Every time I close my eyes

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Chapter 10:

"Oh no! How did I get into this mess?!" Ron asked himself as he took a seat on the cold stairs by the back door.

He had only been at the burrow for a few hours and he's already been hit with bad news.

'Stupid Fred and George', Ron mumbled moving some snow with the tip of his shoe revealing some ugly brown grass. 'Why did I have to say yes...?'

- A few hours earlier -

'Hello little brother'

'Haven't seen you in a while', Fred and George greeted Ron as his dropped his bag on his - oddly clean - bedroom floor after avoiding the mob of his slowly increasing extended relatives downstairs.

'Ah... hey Fred, hey George', Ron answered back despairingly now slowly unpacking the few belongings he had brought back to the burrow.

'Um... I wouldn't do that if I were you', Fred smiled watching Ron put away his only pair of Chuddley Cannons underwear.

'Why not?' Ron replied, freezing mid-motion and eyeing Fred and George suspiciously.

'Oh... well... nothing really. Unless you want uncle Cyrus and his family to die laughing if they see that' George butted in, also that familiar grin plastered to his face.

'What?! They're coming early? So where am I and Harry going to sleep then?' Ron complained.

Fred and George didn't budge, their smile still intact, their bodies leaning on either side of the doorframe.

'Ronnikins why don't we show you to your room', Fred gestured to Ron and guided him towards the twins' old room. Ron just rolled his eyes, sighed and, dragging his somewhat weightless bag, followed. There was really nothing he could do about it.

The twins' room was, luckily, not what it had looked like when they had lived there. There were still bits and pieces of stains and burns visible from the various experiments they had concocted throughout the years but, seeing as Mrs. Weasley had done so well in cleaning the whole house for the wedding, it was hardly noticeable. On the far left-hand side of the room, two undersized bunk beds had been erected to hold the four boys.

'What is that?' Ron asked eyes furrowed in confusion, looking towards the beds.

'Those my dear brother are called bunk beds. Muggle invention. You see, what happens is one person sleeps on the top while the other on the bottom bed', Fred answered sitting himself on one of the bottom bunk beds.

'Suppose muggles were trying to save space for sleeping or something', George added leaning on a freshly painted bedpost.

'Right... so they expect us to sleep on those?' Ron asked, still not satisfied with their explanation.

'Yes, well unless you want to join the rest of our relatives and sleep outside in a tent. Suppose it'd be better though. Me and Fred went into one this morning and the kitchen looked nicer than ours! We could probably have our own bedroom in there', George stated shifting his gaze towards the window.

'So, I guess I should check it out then. Um... where are the girls sleeping?' Ron asked. He turned away from the twins when he realised he was flushing slightly.

The twins let out a snort of laughter 'Yeah... the girls are sleeping in Ginny's room Ron. I guess you know where that is if ever you need to go there'.

'What is that suppose to mean?' Ron asked as he started to leave for downstairs.

'Nothing...' the twins said in unison, looking innocent. 'Oh wait Ron, before you go... we need to tell you something'.

'Hey guys. Oh sorry Ron. You know you really shouldn't stand right in front of a door like that, you could get hurt', Harry smiled arriving from the racket downstairs and opening the bedroom door on Ron's face. 'Oh and I wouldn't go down there if I were you. Your relatives are going crazy', Harry added now wiping some stray lipstick from his face and straightening his jumper.

'Great! Both of you are here. George and myself have got something to tell you', Fred said getting up from the bunk and moving towards Ron and Harry. 'George'

'We decided that since our dear ol' brother is getting married we should do something special for him'.

'And since your as good as family Harry, we decided you should be in this too'

'Oh no! This isn't one of your 'good ideas' now is it?' Ron asked shaking his head.

'Of course it is! If it's a good idea, it's a Weasley! That's actually our motto', Fred and George smiled, then continued.

'WE are going to perform for them... actually... we're going to sing'.

'Sing!?' Harry and Ron cried out.

'But I can't sing!', Harry blurted out, all the colour drained from his face.

'YOU don't have to sing much Harry, just have to play an instrument. Don't look so worried we'll magic it to look like you are playing... its really Ron who should be bothered. Look Ronnie, it was an anonymous vote... We're sorry but you're the lead singer'.


'NO... no way, I'm not going to do it!' Ron yelled for the tenth time, pacing the twins' room agitatedly and constantly staring at Fred and George's grinning faces.

'Come on Ron you have to do it. It's Bill's wedding, we owe it to him really. Look, it's not that bad, Harry, Fred and I will be on stage too'

'But YOU don't have to sing! If you think its not that bad, why don't you do it then', Ron replied furiously now red in the face.

'Because we already voted on it', the twins replied with a smirk.

Ron let out a frustrated sigh and after much deliberation, finally gave up.

'Alright fine! But I'm using a singing charm'.

'Great!' Fred, George and Harry cheered and each clapped Ron on the back.

'What are we going to sing anyway', Ron asked in a defeated sort of voice.

'Well... apparently, Bill's fiancée's mother is a muggle so Bill thought it best to sing a muggle song to impress her', Fred replied, slightly pouting and shaking his head.

'But I don't know any muggle songs, and what do you mean by 'apparently'? Haven't you met his fiancée yet?' Ron asked, bewildered.

'No. I think she's suppose to make a big entrance later tonight at dinner', George replied drifting off into a daydream.

'Right, well, have you guys though of a song yet?'

'Yes. Harry, you might know this song. I think it's called 'Every time I close my eyes' by some muggle singer', Fred said while looking at George weirdly as if he'd been doing something disapproving.

'Oh, yeah... I know that one', Harry replied, his face lighting up.

'Yeah, we'll practice it soon, right. And Harry, you're going to play the... what do you call it? Saxomotone?'

'Great! The Sax... really romantic', Harry said smiling mischievously.

'Right, thanks Harry, and George will be playing the electric guitar and yours truly would be playing the drums'.

'Ok... is that it then? Cause if you two don't have any other surprises in store for me I'm just gonna go downstairs and think about what I'd just agreed to', Ron said reaching for the door knob for the second time that night.

'No, I think that's it... George?'

'Yes, I think that's it Fred'.

Ron rolled his eyes and walked out of the room, heading downstairs completely forgetting (or maybe avoiding) Harry's warning of rowdy family members and increasing relatives.


Present time

'Ron! Ronald where are you?' Mrs. Weasley called from inside the kitchen, her voice echoing, most likely, up till the top of Stoatshead hill.

'Yes mum, I'm out hear', Ron answered but not with so much... voice...

'Ron, what are you doing out here in the cold', she asked opening the door to see the back of a shivering Ron sitting on the cold hard stairs.

'Just thinking... Mum, I really don't want to go in there right now', he said looking up at his red faced mother.

'Oh, don't be silly Ron, your uncle Cyrus and his family just arrived, why don't you go and say hello. Come on', she said gesturing for him to come inside.

Thinking twice about it, he quickly decided to go inside to face his relatives than freeze outside and become an ice sculpture for Bill and his 'fiancée's' wedding. Standing up, he stole a quick look inside through the open backdoor, wiped the excess snow from his pants and finally made his way into the house of horror... for a while anyway...