Sequel to Krull

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Summary: What happens after the movie?

Chapter 1 The Son

Two years since they had escaped the Black Fortress and managed to free their world.

Colwyn and Lyssa were now the King and Queen of Proweirn and Graylock, the two largest kingdoms of Krull. So far, each allowed the other to operate for their own land, as the people were deeply suspicious of any alliance except for the military one. Trade was minimal, although a few merchants were brokering secret deals.

Lyssa was in the ninth month of pregnancy, a fact which should have reduced some of the burden of leadership, but she hated to delegate any of her duties to anyone else. She was more than willing to let her husband take full responsibility for Proweirn, but she felt that Graylock should be controlled by her, at least until the kingdoms merged enough so that they could share control and delegate their duties amongst themselves. She planned on taking care of domestic issues, such as courts, dealing with the various legislative and parliamentary bodies, etc., while Colwyn could worry about the military as well as getting the rest of Krull into their alliance so that they could build defenses in case any more problems came from the sky, as the Black Fortress had.

Ergo had managed to bring the Hill People into the alliance. Technically, they were part of Proweirn, Colwyn's, and before him, Turold's, old kingdom, but they had never much seen themselves as part of a larger region, rather thinking themselves to be independent, and thinking of the taxes they paid as something more akin to charity to those who were not fortunate enough to live in the rich green hills but who had to make do by substituting luxury for geography.

Ergo had come to accept that he would never have any power beyond that of a shapeshifter, and decided to hone it to a fine edge. He had taken on Titch as an apprentice, and was discovering exactly what abilities the boy had or could be trained to have. He had been offered to have a position in the cabinet, but decided that it would better to serve as the representative of the Hill People to the central Proweirnian government, or as the ambassador, which was the title he used when talking to the Hill People, again, playing on their belief that they were an independent country unto themselves.

As Lord Marshall, Torquil was revamping the army. Along with Ergo, he had made studies into some ancient texts that had suggested that there was more to Krull than met the eye. Namely, there appeared to have once been a thriving technological society that had mastered the secret of travel to other worlds. It was known that the Cyclopes had the ability to move from world to world, but they were hard to find, and harder to make talk.

One day, in the middle of a meeting with a council form one town, Lyssa suddenly jerked forward in pain.

"What is it, m'lady?" asked the mayor of the town.

"I'm not certain, but I think I am in labor," she groaned.

And so that night she gave birth to Prince Collys. She did not know how many more children she might have, or if he were the son referred to in the prophecy, who would rule the galaxy. But, she reasoned, no reason to hurry. Prophecy would see to itself.