, staying it at her entrance while he looked into her face. Slowly he entered her until she encompassed him completely. For a long time they stay still. His arms on either side of her Snape took in all of the emotions she loosed into his soul. Her soft breaths barely felt on his skin. A weak plea escaped her lips, "Severus."

The voice as it spoke his name resonated through every cell in his body. Something he'd not noticed before suddenly rung an excruciatingly sensitive note. She's never before used my given name. As close as we've become? This is the first time my wife has uttered my name. Severus. The most beautiful song he'd ever heard sung in a single melodious note. "Say my name again," he begged.

"Severus. Oh, Severus," she said lying perfectly still.

Snape was glad he was still inside of her for this small thing brought him to the very edge of release. Breathing deep for several minutes he stayed himself. The feeling of her around him was enough for now. Morgan's hands reached to cup his buttocks, pulling him closer. The internal pressure was excruciating, delicately balanced on that thin line between pain and almost unimaginable pleasure.

He could feel her fingernails dig into his back, yet rapture blocked their sharpness. All he could feel was the throbbing convulsive grasp of her body on all that he had inside of her. Perfectly aligned pressures. Holding on for dear life. Unable to see or hear anything that isn't Morgan. My reality, my universe.

Her movement under him brought Snape back to life. Slow, intentionally small movements quickened into hard fast thrusts. Morgan's movements matched his, pushing as deeply as possible. Snape was enjoying the immensity of his actions as they made love. Far to soon he felt his release climbing, straining. His climax wrought his body. Spasms of that release filled her as she contracted around him.

Exhausted Snape slowly nestled against his wife. For long moments they gathered their breath. He didn't want to withdraw. The feeling of them joined was to enjoyable. He moved slightly to one side and looked at the smiling face of his lady. His princess. The Potions Master knew she didn't reach her own climax and wondered suddenly about that very masculinity he'd reveled about only a short time ago. The thought that he hadn't brought such pleasure as he received from her bothered him very much. A slight scowl furrowed dark brows. "I don't please you?"

Morgan couldn't help but grin at the silly man. "Severus, how can you doubt that? I assure you, I was very well pleasured."

"You didn't..."

"I never have," she replied.

Snape took in her words and the flush that stained her cheeks. He was shocked. For a woman that obviously had such depth of feeling and passion to have never experienced an orgasm was almost beyond his comprehension. "Never?"

"Never. I guess I just don't have the feelings down there that most women have. Don't worry about it please. I've come to accept the fact that I will never experience that."

"Why would you think such a thing?"

"Well it's never happened."

"Has no man ever tried?"

Please don't let him think I'm a freak, she thought. I can't bear that. Pity is not what I want from my lover. "I've had sex before if that's what you mean." Morgan blushed and fiddled with the pillow, unable to meet his eyes, unwilling to see her fears in their depth. " I'm sorry if I can't be the woman you wish me to be."

Snape's heart began to pulse in his chest at the sadness in her voice. She'd given up on herself so completely that he felt so sad for her. What kind of men had she been with? The crude act of sex itself was one thing but there were many ways to pleasure a woman. Now, he had a goal. His wife had given so much to him, so freely. His body and his mind needed, yearned to wean her of this ridiculous thought that she was no woman to him, worse that she was no woman to herself. Morgan was more than he'd ever hoped for. "My wife," he drawled in that slow deep baritone. Cupping her face in his hands he stared intently in her eyes. She was so lovely to him he felt he could gaze upon her face contently for hours."I believe, that is something I shall just have to see about. Won't I?"


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