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"Cinderella!", cried her evil stepmother. "What are you doing downstairs? Go back up and scrub the floors!"

Cinderella walked slowly up the stairs, tears in her eyes as her stepsisters laughed. 'Oh father,' she thought. 'Please come back soon! You have to see how my family is treating me!'

Her stepsisters came upstairs to laugh at her more as she set a pail of hot water on the wooden floor.

"Here's your rag!", sneered the elder one, throwing an old piece of dirty cloth at Cinderella's face. "Or were you planning to use that dress you're wearing? If you can even call it a dress!"

A single angry tear fell to the floor and mixed seamlessly with the soapy water as she resolutely began to clean.


"I now pronounce you man and wife.", the minister closed his Bible. Anzu looked down at the small bouquet of flowers she was carrying. Her two new stepsisters were whispering something to each other. 'They do realize everyone can see them, right?' The other bridesmaids were looking bored and hot. They were having an unexpected early heat wave.

As the ceremony ended, Anzu rushed forward to talk to her father, but he was busy kissing Tsubasa again.

"Eww...", she murmured, turning back.

"So Anzu-", Hibari said, coming up next to her.

"We just can't wait-", her twin continued.

"To see our new school!

"Are there any, you know-"

"Cute guys?"

"Depends on your definition of cute.", Anzu told them. That 'finishing each other's sentences' thing was really getting on her nerves.

"Hey, Anzu!", she turned around to see Yugi, Honda, Jou, and Jou's sister Shizuka running up to her.

"Oh thank goodness!", she said to herself. "Excuse me, Hibari, Komadori.", Anzu told her new sisters as politely as she could. "I need to go talk to my friends."

"But aren't we your friends too, Anzu-chan?", Hibari pouted.

Anzu stared at her. 'Kami-sama, just what I need...' "Of- of course you are! I just, um...", She pointed at a random person. "Hey that guy looks just like Orlando Bloom!"

"Really?!", the twins squealed, whirling around to look.

Komadori turned around, disappointed. "What are you talking about, Anzu? He, like forty seven and...", the girl trailed off, confused.

"Where'd Anzu run off to?", her sister asked no one in particular.


Anzu weaved through the chattering people, dragging Yugi with one hand, Honda with the other. Shizuka and Jounouchi followed, confused.

"Say, Anzu? Weren't those your stepsisters?", Yugi asked. "I wanted to meet them."

"Sorry Yugi.", ahe replied, stopping, and letting go of their hands. "But you'll have plenty of time to meet them. They're transferring to Domino High."

"Really?", Honda said. "Cool! They were pretty cute!"

"Cute like a raccoon before you realize it's rabid...", Anzu muttered. Actually even she had to admit that the twins were pretty. Even if they did wear WAY too much makeup for her tastes. They both had long black hair, a stark contrast to their mother's titian hair, but had her bright green eyes. And, too often, their eyes shared their mother's disdainful expression. You couldn't see any differnece between them, except for the fact that Hibari wore her hair in a long braid and talked more.

"What do you mean?", Shizuka asked her, confused. "Have they been mean to you?"

She smiled at her. Even though Shizuka was a year younger than her, Anzu had become good friends with her. "Not yet. More like...condescending, I guess."

"Maybe you just need to get to know them better.", Yugi suggested.

"I'll have plenty of time to do that."

"Well, if they do anything to hurt you Anzu, you can bet I'll beat 'em to a pulp!"

Anzu stared at Jounouchi. "You can't do that, Jou! They're just girls! Really, really annoying girls..."

"Well then, we'll give them a 'stern talking to' ", Honda broke in, elbowing his friend. "Right, Jou?"

"Right!", the two gave each other a mischievous grin. Shizuka shook her head at her brother.

Anzu smiled too. She knew that Jou and Honda wouldn't really do anything to Hibari and Komadori, they were just trying to cheer her up.

Yugi looked up at her. "You can always talk to me if they're bothering you Anzu. Sometimes it's better to get your frustration out.", he told her.

"Thanks, Yugi.", the girl responded. He would know, often being the school bullies' favorite target. "I'll probably have to take you up on that soon..."


"And this is what used to be the guest room. You two get to sleep here.", Anzu gestured at the plain room.

Hibari wrinkled her nose. "It's awfully...small, don't you think, sister?"

"You took the words right out of my mouth.", her twin answered, twirling a piece of hair around her finger.

"I mean," began Hibari, "Anzu's room is so much bigger than ours, and she's only one person!"

Anzu twitched slightly as the two began complaining loudly and pointedly at each other. 'They have no right to complain!', she thought venomously. 'They're lucky I don't make them sleep on the roof! Hm. Why haven't I thought of doing that?'

"Oh, giirls!', said their mother in a singsong voice, walking in. "How are you doing unpacking?"

'Oh. That's why.'

"Not so well, Mom.", sighed Hibari, blinking up at her. "This room isn't anywhere near big enough for us! Anzu's room is more the right size, though..."

"I'll ask Ryuichi if you can switch rooms, then.", Tsubasa answered easily.

Anzu stared at her like she was crazy. That had always been her room! And now this- woman- was telling her to move to the guest bedroom? In her own house?! And why did she seem to think that Anzu's father would say yes?

"Thanks, Mom!", the twins hugged her as if she'd just agreed to buying them a pony.

Anzu surreptitiously banged her head against the wall as her stepmother left. "Oh for the love of God, my life is over...", she muttered.

"What was that?"

"Eep!", Anzu squeaked. How had Komadori gotten next to her that fast? Oh well. It must have been her evil stepsister powers. Anzu grinned to herself; she liked that.

"Anyway," Hibari said, grabbing her new stepsister's arm. "Let's go plan out what we're going to put in our new room!"

"No way! It's my room!", Anzu exclaimed, trying to yank her arm back to no avail; Hibari just dug her green-painted fingernails in harder.

"Not for long.", remarked Komadori, pushing Anzu out the door. Her sister proceeded to drag the blue-eyed girl upstairs to her room. They nearly threw her onto her bed as they began inspecting the walls.

"Yes, I think our posters would fit here..."

"Have you ever listened to American boy bands, Anzu? They're soo hot!"

Anzu snorted. She hadn't been too impressed with them, herself.

"Whatever. Anyway, would all of our clothes fit in this closet?"

"I don't know, let's figure it out!", Anzu snuck out as quietly as she could as the twins chattered to each other. She ran down the stairs and into the living room where her father was supervising the movers bringing in the last couple boxes.

"Dad!", she cried.

"Hm?", he turned around and looked at her distraught face. "Anzu, what's wrong?"

"Do you know what those- those - girls are trying to do, Dad? They're trying to steal my room! I mean they just waltzed right in and-"

"Oh," Ryuichi interrupted, looking relieved. "It's just that. I know Anzu, Tsubasa came to me a few minutes ago and asked if it would be all right."

She blinked, hurt, as he waved aside her problem. "And you said no, right?"

"Actually I thought it would be a good idea."


He held up his hands. "Hear me out, please. They had a point. It makes more sense for a bigger room to go to two people and a smaller room to one person. Besides, you're sixteen. You'll be begging to move out soon."

"Sooner than you think...", Anzu muttered. She sighed. "I guess it'd be okay..."

"Thanks, honey.", he gave her a quick hug. "You know what? Why don't you call up some of your friends and they can help you move your stuff."

Anzu brightened a little. "Good idea! But, um, can you take Tsubasa-san and the twins out to dinner or something? It might, um...", she tried to think of a good excuse to get her stepfamily out of the house, "be, uh... crowded in here, you know with all of my friends and them in here...yeah..."

Her father was oblivious to her lame excuse. "Sure, I was planning to take them out anyway."

As Anzu left to go find her cell phone she suddenly stopped. "Wait. He meant to take them out and leave me here alone? Nah, that couldn't have been what he meant..." she shook the thought off and continued on her way.


"My god Anzu.", grunted Jounouchi as he lifted one end of her bureau, Honda on the other end. "What do you have in this thing?"

"You know, Jou.", commented his sister, who was sitting on Anzu's bed with Anzu and Yugi. "It might have been easier if you'd let us take all of the stuff out first."

"Yeah, is it even gonna fit out the door this way?", asked Yugi.

"Only one way to find out.", said Honda as the two inched out the doorway, bumping the furniture on the frame. "Oops, sorry."

"Doesn't matter to me.", Anzu answered, a hint of bitterness in her voice. "It's not my room anymore; it's the twins'.", she blinked, then got a mischievous look on her face. "In that case..."

They all sweatdropped. The three on the bed watched as the other two made their way out of the room and into the hall.

"Do you think we should help them down the stairs?", asked Shizuka.


"They'll probably fall down and break something. Like their necks."

Nevertheless they sat there for several moments before sighing and getting up. However Jou and Honda were already safely halfway downstairs. Yugi leaned on the banister, watching as they went the rest of the way down.

"Good job, guys!", called Anzu. "Only five more things to go!" The two groaned.

"One was hard enough.", but Jou made his way up to them anyway.

"And we'll even help you this time!", said Yugi, grinning brightly.

Honda and Jounouchi sweatdropped at their idea of 'helping'. While they carried a desk, Anzu had a lamp, Yugi a large pencil sharpener and case of pencils from off of the desk, and Shizuka had a stack of books. They continued this way for a while, the two stronger boys carrying furniture, while the others carried smaller things. After an hour or so, they finally had all of the major things out of the room, besides the things that would stay in the room, including the bed and an old table that Anzu had never really like anyway.

"Well that was fun.", ssaid Honda, stretching. "I think I'll leave now."

He didn't even get a chance to turn around before Anzu protested. "What are talking about? Now we have to put everything into my new room!"

"Oh great..."


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