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Chapter 4: Ron Helps Out

Close to lunchtime, Hermione was not looking to well. Harry kept nudging her; she'd give him a dirty look and go back to listening to the class that was going on. But at the end of Charms, Hermione ran out of class as soon as the bell was heard without her things.

Ron gave Hermione (Harry), an odd look and ran after her. Harry grabbed their things that they both left behind and he too took off out of the room.

Hermione was found first by Ron. "Harry what is the matter?"

Hermione was sitting on the floor of the hallway outside the restrooms. She was crying, "I can't tell you..." she mumbled through her sobs.

"Why not?" Ron said, "I am your friend, you can tell me anything."

"No, it's something that I -I just don't want to talk to you about—it's to weird." Hermione looked very pale.

Harry caught sight of the both of them and walked over dropping their things next to them. "Thanks for making me carry it all!" Harry said out of anger.

"Sorry," Hermione said, "I-I had to--" she couldn't finish for she began to cry again.

"What is wrong Harry?" Harry asked her in a concerned but angry voice.

"I can't tell you either—maybe we should tell someone about this," Hermione said in a way that was asking Harry.

"Why what is it?" Harry said getting worried look on his face.

"Maybe I should get the Healer," Ron said jumping back into the conversation.

"No Ron," Hermione said unsure like, "just get me a glass of water."

"You could do that yourself with your wand." Ron replied back.

"Please?" Hermione asked.

"Alright, be right back," Ron said, "Hermione you watch him."

Harry nodded.

As soon as Ron was out of sight Harry asked, "What is wrong?"

"I don't know how to say this," Hermione said.

"Then just say it,"

Hermione frowned and looked away from him.

"I need to use the bathroom."

Harry didn't think much about this at first but then remembered what all that required on her part. "How long have you had to go?"

"A while now," Hermione said.

"And you can't hold it any longer can you?"

Hermione shook her head. Harry looked at a loss for what to say but before he could even think, Ron came back with the glass.

"Here you are Harry." Ron said.

Hermione grabbed the glass of water and sat it down without even looking at it.

"That probably doesn't help." Harry said, and Hermione gave him a dirty look.

"Maybe we should tell him." Hermione said quietly to Harry.

"Tell who what?" Ron asked as he listened in.

"You really think we should?" Harry asked.

"What?" Ron questioned.

"He might be willing to help." Hermione answered.

"Help?" Harry and Ron both said at the same time in different tones.

"Help with what?" Ron said eager to know what was going on.

"I'd rather have him help me with it then you."

"Well its not that I really want to help you --but you're...oh never mind, go right on ahead."

"Will someone please fill me in here." Ron yelled which echoed in the hall.

"Shhhh!" Hermione and Harry snapped at him.

"Ok," Ron said calming down, "please just tell me." Hermione got to her feet.

"You tell him," Harry said glaring at Hermione who was staring at him hopefully.

"Fine," Hermione said putting her hands on her hips.She tapped her foot on the floor trying to think of how to put it. She hoped how she said it made Ron think that she was serious.

Taking a chance she spoke,"Ron this is hard to say but umm... I am not Harry." Hermione said smiling sweetly.

"Who? Who are you then?" Ron said cluelessly. He felt lost but also had a feeling that this was not funny.

"Ron do we have to spell it out for you?" Harry said, "Hermione is me and I am Hermione." Harry said.

"You mean you're Harry?" Ron said looking at the both of them, "and, and you're Hermione?"

"Yes, that is what we are saying," Hermione said sweetly, "we weren't going to tell you but something came up. I'd feel better if you showed me then Harry."

"Show you what? You just want me to believe you both and not think you're playing a trick on me?" Ron said hoping they were. He looked around the hall to see if anyone else might be in on the joke. No one was in sight.

"This is just to strange to believe. You are joking?" Ron said staring into their faces, "Right?" Harry looked at Hermoine and she to him. Oh how they both wished it was true. Harry sighed and put his hands in his pockets. Ron looked at them then just at the person claiming to be Hermione. She smiled lightly.

"That kiss you gave Harry this morning would have been our first kiss," Hermione said to Ron. His face looked to be confused. "You know I keep that kind of stuff between you and me." Hermione reassured him.

"No," Ron spoke out.

"Yes," Hermione answered.

"How?" Ron asked.

"Don't know," Hermione shrugged.

"It can't be,"

"Shouldn't be but it is," Hermione replied.

"No way!" Ron said looking at Harry.

"Way!" Harry said back "And she needs your help in the restroom."

"Harry!" Hermione yelled.

"Well, you do." Harry replied.

"What? Oh!" Ron answered.

Moments went by Ron looked like he was gonig to go crazy. That finally passed and then he spoke up. "Well," Ron said in a strange voice, "follow me," and he walked off toward the men's room. Hermione followed and looked back at Harry with concern and relief in her face.

Harry picked up their stuff off the floor and headed to the common room. When he pass reached the portrait hole, he found an open table, and put everything he was carrying on it. So great to unload, he thought.

Sitting there with nothing to do, but wait, got him thinking.

This is just to weird, Harry thought; a guy should never have to go through this. What person would ever believe you if you told them 'I was a girl once,' Harry thought. Course what man in their right mind would tell anyone that, even if it was true. He folded his arms over one another on the table and soon placed his head down and he fell asleep.

Hermione and Ron came in the common room awkward like. They were almost fearful to look at one another. Spotting the sleeping Harry they both headed over to the table where he sat. Hermione grabbed some things and began working on her and Harry's homework.

"You can't do that!" Ron said after seeing what she was doing.

Hermione looked up from her work, "Why not? Its not like I am just me now," she replied, "its like I am two people. There's the person I know to be me and then there is what everyone else sees, which is Harry. So why don't I just save myself the trouble and do both our work?"

"Well I defiantly know its you in there, I never get that lost in Harry's words." Ron smiled weirdly "Guess I'll just leave you to that," he said and grabbed his own things off the table to take them up to his room.

"Not going to do your work?" Hermione said watching Ron get up.

"I can copy from Harry later or should I say you. Besides I need to write someone about this." Ron said going up the steps to the boy's dorm. Hermione shot up in shock.

"What?" Hermione yelled so the whole room went quiet and looked at her. Hermione looked around, smiled, and followed Ron up the stairs.

"Ron!" she said when she reached the top. "You cannot tell anyone."

Ron was digging under his bed. "Huh?" Ron said still looking.

"You can't tell anyone," Hermione said in a demanding tone.

"What why not? Fred and George will get a kick out of this," Ron said pulling out a small box and placing it on his bed.

"Harry and I agreed that we wouldn't tell anyone," Hermione said. Sean was in the room and looked at them both oddly. For a moment it looked like he was going to say something. He must have changed his mind and he left the room.

"Well, you told me!" Ron replied.

"I had no choice but to tell you, I couldn't have asked Harry to help me with that—that thing, it'd have just been too weird." Hermione said even though Ron helping wasn't much better.

"It was still weird."

"You think I don't know that! You think that was just like tip-toeing-through-the-tulips for me?" Hermione got to upset to say anymore and she went to the stairs. "Maybe it was better when you didn't know!" She then stomped down the steps loudly and threw herself into the chair next to Harry still sleeping. Some of the kids stopped and looked to see what was up. They quickly lost interest and went back to what they were doing before.

Ron was going to run after her but thought not to make a scene and have everyone know. What would others say if they found out that his girlfriend was turned into a boy; not just any boy either, no, it had to be his best friend. It had to be a person everyone watches. The person that most love to talk about whether in a good way or bad. The Boy-Who-Lived was now trapped in a young girl's body and she in his. Ron now worried how both were taking it. Was Hermione scared? What if they were stuck like this? He thought. What would cause this to happen or who would cause it to happen?

Ron put his box back under his bed and then laid down. It might be better if his familly didn't know. The things teenagers go through, he thought.

Meanwhile back in the common room Hermione was angrily trying to finish the homework she started earlier. She was just too mad to write. See stared at Harry to see if he was going to stir. She gave up after awhile and put her and Harry's things in her arms. She then head for the girl's...no the boy's dorm, she reminded herself.

Harry was left sleeping in the common room most of the others around had gone to dinner in the great hall.

Hermione walked in the room and spotted Ron looking at himself in the mirror. Going over to Harry's bed she dropped what was in her arms on to it. Making Ron see that she was in the room.

He stared at her. She was looking at the floor to angry to do anything else. A smile came to his lips. "I'm sorry," he said softly. She continued to ignore him and stared blankly at the floor.

"I'm sorry," he said walking around his bed to come to her. "I wasn't sure how to handle this and well--"

"How you--" Hermione began to interrupt but he stopped her with his hand, he raised in the air.

"But I really should of ask how you were doing," Ron said, "I am not so great at talking like this. I am used to just seeing you as a friend," Ron put his hand on her sholder, "and nothing is complicated." Hermione laughed at those words, "What I mean is its hard for me to ask how you are, because its so new to me in a way." Ron said feeling unsure. "Did that make any since?" he asked.

"A little," Hermione sighed, "but I am still mad at you."

"Not as much as before though, right?" Ron asked.

"No, not as much as before," Hermione responded.

"Shall we go wake Harry and head for chow?" Ron asked her.

"I thought you'd never ask." Hermione replied with a laugh and a smile.

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