Rain drizzled outside of Hogwarts on the night of the Masquerade Ball as Ginny Weasley sat on her window seat. "Gin, come on! How do I look?" Hermione Granger asked as she twirled around. Her baby pink dress swirled around her as she laughed.

Ginny looked at her friend and smiled. "You look great." It was true. Hermione looked better than she did a few years ago. Her hair was slightly wavy and hung to her shoulders; she had grown taller and slimmed out. She looked like a princess in her pink dress.

"You, wow, Gin. You look amazing." Hermione gaped as Ginny stood from her seat.

"Thanks." Ginny looked down at her black and green gown that fit her bodice and then flowed past her feet. Hermione may have looked like a princess, but Ginny looked like a goddess. Her red hair contrasted perfectly with the colors of the gown as it swirled down to her shoulder blades.

"Ready to go?" She asked; Hermione nodded and they descended the stairs to the common room. Harry and Ron awaited their presence with Lavender on the couch by the fireplace.

"Ahem." Hermione cleared her throat and the two boys looked up in awe. Ginny was the first one to walk down the stairs.

"You look beautiful, Gin." Harry whispered, giving her a kiss on the cheek. Ginny smiled and nodded her thanks before placing her mask over her eyes and walking to the hearth.

"Y-you are the... most gorgeous person I-I have ever seen, Hermione." Ron stumbled on his words as he kissed his girlfriend.

"Why thank you, handsome." She sighed against his lips. Soon, her mask was covering her eyes as well.

"We'd better get going. We're already late." Hermione stated almost angrily as she stepped into the corridor with Ron. Harry held out his arm to Lavender, his date, and they left as well, leaving Ginny behind.

She didn't really want to go to this dance. She didn't have a date and she was sure that she wouldn't leave with one by the end of the night. It would've been so much easier to just stay in and, say, work on her Transfiguration project. The only reason she was going tonight was because Lavender, Hermione, and Parvati had all agreed to make her gorgeous.

They had spent an entire Hogsmeade day shopping for the perfect dress and matching accessories. It had taken them five hours to complete this task, and the mirror told her it was worth it. Shyly admitting to herself that she did look beautiful in her gown and makeup, she sat on the couch.

"Why is it so difficult for me to be social?" She wondered aloud.

"Because you won't give yourself a chance, Gin." A voice came from the direction of the staircase.

"Hey Colin." She said.

"How'd you know it was me?" He laughed and sat next to her.

"It would be horribly wrong for me not to recognize my own best friend, Gin." She sighed and removed her mask.

"I don't think I want to go. There's nothing and no one for me at this school except education. I'm ready for next year to be over and it's not even the beginning of November of this year!" Colin sat up straight and looked Ginny directly in the eyes.

"Ginny, you are the most beautiful person I have ever met. You just don't give yourself that credit. I would bet my life that if you walked down to the ball looking as ecstatic as you do right now, you would have so many guys approach you. Trust me. You're better than you know." He kissed her cheek and held out a hand to help her up. She stood and put her mask back in place.

"Ready to go? I'll walk you at least as far as the bottom of the grand stairs. But I promised Hannah Abbott a dance." Ginny giggled and they walked out of the common room.

Her heels clicked on the marble stairs as she made her way to the Great Hall. The d├ęcor was beautiful, almost entrancing, as she finally stepped off of the stairs. Colin had left her before they were halfway down the stairs and the others had left a half hour ago and she didn't feel like being their third, or in tonight's case, fourth, wheel.

The giant doors opened and she stepped into the dim-lighted hall. People stopped whatever they were doing to look at her, to wonder who this mystery goddess was. She congratulated herself at the heads she turned and made a mental note to remember to thank Colin for being so right. The girls scowled as their dates watched her carefully. Deciding she was thirsty, she walked gracefully over to the punch bowl.

"You look beautiful." A deep voice said. Ginny turned sharply to see a tall figure in a suit hold out a cup of punch for her.

"Thank you. You look quite handsome yourself." She whispered softly, enclosing her delicate fingers around the cup. His voice was so familiar, yet so foreign at the same time. The man seemed to stare at her in fascination, taking in every aspect of her. The black and silver mask that covered her eyes left her rosy lips and freckle-spotted nose very visible. Her dark colored hair was wavy and seemed to fall ever-so-gracefully around her shoulders, stopping just above her breast. He couldn't quite make out the color, but he suspected, by the tint in the light, that it was some sort of auburn or red.

They talked for a while as they watched couples come and go on the floor. He was captivated by her angelic voice and the soft giggles that she emitted every time he said something amusing. She was gorgeous. A very slow song started to play and he held out his hand, deciding that he had had enough of just talking to this angelic creature.

"Care to dance?" He asked in a silky tone. Ginny placed her drink on the table and let her palm slide into his as they moved to the center of the room. She wrapped her arms around his neck and he hung his arms around her waist. Their bodies fit together perfectly. She sighed contently as they swayed. He heard her sigh and relaxed. After the first song had stopped, she glanced up at him.

"Thank you." She whispered before he had leaned his head down to capture her lips. When he had moved away, she still had her arms around his neck. She looked at him in awe and he began to move with the new song.

"There's no need for thanks." He replied, gently coaxing her into moving with him again. It just seemed so right to have her in his arms, against his body, as the music played.

They had gone through at least seven songs now and Ginny's feet were starting to kill her. When the song ended, she stopped moving and looked up into his eyes. They were so light and so deep.

"Something wrong?" Her partner asked politely.

"No, it's just that these forsaken heels are killing me." He chuckled and they found a table where she could take off her shoes and enjoy a dessert.

"What year are you in?" She asked before taking a bite of a chocolate.

"Seventh. You?" He took a sip of his drink and stood, taking her hand and bringing her with him.

"Sixth." She replied shyly.

"Want to take a walk?" He requested, watching her nod. They walked into the gardens and sat on a bench.

"It's so quiet out here. I've never seen anything more beautiful." Ginny whispered as she looked up through the rain at the stars.

"I do believe I'm sitting next to it." The boy said. Ginny turned her head and he took the opportunity to meet his lips with hers. She took the time to relish this moment and try to keep every memory she could. He tasted like vanilla and cinnamon; he was so soft. His kiss was not hard or demanding, but gentle and pleading. When they broke apart, Ginny felt his hands on the sides of her mask and she mirrored him.

"On three?" He asked; she nodded and swallowed.

"One... two... three." The both pulled of the other's mask and gasped