Ginny Weasley was alone in a dark dungeon, hugging her knees close to her chest. She was still dressed in her gown, but it no longer made her feel beautiful. It was ripped from being thrown into the dungeon and scraping against the stone.

The only light came from candles that flickered along the walls. Rusted chains hung in pairs on the walls and she prayed she would be rescued before she found herself dangling like a prisoner.

But that's what she was. A prisoner.

She looked around helplessly, trying to find a way out. The door was the only visible option. She slowly stood and walked over to it, pushing with all of her might. The thick wood was too heavy and she slammed her fist on it.

"Welcome to Malfoy Manor, Miss Weasley." The voice was cold and sent shivers down her spine.

Turning hesitantly, she locked eyes with Lucius Malfoy.

"There's really no chance of escape." He laughed and strode toward her, making her back into a wall.

"I can see why Draco wanted you as his play toy. You really have grown up, little Weasley."

She turned her head to avoid his eyes, but his thin fingers snapped her chin up and her innocent brown eyes met his own cold, steel ones. He chuckled at her shaky breathing and she choked as she noted that his breath still smelled of Firewhiskey, even more so than before. She watched as he lowered his gaze, allowing it to rake down her body.


She closed her eyes.

"Look at me when I speak to you!" He bellowed, his hand meeting her cheek in an echoing slap.

Tears began running down her face as she forced herself to look away.

He grabbed her by the arm and turned her abruptly over to another wall where chains were hanging. Her arms were raised and tightly locked above her head. The chains, rusted from age, dug into her skin. She struggled against them and blood began trickling down her arms.

"Do you know what sort of danger lies ahead of you?"

She didn't answer and he slapped her again, his ring making a cut by her brow.

"You will learn."

"Why are you doing this?" The words were forced and barely audible.

This only made her captor laugh.

"This is punishment. Draco was born into this world of worshipping the Dark Lord. He was brought up knowing the darkest of curses, preparing for the day when the great war would divide the wizarding world. On his eighteenth birthday, he receives the dark mark. This gallivanting around, defying me, is going to stop. That's where you come in, Miss Weasley." He walked to the door and then stopped to turn and look at her.

"Draco knows better than to stray, but now he must be punished. Oh yes, he will learn quite a lesson tonight."

Ginny shuddered. She knew that if Draco came for her it would seal the deal.

"It's not his fault. Please don't --"

A crash from down the hall interrupted her and their focus fixed on the door. Heavy, quick footsteps made their way closer and closer until they stopped. Muffled voices were heard coming from the corridor followed by a flash of red light and the soud of stiff bodies hitting the floor. No doubt the petrificus totalus curse. Suddenly, fear became very apparent to Ginny.

Lucius waved his wand and Ginny was invisible against the wall. Why was he hiding her?

The door flew open and in stormed Draco. Ginny's heart jumped and she tried to call out for him but her words were silent. Cursing in her head, she struggled against her chains, desperately wanting to get to him.

He had come for her.

He still loved her.

"Where is she?" She had never heard his voice so harsh.

"No greeting, Draco?" Lucius laughed.

Draco looked anything but amused.

"I said where is she?" He demanded again.

Lucius took slow steps, circling Draco who stood there with clenched fists. His eyes had become a harsh, angry silver. They raked the room, passing unknowingly over Ginny.

"A Weasley, Draco. A common whore. A blood traitor. How dare you turn your back on the Dark Lord." His words taunted Draco as he stopped in front of him.

"This is the last time I'm going to ask, Father. Where is she?"

"She is right under your nose, Draco, yet so far out of your reach. Your secret's out and everyone knows. You've been a very naughty boy, Draco. You can't expect to walk without punishment. The Dark Lord has plans for her tonight." He smiled cruelly.

"Let her go. He will not touch her!" Draco roared.

"He's promised it will be a great show. You should stick around." Lucius cakled as Draco was forced into a chair as chains wound their way around his body. He flicked his wand again and Ginny became visible.


Dried blood stained her arms while fresh blood emerged from a cut on her forehead. He noticed that her gown was ripped and fraying. Her beautiful red hair was matted to her head and little tendrils stuck to her tearstained face. Her soft brown eyes stared back at him, full of fear and desperation.

"Let her go!"

Lucius merely grinned and walked over to Ginny. A small tear rolled down her flushed cheek and he pressed his cold lips against it. She flinched but never removed her eyes from Draco.

"Don't worry, Miss Weasley. It only hurts at first. Are you frightened?"

She did not respond, eyes fixed on her Draco.

Lucius grabbed her chin roughly, pulling her against her chains and up to him. She cried out as the rusted metal cut deeper into her flesh.

"I told you to look at me when I'm talking to you."

Her eyes remained on Draco. She longed for this all to be a dream. She wished they were back in his bed, tangled in each other. But reality hit her hard as Lucius backhanded her and she slumped back against the wall, crying.

"Don't touch her!" Draco struggled madly against his binds.

"Your little whore hasn't been trained properly, Draco. Disobedient and disrespectful. Have no fear, though. Tonight will teach you both a lesson. Oh yes, it shall be --" Lucius was cut off by the sliding sound of metal. He turned and watched as an object rolled from Ginny's shoulder down between her breasts, snapping as it came to rest in the middle of a chain.

"What is this?" He moved closer.

Draco halted his fight and went stiff.

The ring.

Lucius let out a roar of fury.

"The Malfoy Crest?"

He took hold of the ring and tore it from around Ginny's neck causing her to yelp.

"How dare you, Draco!"

Draco's chains disappeared and he fell to the floor.

"The punishment begins now! Crucio!"

A high-pitched scream sounded through the room. It was not Draco who had been struck, but Ginny.

"Stop it! She can't take it! Stop!" Draco cried. It was more than he could bear watching her twist in agony in her chains.

He rushed to her, fumbling with his wand. Finally, the chains unlocked and she fell into his arms, still writhing and crying out in pain. Blood seeped from her wrists and onto his robes as she thrashed about. And then the motion stopped. She was limp in his arms.

"Hold her while you can, Draco. This is just the beginning." Lucius warned. The Dark Lord would be arriving at any moment to claim his prize, his sweet Ginevra Weasley. Lucius watched bemusedly as his son, the prince of darkness, cradled the girl who was the epitome of light. Oh yes, the night would be very rewarding.

"Ginny. Ginny, you have to wake up. Please." She was still. Her face was wet from tears and the cut on her forehead had yet to stop bleeding. Draco felt his anger overpower the sadness as he laid her gently on the ground.

"Let us go." He demanded as he walked angrily toward his father.

"Deatheaters do not fall in love, Draco. They breed. And tonight, tonight will be the beginning of a new life for our Lord. It starts with her."

Draco drew his wand, pointing it at his father's chest.

"Go on, Draco. Kill me. But then remember that there is no where safe. You can run, but they will catch you. They'll catch you and kill you both. You'd be running from your past and from a fate that you can't escape. You were born into darkness, and forever in darkness will you stay." Lucius knocked Draco's wand out of his hand and it flew across the room.

"I will teach you to defy me, boy!" He roared at his son, raising a fist to strike him.

"Lucius!" A voice hissed.

A black- hooded figure stood in the doorway as dozens of the most powerful male deatheaters poured into the room.

"Enough." It spoke again, moving forward toward the father and son.

"My Lord..." Lucius dropped to his knees as Draco moved back to where Ginny lay.

"Ginny. Ginny, please wake up." he pleaded with her unmoving body.

"Young Master Malfoy." The Dark Lord spoke and the room fell silent.

Draco stood with Ginny in his arms. The Dark Lord's hood fell back and Draco found himself staring into the eyes of Satan. He backed against the wall and held Ginny protectively. He wouldn't let this happen to her. The Dark Lord's eyes raised in curiosity.

"I see that you have dutifully collected my beloved Ginevra, Lucius, but what is this?" A pitch of amusement formed as he spoke. Draco held tighter to Ginny as Lucius rose to answer.

"It seems as though my son has become infatuated with the little Weasley girl." It was hard to miss the malice in his voice.

The Dark Lord walked over to where Draco stood and ran a long, bony finger down Ginny's cheek.

"Calm down, Lucius. Now, Draco. Your heart lies with Ginevra, but how far would you go to save what is rightfully mine? A duel perhaps? No, much too easy. Nonetheless, I will think of something. Hand her to me." The Dark Lord spoke.

"Never." Draco growled bravely.

"Foolish boy!" Lucius cried.

With a wave of the Dark Lord's hand, a deatheater pulled Ginny away from Draco as two more grabbed his arms.

"I do not have time for this nonsense. We will move into the larger chamber. Gentlemen..." He smiled. "Let the fun begin."

Hearty laughter erupted from the group as they began to move out. Draco, struggling mightily, was dragged to the far end of the room. The large man who was carrying Ginny tossed her carelessly into the middle of the floor, her limp body landing with a soft thud.

"You'll learn what it is to turn your back on us, Young Master Malfoy."

Ginny stirred on the floor and all attention in the room rested on her. She whimpered in pain, her eyes opening to take in the sight before her. There were dozens upon dozens of deatheaters surrounding her, masks off. She recognized more men than she would have like, including Blaise and his father.

"Ginny!" Draco was alive. Excitement overwhelmed her, but as she made to turn and look for him, a pair of anonymous hands pulled her to her feet.

"How lovely of you to join us, my pet." A sharp voice hissed.

She looked up and saw the Dark Lord standing before her. His cold fingers cupped her cheek, coaxing her to look at him. She grimaced as he moved forward to kiss her, nearly gagging as his lips touched hers. When he pulled away, the taste of death lingered and he smiled. She felt helpless. Draco was there in the room, but she hadn't seen him. He was now a prisoner too and there was no hope. Her thoughts were halted as the Dark Lord began to speak again.

"My sweet Ginevra. I can see why you're so torn up over her, Draco. She's simply delicious." He licked his lips and grabbed her arm, spinning her to face Draco. She struggled slightly, but his hands were holding her firmly against him.

She stared at Draco. He was angry, but looked helpless as he was held by two men that she did not recognize. They brought him closer to where she was being held. He looked at her with pleading eyes; they begged for her forgiveness.

"Is she any good, Draco?" The words were foul and the hands holding Ginny moved to where only Draco had touched her. She stared into Draco's eyes, fearing for her life. A tear escaped, but the Dark Lord was quick to catch it with his tongue. This made Draco angrier as he threw his entire body weight against his captors, desperate to save his Ginny.

"So eager to be the knight in shining armour and rescue his sweet princess. Well then, she must be good." Laughter arose in the room as he let go of Ginny.

"Show me."

Ginny paled and Draco stood still.

"You can't --" Draco was cut off as the two men who had been holding him let go.

"I said show me." The Dark Lord repeated as he shoved Ginny to her knees in front of Draco.

Draco gathered her in his arms as she cried. She clutched his robes as he loomed protectively over her.

"Please, just let her go. She's done nothing."

"I think we've played cat and mouse for too long. Now is your chance, Draco. it would be unwise to pass it up." The Dark Lord's eyes narrows and the crowd of men surrounding them laughed in anticipation.

Draco looked down at Ginny. The dress she had fallen in love with in Madam Malkin's was now shredded and stained with blood. She was shaking with fear. The choice was there before him. Either one would humiliate her. Either one would leave her broken. How could he have let this happen to her?

"Ginny..." His voice trailed off.

Take her there and now or leave her helpless with merlin knew how many deatheaters.

"Well, Draco?" The snakelike voice hissed at him.

The fear in her eyes shattered his heart. It had only been a few hours since they had fallen in his bed together, wrapped up in each other.

Then again, it had only been a few hours since he had watched her heart break as he told her to leave. It had been to save her. Yet here they were, clinging to each other, waiting for the decisive words to come from Draco. They had been wrapped up in the throes of passion, but this was much different.

"Take her from him." The Dark Lord commanded impatiently.

"No! Alright." Draco felt his soul being ripped into a million pieces as Ginny made to push away from him, terror written all over her face. The Dark Lord smiled wickedly as he watched the scene unravel before him.

"Draco?" She whispered, not wanting to believe that he would do this to her.

"There's no other way, Ginny. I can't let them touch you, you have to do this. You have to do this to save yourself." He pleaded as he reached for her.

Ginny stepped backwards, bumping into two more deatheaters who, at the Dark Lord's signal, grabbed hold of her arms.

"Time's up."

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