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Kokoro no Tsubasa
Wings of the Heart


Could I have imagined anything worse than this? The pain, sharp and true, pulsing with each step I made down the stone-paved ground. I felt that deep pounding within my chest, the quick beat of my heart. I could hear nothing but the rain on the polished stone, their constant sounds mixing with the echoes of pained yells and panting breath.

I soon lost those who ran behind me, my athletic body allowing me to endure this long, painful run. What surprised me was that the one whom I was folowing ran more than I ever could've imagine. He drove himself to follow the one he loved, even if he would collapse. I could see him slowing, his movements, although keeping his pace, seemed to tire.

And then, it stopped.

I heaved, sucking air into my lungs at such a rapid rate, I felt that they would explode, but I continued standing, several feet behind him. He was on his knees, face in his hands, and his back was shaking. I didn't want to move any closer, so I could do nothing else but wait. They eventually caught up, stopping by my side. None of us wanted to be the one to break the silence. But we had to.


The man infront of us stopped his shaking, arms moving to wipe the tears that came to him. He stood, not daring to turn around, his hands clenched together tightly, as if perhaps that coud distract his pain.

"I'm sorry everyone, please, there's no need for you all to be out here..." It seemed he refused to face us.

None of us moved. We all knew that we had to be here. He was in pain, and we wanted to confort him, and share his heartbreak with us. I said to myself I would stay here, no matter the rain or wind, and I'm sure the others had said the same to themselves.

"Sempai? Please come back in with us. We're so far from Hinata- Sou..." Shinobu's voice trailed off.

He said nothing, keeping his face forward so we could only see the back of his head. I couldn't help but wonder if Shinobu did right, but it was dark, raining, and windy. None of us knew that this would only be the beginning of something that none of us would be able to endure for long. This would be the beginning of Keitaro Urashima's long and curving path to putting his heart in one piece.