Starting Over


Hey, I totally don't own the Erin Bennett series…I'm just a high school sophomore who wants to continue the story…That's all…

   Erin Bennett shielded her eyes from the sun with her hand. She was finally here after a year of waiting. After declaring her fully cured of her mysterious headaches, Dr. Richardson had given the go signal. She could go away to college!

   In the beginning, she was kinda doubtful about changing schools. She was, after all quite settled at Hillsborough Junior College and knew she would miss her friend Beth Clark.

   "Well, at least here I can start over…"she thought. "No more headaches, no more bad memories.  It would be impossible for me to bump into anyone I know here.  FSU is so huge!"

   "Hey, Erin!  Erin Bennett!  Over here!"

   Erin turned around and saw a blonde-haired boy waving to her from FSU's main gate.


   David rushed to her side.

   "Erin! How are you? I thought you were going to junior college."  David gave her one of his mega-watt smiles. She was so busy staring at him that it took some time before it registered to her that he had asked her a question.

   "Huh? Oh! Uh, well, Dr. Richardson declared me fully cured so my parents finally allowed me to come here."

   "Oh.  Say, would you like to go--"he was cut short by a petite girl with dark brown hair who approached them.

   "David, sweetie, hi!"

   "Miranda, hi!"

   She looked Erin over. "Sweetie, who's the girl? You didn't introduce me at all!"

   "Oh! Yeah! Miranda, my friend from highschool, Erin Bennett." He turned to the blonde girl. "Erin, my girlfriend Miranda Summers."

   "Nice to meet you, Erin!"

   "Uhmmm…nice to meet you too Miranda," Erin said with a smile. She didn't know why but she suddenly felt very jealous of the girl.  A year ago when they had been working on a play, Erin and David had become quite close. In the beginning, Erin avoided David because of his similarity to her dead sister.  Their relationship bloomed eventually but because they were both seniors, Erin had kept her distance after a while. It was David who insisted on their seeing each other more often. She never expected him to have a girlfriend of his own. Well she thought bitterly we didn't see each other for a year. I shouldn't have expected him to still be smitten with me!

   "So, Erin, you want us to show you around?" David asked.

   "Sure." Erin said.

   "But, David sweetie, I promised Angela we'd meet her in the coffee shop!" Miranda said, whining.

   "I forgot." David turned to Erin. "Erin, can I just show you around some other time?"

   "Oh, sure. I'll just find my way around alone."  Erin turned around abruptly. She didn't want David or Miranda to see the tears forming in her eyes.  

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