"His Eyes"
A Hime-chan no Ribbon fanfic by Ina-chan
June 2, 2000

Indicates Hime-chan's letter to Erika.
[Indicates flashback]

Nee, Erika. I'm sorry I haven't written in a while. How have you
been? How is Pokota doing? I'm going to write him a letter as well,
after I finish writing yours. Me? I'm doing fine. Though I'm feeling a
little stressed.

The soft breeze played mischievously with wisps of the young girl's
golden locks as she watched the boy seated on the sofa while waiting
anxiously for his reply to her answer. She clenched and unclenched her
hands nervously on her lap as the boy lifted his eyes from the reader in
his hands to meet hers.
The girl's jaw fell as the boy nonchalantly returned his attention to
the book in his hands. Nonohara Himeko pulled her chin length hair in
frustration. "Mou! DAICHI!!! Stop asking me the hard questions!!!"
"No way!" Kobayashi Daichi replied in that annoying smug manner of
his, ignoring one of the patented if-looks-can-kill-look the growling girl
was giving him.

Its almost time for the high school entrance exams. I'm doing my
best, you know how much I really want to get into Kazetachi High School.
Daichi is helping me review in the hideout right after cram school. He's
such a slave-driver! Sometimes I think he's even worse than Pokota!

Even so... I think I'm growing to love Daichi even more and more
everyday... But... Lately, he's been acting really strange. As if he's
afraid to be around me. He hasn't even tried to... not since... that

[The one thing she hated more than crying, was for other people to
see her cry. But somehow, Daichi managed to see through her happy mask.
Pokota's gone forever! Daichi was the only one who could understand how
she feels. Running to him and crying her heart out on his shoulder seemed
the natural thing to do. She didn't even notice when Daichi gently pushed
her back to face her.
"...Nonohara," was all he whispered before she felt his warm lips
over hers. Himeko's eyes widened in surprise and could only gape in shock
as he pulled away to envelop her in his arms. "I'm here. I'll always be
It was at that moment when she realized how much she truly loved her
rebellious hellion. The girl closed her eyes and let herself be engulfed
in his comforting warmth.]

Come to think of it, Erika... He hasn't really told me how he feels
about me. Lately, when things start to get serious, its seems as if he
always does something intentionally to ruin the mood. Mou! It's really

"Oi, Nonohara! Pay attention!" Daichi called out to her, irritation
lacing his voice, "Oi, Shounen*!"
The girl bristled at the sound of that annoying nickname he
occasionally uses to annoy her. She marched toward the boy and towered
over him with her patented if-looks-can-kill-part-2, "WHAT DID YOU JUST
CALL ME?!?!?"
Daichi simply doubled over in laughter.
"Mou! You're hopeless!" Himeko sighed in disgust. The girl padded
over to the chair adjacent to the sofa and sulkily plunked herself on the
seat. "Nee, Daichi," Her voice lowering to a more serious tone
"Nani?" Daichi managed to gasp from his mirth
The girl absent-mindedly twirled a golden lock on her fingertips, "Do
I... do I really still look like a boy... even with my hair a bit longer?
Tell me the truth."
"The truth?" Daichi replied thoughtfully as he scratched his chin,
"No. With you're hair longer, you look much prettier to be called a
"Really?" Himeko brightened at the boy's comment.
"I guess I should start calling you Bishounnen*," Daichi added
"MOU!!!! Daichi, you jerk!" The girl launched herself from her chair
indignantly and repeatedly pelted the boy with her seat cushion.

Why does he always do that, Erika? Its so annoying. He isn't mean
any other girls like he is to me. He's nice and polite to everyone else.
Well... even somewhat to Hibino-san. And... there's HER too...

"Honestly Daichi!" Himeko huffed sulkily on the sofa beside the boy,
"Sometimes I think you just like hang around me to torture me."
"Nani?" A frown knotted on the boy's forehead, "What are you talking
Himeko opened an eye and playfully peered at the puzzled boy,
"Sometimes, I feel that you would rather have a more feminine companion
than me."
"Someone like who?" Daichi inquired with a raised eyebrow
"Well," Himeko began as she brought out a finger, "Maybe someone like
"What?" Daichi snorted incredulously, struggling to maintain a
serious expression
Himeko held out a second finger, "There's also Hibino-san."
"HIBINO!" Daichi gagged, visibly looking a bit ill
In spite of herself, a smile inched its way to Himeko's face at the
sight of her companion's face. It quickly vanished, however, when the next
name left her lips, "And... Hijiri-san." Himeko bowed her head and started
fiddling with her fingers.
"Yuka?" Daichi began, but stopped himself when the girl's body
language registered in his mind. He couldn't help but smile at the scene
before him, "Nonohara, you're not jealous of Yuka, aren't you?"
"OF COURSE NOT! WHY SHOULD I BE?" Himeko snapped instinctively as she
stood up to leave the room
However, the boy caught her wrist and pulled her back to her seat
before she can take a step away. Daichi firmly clasped her hand into his
and simply sat beside her quietly, waiting for the girl to calm down.
Himeko let out a long sigh, "How am I supposed to feel? I know you've
known her since you were little. But she's so much prettier than I am. And
she's feminine and so good at everything. And you're extra nice to her. You
even call her by her first name...*"
"Nonohara," Daichi began in a quiet voice, "Yuka is like a sister to
"She can do everything I can do and twice as better," Himeko retorted
"That's not true," Daichi replied, "There's one thing you do that she
can't even do a fraction of."
"And what's that? Beat you to a pulp?" Himeko sighed, feeling a bit
of her usual humour returning
Daichi absent-mindedly twined his fingers with her hands, "How you
make me feel."

Manami, Icchan and I watched a movie a long time ago. I didn't
really pay that much attention to it back then. The movie went on something
in the line about men looking at things in a different perspective than
women. And that men normally don't say out loud what they really feel.
That's why it was important to look at the other person's eyes to know
exactly what they're trying to say...

The girl didn't expect him to say that. And from the look of things,
he didn't expect it to come out that way either. Both fidgeted
uncomfortably in the room's awkward deafening silence as they felt
themselves flushing bright red right down to the tips of their toes. Himeko
could feel her hand burning in his, but was too shocked and embarrassed to
pull away.
"Da...daichi..." Her voice trailed away.
There was no backing out from a situation like this. So the young man
did the only thing he can do... move forward. Trying to summon his courage,
he forced himself to look at her and cleared his throat. "Himeko...Would...
would you like to know? How?"
The girl shyly looked up to meet his eyes, and could only reply with
a simple nod.

Daichi's eyes has a variety of expressions. One of my favourites is
that look he has when he's thinking. When his brown eyes come alive and
turn inward as weighs and deliberates the options in his plans. How his
eyes grow wide and lighten up when he arrives on an answer. Another is how
his eyes shines and becomes animated when he talks about steam trains and
the trips all over Japan he's been planning.
There are also times when he looks at me with the same serious
expression on his face. The only difference is that I don't understand what
he says with his eyes. Its as if a variety of thoughts and emotions go
through him at the same time, creating a turbulent storm. Its then that I
could feel myself falling... getting lost in those dark depths. But when I
try to reach out for him to steady myself... he would always move away.

His lips moved, but his voice failed him. So his hands abandoned its
captive as he reached out to cradle her face. Himeko closed her eyes as his
warm lips claimed hers. There was something oddly different with this kiss.
Desperation? Hunger? Danger? It felt as if something awakened from within
her chest and was painfully struggling to get out.

It hurts when he does that. But lately, everything he does seems to
hurt. Even just being with him. My chest hurts when I'm with him. I feel as
if I'm lost and drowning in an endless stormy sea. I struggle to rise above
the waters, but wave after wave would pound me deeper into the sea. It hurt
to breathe the same air around him. I hurts so much that I feel like I
would die... but the thought of not being with him hurt even more...

They reluctantly parted to control their laboured breaths. Himeko
collapsed on her seat... feeling a little overwhelmed at the emotions
running through her.
"Its getting late," Daichi suddenly spoke, "We better get on our
"Un..." Himeko replied dumbly in agreement

Do you think I'm going crazy, Erika? Sometimes it feels that way. I
don't understand any of this at all. And the more I try to think about it,
the more confused I become. Mou!

The street lamps started to flicker on in the dim evening sky.
Himeko spent a good number of evenings with Daichi like this. Walking in
each other's company, sometimes teasing each other... sometimes talking...
or sometimes like this. Just enjoying walking with each other in silence.
Lately, she's been feeling more and more disappointed at the sight of her
house at the end of their walks.
"Nonohara," Daichi began as he handed her bag, "I think we should
start reviewing in the library after cram school."
Himeko blinked, "Nani?"
"I just think..." Daichi looked away uncomfortably as a visible red
flush started to invade his face and ears, "I just think it would be for
the best."
"H-hai," Himeko replied, studying her shoes, as she felt an identical
flush rising on her own face
"I'll see you tomorrow."
"Ja ne."

I'm going to stop bothering you with my craziness now. Say hello to
everyone for me. I'll write some more later. Write back quickly, nee?

Your friend who misses you very much,


*Shounen - boy. When Hime-chan and Daichi first met, Daichi thought Hime-
chan was a boy. It has been a running joke in the anime and early in the
manga with Daichi teasing her by calling her a "boy".

*Bishounnen - "pretty boy" ^_^.

* In Japan, a non-related boy calling a girl by her first name implies a
close relationship between the two of them. It could be because the girl is
a childhood friend or she is a girlfriend.

Author's squawk:

WAI! Here it is! My FIRST "Hime-chan no Ribon" fanfic!

I know, how I presented it is confusing, ne? ^_^. Originally, I started
this out as a dojin. But after working almost 3 hours on one page (which
was barely one scene)... GYEH! Its too much work for Ina-chan. Maybe I'll
finish it someday. Of maybe I'll get my sister to illustrate it for me.
^_^. But I just had to gotta get this storyline out of my system... that's
why I wrote it that way. And yes, Meach... see? One more step closer to a
lemon! ^_^. I think the love-love scene here is more lime-ish than my usual
ones, ne? GAG Heh-heh. Someday I will write a full-blown lemon... I
swear! ^_^.

This storyline is based on the manga. It also happens after Erika takes
back the ribbon and takes Pokota with her to the Land of Magic BUT before
the "3 years in the future" storyline. So Daichi didn't move away... and
REFUSE to use that "Marmalade Boy" formula in any of my fics. Heh-heh...
^_^. Mind you, I love "Marmalade Boy", but it just danged annoys me that so
many shoujo storylines adopt that "guy leaves the girl behind and try and
fail to have a long distance relationship" thing.

Well... I babbled enough!